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  1. dmw

    Snowboard boots

    I'm in the market for a new pair of boots, wondering if anyone has any advice or general thoughts, as well as a few specific questions. My current boots are on their 4th season - seems like I just got them, but they have well over 100 days on them, and as a lower end K2 boot, not shocking...
  2. dmw

    Stowe tomorrowe - 3/14/15

    Heading up to Stowe on a bus trip. Anyone else going to be up there?
  3. dmw

    Advice on a cheap ski set up

    So I have these skis I bought for next to nothing at a yard sale - Rossignol Sprayers, with what look to be Rossi Axium 100 bindings. In know the bindings are demo style, you can adjust them on the fly to whatever boot size - - Should I trust these bindings? Maybe have them adjusted / checked...
  4. dmw

    Jay Peak 1/29-1/30/14

    Thanks to Liftopia and the generosity of friends and strangers, my friend and I just got back from 2 days at Jay for a total lift ticket cost of $45! Day 1 - Groomers were pretty firm, eventually pretty scraped off even though there were few people there. Many woods open; some thin and scraped...
  5. dmw

    Wachusett 3/7/13 & 3/8/13

    Just a quick report and a couple thoughts / questions on Wachusett: I shot out yesterday afternoon to see if any of the snow was piling up. Great afternoon, tracks filling in, drifting into deepish spots. I could barely tear myself away around when the lights came on, but had already been...
  6. dmw

    Any intel on Sunapee?

    Specifically coverage in the woods? I see they've dropped the trail report from all open to only a few glades. Thinking of heading tomorrow, can get 50% off with another pass discount; also a little concerned about crowds, I see they have a price of $45 for all, and I know some schools are...
  7. dmw

    Ragged tomorrow 2/10/13

    Anyone gonna be there?
  8. dmw

    Wachusett - 12/27/12

    Wachusett - 12/27/12 Conditions: Powder/PP/etc I've been hanging here for a while, but rarely post, so, here's my first trip report: Woke up in the Boston area to pouring rain. Hit the road early to try to be at Wachusett right at 8 and ready to go. Upon arrival, looked like 6" or more...
  9. dmw

    Black Friday?

    Total sh*t show or worth it? I've got 2 free passes to Mt Snow, 2 for 1 at Killington, discount at Stratton and loon... Does anyone have experience going tomorrow, any idea what crowds will be like?