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  1. teachski

    HELP! I need real data for a project with students.

    Hi, I teach 8th grade Math. My students are working on Data analysis and I would like some REAL data for them to work with. Since they know one of my main interests outside of school is skiing I thought it would be neat to use some ski data. I'd like to collect it in the following manner: 1...
  2. teachski

    Lost but not forgotten

    It seems that I have not been forgotten in my absence, Thank you! I have been quite busy and haven't had much time to be on line. Besides skiing I have been busy with work and family life. In December, I broke my foot. That put a stop to any skiing for a little while. Fortunately for me...
  3. teachski

    Ski and Snowboard Swap and sale.

    Saturday November 4th Pine Ridge Snow Park Barre, MA 10 am to 2 pm Proceeds to benefit the Ski Patrol Consignments will be accepted 9:30 to 11:00, if sold the patrol will get a 20% commission. If consignments are not sold the seller will be expected to pick them up at the end of the day or...
  4. teachski

    Been away for a while....

    It's been a very busy fall for me. I have taken on some new responsibilities at work and that takes a lot of my time. I am also getting my patrol ready for the upcoming season and have just renewed my own certifications as an OEC instructor. I've also been out and about living life to it's...
  5. teachski


    The heat is on. Unfortunately, I can't stand the heat. It's already 100 degrees in the sun on my sister's pool deck(9:30 am). I will probably spend a good part of the day either in the car, in an air conditioned Mall or in the pool. The other day I had a negative reaction to a new...
  6. teachski

    Fall National Ski Patrol OEC Course being planned.

    So you want to be a patroller? You're looking for a little area to start out and and the training too? I am in the process of organizing an Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) course at Pine Ridge in Barre for the fall. I am accepting new recruits in addition to the list that I have. We may also accept...
  7. teachski

    3 1/2 days

    ..until the year from H&$$ is over! It's been a rough school year. Large class sizes, poor administration (one inexperienced acting principal), lame duck superintendent. It can't get any worse, the only way to go now is up!
  8. teachski

    Burke Mountain, VT - Leitner-Poma High Speed Quad, (Willoughby Express) ???

    On a 2006 lift installation list I just read this in a thread on Epic Ski...Epic Ski Thread The poster got the information From skilifts.org . Has anyone else heard this...can it be confirmed?
  9. teachski

    Missing skiing already!

    I am missing skiing already. I had hoped to get out during my vacation last week, but it just did not happen. It's too warm for me now and there so few places left to ski. I guess I'll have to look forward to swimming to pass my time for the summer...until the pool is open I'll just have to...
  10. teachski

    Back to work after a week of vacation.

    I have to go back to work this morning after a week of vacation and I want a few more days off. I did not get to many of the things that I wanted to. I did not get to some of the things I wanted to. The only concolation is that I have another vacation coming at the end of June. Tomorrow, a...
  11. teachski

    Inside my boots

    What do you have inside your ski boots? I have just a thin sock and my foot. I am careful to make sure that there are no cuffs from my long johns or ski pants inside and that there is nothing else that will compromise the fit (no heaters, no charcoal heating warmers, no "extra" inner soles...
  12. teachski

    Where's George?

    Yesterday I took a trip to Rhode Island. In my travels I stopped in Smithfield where I purchased a bottle of water with a $20 bill. I was on my way to the slot machines at Lincoln Park. Later when I was in the Casino I took money from my wallet and got the change from the store...I know it...
  13. teachski

    Male/Female Poll

    How many females, as compared to males are there on this board? Another member asked a similar question in another post. Data from an older demographics survey were given, but I think that has changed, I think there are less. Here is a new poll.
  14. teachski

    Current less than 24 hour Bug that is going around.

    Warning, there is a nasty bug going around right now. I am just getting over it and other family members have had it. It strikes without warning. I was feeling great last night when I turned in for bed. At about 11:30 I got stomach cramps and felt nauseous. I got up and went to the...
  15. teachski

    Blue or Green...Just a poll

    Looking at the number of people that responded to the color scheme change, I decided to do a poll to see what members actually prefer.
  16. teachski

    Pine Ridge Season Ends With A "BANG"

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pine Ridge has had a rough year. It has been quite difficult to keep snow on the hill. Each time we got natural snow, or they made snow we would have a warm up and the snow would disappear. We finally got snow on...
  17. teachski

    Sunday River here I come.

    We are skipping Wachusett tomorrow night and heading off to Some-day-bigger. I leave tomorrow after school for 3 days of skiing at Sunday River. I have not been skiing there for about 10 years, but I have been there. Any suggestions on an upper beginner, lower intermediate trail that I can...
  18. teachski

    Fire at Bretton Woods Hotel???

    I was just watching the news on Channel 7 Boston and they reported a fire at the hotel at Bretton Woods, not the Mt. Washington Hotel, but the other one. The pictures looked like there was substantial damage. Has anyone else heard anything?
  19. teachski

    Snowboard For Sale

    148cm SnowJam snowboard with bindings and men's size 8 SnowJam boots for sale. The board was rarely used as my niece felt it was a "boy's board" and the boots were too big. She was more into skiing than boarding also. Now, she wants to board and it is too small, we just picked up a 159.5...
  20. teachski

    ICY Out there!

    Please be careful driving, it's VERY icy out there. There are quite a few problems out there. I'm fortunate...I don't have to go to work today and I can wait until later to leave the house. Just a few minutes ago there was an accident in front of my house. Someone slid off the road and hit...