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  1. gmcunni

    Buying a mountain bike

  2. gmcunni

    Closed means closed

    https://koaa.com/news/covering-colorado/2019/03/27/report-snowboarders-triggered-deadly-colorado-avalanche-2/ The Colorado Avalanche Information Center has determined that an avalanche that killed a 47-year-old skier was triggered after three snowboarders illegally crossed a boundary rope.
  3. gmcunni

    Most expensive lift tickets

    My non-skiing wife is amazed at how expensive this sport can be. Top 10 Most Expensive Lift Tickets In The USA [2019]: 1. Vail/Beaver Creek – $209 2. Breckenridge — $189 3. Deer Valley — $180 4. Steamboat | Aspen | Park City| Mammoth — $179 5. Copper Mountain | Whistler Blackcomb — $178 6...
  4. gmcunni

    Spring Gloves

    Any recommendation on a good spring skiing glove? looking for something that won't make my hands sweat in the warm weather but at the same time not get soaking wet from contact with snow. i've used lightweight utility gloves in the past but they get wet and stay wet which bugs me.
  5. gmcunni

    Jiminy Peak MLK weekend?

    Anyone ski Jiminy this weekend? Were they short handed? https://unofficialnetworks.com/2019/01/21/this-ski-resort-employee-letter-is-going-viral-for-all-the-wrong-reasons/
  6. gmcunni

    Breck extends season

    More skiing is more better "The resort originally announced a closing date of Sunday, April 21, but now plans to remain open through Memorial Day as long as weather and conditions permit. Plans to extend the season are subject to U.S. Forest Service approval."...
  7. gmcunni

    embedding youtube video

    did the commands for embedding video stop working? i tried to post a video in a differnt thread and it didnt' work correctly.. testing.. 062XMAlpCVo
  8. gmcunni

    The 25 Best Colleges For Skiing & Riding

    Another BS list.. having 2 kids in 2 schools on this list makes me an expert! Son went to Syracuse, how does Cuse rate HIGHER than University of Colorado Boulder (daughter's school) for skiing? My son skied 1 time because the skiing in that area sucked. (sorry for greek peak fans). Boulder...
  9. gmcunni

    Holiday Gifts - 2018

    Get any gifts this year that support your on-snow activities? :snow:
  10. gmcunni

    MRG pic request

    I may have asked this before but still looking, please indulge me. many many many years ago skiing at MRG with a group of friends. We came to a point where trail when in 2 directions and there was a wooden sign that said "Advanced Skiers Only -->>". the sign was a long, a narrow board on 2...
  11. gmcunni

    copyright material

  12. gmcunni

    AlpineZone News account

    Did GSS hack the AlpineZone News account? :spin:
  13. gmcunni

    Olympics - GS vs Downhill

    anyone know why the women's GS competitors had to ski the course "cold" with no practice while the women's downhill had at least 3 practice runs? while i love to ski i am not much of a spectator/fan of the professions. I don't know if this is common or not but seems weird to me that they'd get...
  14. gmcunni

    Making the Olympic Team

    i admit, it bothers me a bit when i see an athlete competing under the flag of a nation other than their own. here is a story how it was done for one american woman...
  15. gmcunni

    Pocket Snacks

    what's in your pocket during the day? I need some new ideas. i dislike protein bars. old and fat so no candy bars allowed i'm skiing tomorrow with some bacon in a ziplock, not sure how well that will work. any great ideas?
  16. gmcunni

    Epic Pass just got more Epic

    Perhaps in response to the new Ikon Pass...
  17. gmcunni

    Bindings Covers for ski racks

    i think i've grown tired of keeping the skis inside the vehicle. I've always preferred it to keep them same and clean but lately it just isn't working out as well. i have a thule box but can't always use it. Anyone have a recommendation for a good binding cover to protect bindings during...
  18. gmcunni

    Holiday Gifts - 2017

    What did you get to support your skiing/riding habit?
  19. gmcunni

    2017 Helmet Thread

    get a helmet, just not this one http://unofficialnetworks.com/2017/09/07/alert-smith-issues-recall-on-8000-ski-helmets-due-to-risk-of-head-injury/ :smash:
  20. gmcunni

    Storing roof box

    how are you storing your roof box? i used to just stick in a corner of the basement but can't do that any longer. found some interesting options on google. What are you doing...