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  1. kingslug

    1-18-21 Plattekill

    Mini powder day at Plattekill. Snowed all day and must have snowed all night. When I got there there was about 3 inches on the ground and it picked up maybe another 2. The whole place was open and was in great shape. Some crunchy stuff underneath but that just made it faster. Run of the day was...
  2. kingslug

    Anyone going out into the storm tomorrow?

    Looks like an interesting one in store for the NE. All the models agree..a storm is coming... Snow sleet and rain, freezing rain. I'm not looking forward to the drive to Gore but I think it may be worth it.
  3. kingslug

    Skiing..helping or hurting

    Besides all the covid related things..is skiing helping you deal with all this or hurting? Most season here in the East , the weather is the culprit for aggravation..this season we have a multitude of evils. Crowding, the reservation system, VAIL..etc. Skiing was a way to get away from stress...
  4. kingslug

    Any Bean Counters here?

    So..everyone is asking why? Why are lifts not running. Why are lifts breaking down. Lack of staff, etc. Anyone know how much a resort makes off the other stuff we all buy while we are there. Vail and other companies already have your pass money..so thats in the bank. But what about food sales...
  5. kingslug

    Eastern Powder days

    Riding the first batch of chairs at Hunter Thursday I knew there would be a whole throng of people that were going to have a very tough day. They come up with their skinny skis hoping for a spectacular day..and why not..its a powder day. Problem is their are not enough of them. I remember skiing...
  6. kingslug

    Cancelling reservations

    I was at Hunter last Thursday and Friday. Liftie told me they were sold out Friday and Saturday. Looking around while on the lift I found this ...improbable? He stated that last year they had a 10,000 capacity, this year half that. No way were there 5000 people here. The line was quick and in no...
  7. kingslug

    Hunter 12-10,11

    The weather looked good and they blew a ton of snow. Hellgate to Kennedy, minya konka, and the belt..and that was it. Very good coverage though. Thursday was cold and firm. Friday was much warmer so at least some moguls tried to appear. Not crowded either day so got a lot of runs in. Hopefully...
  8. kingslug

    Any Whiteface skiers here

    Looks like they will open Friday..Wondering what they will open first. This could be my alternative to Stowe. Haven't been there in 20 years.
  9. kingslug

    What in the Sam Hell is going on out West

    Its not enough Colorado is on fire..now I read that many states out there are having record spikes in Covid cases. Even N Dakota...N Dakota..who lives there. My friend is shooting an episode of his youtube channel there ..in a town with 37 people..Utah, Wyoming..al going up. Whats the deal? The...
  10. kingslug

    Powder Magazine gone ..for now

    Best ski mag...and now its gone. They say it may not be permanent but rarely do magazines come back from the dead. Truly sad.
  11. kingslug

    How about something different

    Besides politics.. How are you spending your days? I have to work in NYC twice a week but can have almost no contact with people. Days off..lately a lot of you tube and some small projects. Face time with my trainer in my gym. What i dont like is going to the supermarket. Its a Trader Joes so...
  12. kingslug

    St Anton 2-3 to 2-7

    Sunday, Monday it rained at the bottom and stormed at the top but soon turned to all rain..so what..we skied. We had guides the whole week. First tour was what I will call a Braille tour of the different areas..couldn't see much but it looked nice. Second day skied in rain and snow and got to do...
  13. kingslug

    New storm on the way

    Looks like another storm hitting this weekend.. Some reports show more for southern areas like Hunter than northern. Thoughts?
  14. kingslug

    World Cup or Freeski

    I used to watch World Cup racing but got a little bored with it. I do catch the highlights though and downhill is still cool to watch. Recently I started watching the Red Bull Freeski tour. This is more like it. Flying down lines like this..and backflipping off them is pretty entertaining.
  15. kingslug


    Wondering who will recover best from this last torching event. The resorts that blow the most but get less natural or points North which may have a good storm coming. Going to be interesting, all those people sliding around. Thoughts?
  16. kingslug

    Anyone been to jay

    Thinking of Jay tomorrow..anyone up there this week?
  17. kingslug

    Has Stowe gone groomer crazy

    Just spent 3 days at Sugarbush where conditions where great..and almost everything was open..and mostly ungroomed. Now im looking at Stowes trail report and most of the upper double d runs are closed and almost everything is getting groomed... We have only been going there steadily for 2 years...
  18. kingslug

    The importance of getting the goods when the goods are good to get

    I started the season as early as I could November 13 at K..then it snowed pretty hard the 14th so I was off to a good start. Then some days at Stowe, fast groomers over and over, which were pretty much just to get in shape. Then the Catskill storm hit and it was powder for 3 days 2 at Hunter 1...
  19. kingslug

    A bit brisk up North

    Reading reports of -30 and below windchills up North...damn. Lot of windholds. Cold start to the season for sure.
  20. kingslug

    Storm on the way

    Looks like tuesday into wednesday a good one coming..