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  1. skijay

    Anybody else here use a Thule T2 rack (hitch mount)

    Does anybody here use one?
  2. skijay

    Honda Snowblowers

    I'm getting ready to purchase a new snow blower. Looking at one without electric start (HS724WA). That part concerns me but the unit itself is solid construction unlike a Husquavarna or Ariens that I looked at. I'm paying more for the Honda and am giving up heated handlebars, power steering...
  3. skijay

    Using a Smartphone (fully paid retail) on Verizon's network without a data plan

    Does anybody want to give me a valid reason why I can’t walkinto a Verizon store with an unlocked Iphone 4 purchased NEW from Apple and not be able toauthorize it on a Voice & Text (contract style plan) or the Prepaid service? Please don’t use the lame excuse that it’s a smartphoneand it needs...
  4. skijay

    Anybody drive a vehicle with a CVT?

    Does anybody have a vehicle with a CVT (continuously variable transmission) and can help me with my question. If you drive in a manual shift mode (paddle shifting / or using the gate on the stick) and "downshift" do you get engine braking like you do with a traditional automatic with the manual...
  5. skijay

    tapatalk and popup notifications

    I've had Tapatalk for about a while now. I've posted here with it before and no issues. Saturday I posted to a topic that I originally started (not sure if that's relevant) and I started to get pop up notifications on my phone. Then I started to get them for topics that I never posted on. I...
  6. skijay

    Jiminy Peak - 11/18/2012

    Got the chance to ski before thanksgiving this season. Sunny out. Westway open from top. A little slick in spots as the sun sets. North Glade is slick as the sun sets. Zephyr not moving much :(
  7. skijay

    iOS6 anybody yet?

    Did anybody update their iPhones today? Comments on it?
  8. skijay

    Verizon wireless new rate plans

    Has anybody seen these yet? From what I understand if you have the $29.99 unlimited data plan you can continue with it when your contract expires and upgrade to a new phone and want to pay the un-subsidized price of the phone which for an iPhone is an extra $400. The new data rate plans are...
  9. skijay

    Jay Peak - 4/14/12

    I got a chance again to ski up in the NEK on Saturday. I liked Stateside the best. I skied the Jet, Haines and Derick Hot Shot. Plenty of coverage but the snow was heavy. Weather was sunny and around 60. It did get a little overcast later in the day. On tramside I did have to walk a part of Taxi...
  10. skijay

    Jay Peak - 3/23/2012

    Conditions: soft snow, sunny & blue skies, temperature around 55 degrees. I got the chance to ski Jay Peak on Friday. Started on stateside taking the Bonaventure Quad and skiing down Northway to Angel's Wiggle back to the base only to realize that to get to the Jet triple was to walk down and...
  11. skijay

    Buying tires & 4 wheel alignment.

    How come when you go to a national tire chain or retail store that sells tires they insist on selling a 4 wheel alignment. They make it sound as if it's "mandatory" when buying new tires. My OEM tires at 43k still look great but the winter performance is not as good as it was the previous two...
  12. skijay

    LG appliances

    Does anybody out there own an LG fridge / freezer or front load washer by them? Looking for reliability comments. Thanks.
  13. skijay


    I am going to get one and leaning towards a portable but the standby option looks appealing but it's expensive. My current plan: Purchase a good quality electric start portable 6500 watts (gas) - still researching may go bigger but planning to pay no more than $1,000 for one. My electrician...
  14. skijay

    mobile hotspots (wi-fi) iPhone / Droid

    Due to the storm and no power and a severed cable line at work and intermittent power and also a severed cable line at home, I had activated the personal hotspot on the iPhone (Droids have this, too). It works very well and both computers are online. I chose the 2GB plan from VZ. So far I've...
  15. skijay

    iPhone iOS5 - diminished battery life after the update

    I updated my iPhone 4 (VZ) during the Walking Dead Season opener to the new OS. I wanted to take advantage of the iCloud. Monday and Tuesday after I did it all was well. I went jogging on Wednesday night and used the Nike app. Still no issue. Thursday morning my phone was at 100% charge...
  16. skijay

    Verizon's 3G (data)

    When I first got my iPhone (Verizon) back in April the data speed was decent. I could stream from Pandora, Iheartradio, radio.com and even watch a movie on Netflix without any buffering or freezing or "lost connection" issues. Starting in July I noticed that it takes longer to open sites and I...
  17. skijay

    Jay Peak - 4/30/2011

    Saturday was much like Sunday weather wise and trail wise. The tram was having issues as it kept stopping. Someone was saying there is a software problem with it. The Flyer was not running on Saturday. I did go over to the Tramside to attempt to take it but the line was huge so I took the...
  18. skijay

    Jay Peak - 3/18

    Conditions: Windy, windy, windy but about 40 degrees and cloudy Sticky snow, but in the PM as it got colder the snow firmed up nicely I took advantage of the $25 ticket on Friday & I am 25 minutes away. I knew there was going to be high winds and possibly some rain but I would be heading back...
  19. skijay

    Jay Peak - 1/7/11

    Weather: Cloudy and cool. Once pass the Tram tower, it got breezy and cold!!!! I got the chance to ski Jay on Friday. We stopped at tramside, a lot has changed since last April!!. I had to go to customer service to obtain my season pass from another mountain discount. It was a 20 minute...
  20. skijay

    Mount Snow - 1/2/11

    Today was my third day at Snow for the season. I arrived around 11:00am and there was sun and clouds and spring like snow. I was surprised to see a lack of crowds. I think I passed most of the holiday guests on Rt 112 on the way up. Basically anything where the sun hit was nice and soft...