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  1. JimG.

    JimG. response to COVID-19

    If you mention COVID-19 to me at any time during a lift ride I will push you off the lift. If you mention COVID-19 to me at any time while skiing I will ski you into the trees. Not really but I'm pretty fed up with all the yack yack.
  2. JimG.

    Fishing 2020

    So since ski season 19-20 got shut down I decided to do some wading and fishing on 3/21. After passing the main parking area which was packed and seeing fly fishermen fishing shoulder to shoulder near the spillway of the East Branch in the bathtub I drove to my more secluded spot at Brady's...
  3. JimG.

    Killington 3/8 & 9/2020

    Got off to a late start on 3/8 partly because of time change. Got to K at 10, good timing since it was a cold morning. When I hit snow at 10:30 sun came out and it was a classic spring day temps in upper 40's. Things were softening rapidly. Hit all the Snowdon trees and bumps. Everything was...
  4. JimG.

    Killington 2/12 & 13

    Awesome conditions at K Wed Thurs. Packed powder conditions for the base with 3-4" fresh on top both days. Didn't get out on snow until about 10:30 Wed or I would have called it a powder day. Thurs I got out at 9 and took advantage of the fresh. Great 2 days! Growler: Low Rider...
  5. JimG.

    Killington 2/5 & 2/6

    Pretty crazy 2 days of skiing. 2/5 was sunny and cold. Groomers were fast and firm and a lot of fun. Not so much for naturals and trees. Frozen coral reef in trees but a good base. Naturals frozen also, skiable but not great. Southridge was the place to be, some decent bumps there and a bonus...
  6. JimG.

    Stratton-need some help

    I'm going to Stratton tomorrow, first time in 35 years. Meeting my son's high school ski club there and I'm wondering which base lodge they park the bus at. Is it the Sun Bowl lodge? I called Stratton who amazingly (to me) could not tell me this information. I asked our trip coordinator who did...
  7. JimG.

    Killington 1/6 & 1/7

    Snowed all day on Monday, 2-3" accumulation on top of a firm and icy base. Highline and Wildfire were trails of the day, both had snowmaking going full blast and Wildfire had some nice bump lines. Trees were tricky, low angle stuff OK but steeper trees were a little scary with plenty of firm...
  8. JimG.

    Belleayre 12/7/19

    Third powder day of this week. More snow overnight and snowing still when we arrived. Easily over 30" for the week: Peekamoose was the trail of the day. Soft powder bumps leading down to untracked powder after the first pitch: Still fresh tracks to be had at 3:00: Trees are almost...
  9. JimG.

    Fishing 2019

    And the sun has set on eastern ski season 2018-19 Time to fish. April and early May were pretty brutal; lots of rain and out of control flow rates on rivers and streams made any trout fishing with waders almost impossible. Tried on 5/17 but the Esopus Creek had other ideas. Even with a 4.5...
  10. JimG.

    Tiger Woods on the 18th at Masters

    I'm not sure how to feel about this. Tiger is a disloyal a-hole who cheated on his wife and family. But if he pulls this off I cannot help but be very impressed. I wish Jim Nance would shut up.
  11. JimG.

    Belleayre 3/28

    2 weeks ago I thought I was done with the trees at Belle for the season. I was wrong: Awesome spring day started out cold. By 11 everything got good. Afternoon featured corny bump lines. Nice. A week ago the woods were toast. Now I'm praying for another miracle 18".
  12. JimG.

    Belleayre 3/13 & 14/19

    The original plan was to go to Gore on Wednesday. Then I realized I would be counting on the sun and rising temps to soften the snow and audibled to Belle instead. Good move. Everything at Belle was rock hard after the freeze on Tuesday night. It didn't soften until about noon on Wednesday. But...
  13. JimG.

    Belleayre 3/6/19

    Belle got about 6" Monday. Figured it would still ski OK enough to go tool around for a few hours. What I got was pretty unexpected. Gondi line was powder/packed powder top to bottom. Tomahawk lift line the same. Then I figured I'd check out the lower part of Dreamcatcher off of Cayuga. Boot...
  14. JimG.

    Killington 2/14,15

    Wow 2 more great days of skiing. Plenty of fresh on Thursday everything but the steepest areas skied soft but there were icy spots to be aware of. Large areas of untracked in the trees. I'm starting to feel spoiled. Today kingslug drove down from Stowe. It snowed hard and dropped a quick...
  15. JimG.

    Killington 2/4/19

    Figured I'd squeeze in another day before the high temps and rain. Low 40's all day very nice. Cloudy which was good because it preserved the snow. Hero snow all day. Great day for bumps. NorthStar was phenomenal. Trees still good too a little tacky but very skiable. The woods are still loaded...
  16. JimG.

    Okemo 2/2/19

    Another high school ski club trip. First time at Okemo in 25 years. The crowds and chaos when we arrived reminded me of Mt. Snow. And they in fact have a bubble 6 pack at Okemo kind of a funky orange red color. We avoided all that and went right to the South Face which is where most of the...
  17. JimG.

    Belleayre 2/1/19

    Original plan was to ski at K but after seeing Belle got a foot on Wednesday I decided to head there. 100% open. Groomed trails had great snow and cover. Natural trails in great shape CB and Utsayantha both stood out. Bumps still forming and a little scratchy in spots. Trees were great...
  18. JimG.

    Killington 1/21-22/19

    Pulled into lot on Monday at 10 they were just opening lifts. Bitter cold -9 in parking lot and gusty wind. Easily -20 without wind chill at summit. But bubble and gondi ran all day. Skiing was good. K1 area was wind scoured but protected areas had significant accumulations of wind deposits...
  19. JimG.

    Mt. Snow 1/12, Killington 1/13,14

    Hit Mt. Snow on Saturday with my youngest son's high school ski club. Got to ride the ski club bus, first time taking a bus skiing since high school. Forgot how much I hate 6 hour round trip bus rides but had a great time with the group, a bunch of good kids having fun times. Snow was a total...
  20. JimG.

    Gore 12/9/18

    Going to make it a point to get to Gore more often this season. Yesterday was really a great day with blue skies and nice temps. Snow was plentiful and trails like Chatiemac and Hawkeye kept me happy featuring steep terrain with huge snowmaking whales and nice bumps. Topridge and Uncas skied...