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  1. skijay

    behavior modifications post-covid

    I'm going to need therapy after this is over. I have OCD but it has gotten worse when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. skijay

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    I can finally go to VT this weekend as I met the 7 day quarantine & negative COVID Test. Travelers arriving to Vermont in a personal vehicle, may complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test in their home state and enter Vermont without further...
  3. skijay

    The first permanent closure in NE

    Blandford would make a great downhill bike park. The Glades lift could service the entire mountain. When I've skied there I've always thought this place would be a great place for some lift serviced mountain biking. Perhaps it could be resurrected for a bike park only destination.
  4. skijay


    I complained to SOA and I got a $750 loyalty rebate.
  5. skijay


    $200 for a HG replacement? It takes about one hour of labor just to get access to the area. For model years 2009 and up a 10 year super coolant replaced the previous coolant. With the super coolant a conditioner / additive was to be used as this prolonged the life of the sealant on the HG...
  6. skijay


    I've followed this topic for a while. I finally was rewarded with the dreaded news EVERY Subaru owner doesn't want to hear, "you need to replace your head gasket". I thought for sure that the model year 2009 and above were no longer impacted. My 2.5 engine uses the Subaru super coolant, has...
  7. skijay

    abandoning facebook

    I don't have cable or satellite TV so this is my source of "premium channel reality TV".
  8. skijay

    Snow Bike Rentals

    Stratton has fat bike rentals and you can use them on their XC / Nordic trails according to their website. Killington does as well but it's a third party vendor. I found info on their site. I'm trying to plan a ski trip to one of the two places and want to incorporate a non-ski/ride option...
  9. skijay

    Bike Log 2016

    I organized my rides by bike type. For 2016: 314 miles / 44 rides - FS bike 148 miles / 20 rides -Fat Bike 312 miles 14 rides - Fitness Bike
  10. skijay

    Advice on a new Fitness/cruise styler

    Last summer I purchased a 2015 Scott Sportster 50 for my "rail trail" bike. It does work well on paved / gravel / stone dust / dirt trails. I didn't want to spend a lot for a bike that I use for maybe about 75 - 100 miles a month. It works well for me.
  11. skijay

    Downhill Biking at Berkshire East

    Did they change the method to load bikes on the lift? I seemed to be the "lucky" one loading my bike on the middle slot each time.
  12. skijay

    Help with choosing a new mtb

    Check out the 2016 Santa Cruz Heckler. It may meet your needs.
  13. skijay

    Bike Log 2014

    March 22, 2014 - August 3, 2014 Mountain Bike (XC trails) - 94.25 miles Paved Rail Trails on hybrid bike - 128.55 miles Down Hill Mountain biking (lift serviced) - 41.3 miles
  14. skijay

    Looking for good used road bike

    This is in Western, MA near UMASS. I've been here a few years back looking for a pre-owned mountain bike. They have their used bike inventory online. http://www.hampshirebicycleexchange.com/
  15. skijay

    Latest Netflix Selection?

    World War Z
  16. skijay

    Mountain Bike shopping

    I don't have a Stinky, but I feel my coilair is on the heavy side in comparison to other type of XC bikes in the $2,500 to $3,000 price category (when new). To be honest once in motion I can't tell the difference that it's heavier than the competing bikes - only when it comes to transporting the...
  17. skijay

    Mountain Bike shopping

    My chain hasn't popped off even when DHing at Mount Snow. I have very few chain slap scars. I do have the 2x drivetrain and there is a bash guard so maybe that keeps the chain on?
  18. skijay

    Mountain Bike shopping

    I have a Kona with the "Magic Link" suspension which the Stinky looks to have. The goal with it, at least in the Freeride/Enduro bikes that they make is when you ascend it's suppose to shorten up the frame and make the bike easier to climb with. When you descend the frame stretches out to...
  19. skijay

    Cutting out cable TV

    Lucky you! The installer of my antenna could not get the signal to lock in on channels: 20.1, 20.2 and 59.1 without losing 22.1 on an attic mount. My antenna is mounted outside on an old dish network pole in the ground about 8' up. I didn't want the antenna mounted on the house. Rarely, I'll get...
  20. skijay

    Mountain Bike shopping

    If you're going to buy used, check the bike for damage. Check the pivot points for wear and look for cracks / welded repairs on the frame. Also, check the suspension, front and rear. For the front make sure the lock out works and if there is a dampening control check to see if it works. Make...