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  1. TheBEast

    Playscape teardown and assembly tips wanted!

    Yup got those too! Good idea tho for sure.
  2. TheBEast

    Playscape teardown and assembly tips wanted!

    Yup got a couple helpers and a good sized trailer too!
  3. TheBEast

    Playscape teardown and assembly tips wanted!

    Yup plan on doing that in the spring.
  4. TheBEast

    Playscape teardown and assembly tips wanted!

    Yup. monkey bars, slide, rope ladder, spot for 3 swings and a little elevated tree house type area.
  5. TheBEast

    Playscape teardown and assembly tips wanted!

    Nick - I've got a 5 1/2 yo and a 3 yo. It will certainly get plenty of use and the $0 price tag is enticing. They also have neighborhood friends that would use it. Hammer - Good ideas. I'm certainly thinking the least amount that gets disassembled the better. I've got a great town dumb that...
  6. TheBEast

    Playscape teardown and assembly tips wanted!

    So I've come across a decent plays-cape by Creative Playthings. Its it pretty reasonable shape, six years old or so. Best part is its free from a neighbor of my brother-in-law. I've got to go disassemble it tomorrow. I've got my Tundra and a large flatbed trailer so I'm hoping I won't have...
  7. TheBEast

    New Chair lift design

    That's awesome
  8. TheBEast

    Berkshire East Valley Jump Zipline tour 8-30-13

    A bunch of ski patroller guide there on the zip lines over the summer. Yeah those X1 and X2 lines are unreal! Did you get a peak at any of the BoneFrog obstacles? Photos up on Facebook look wild!
  9. TheBEast

    Possibility of no Meathead Feature

    Sad day if this is in fact the case.....
  10. TheBEast

    Sharknado - best movie ever?

    Saw an interview the Director and Tara Reid did on Bloomberg. The budget for the movie was some $1-$2 million and they finished it in under a month, so I'd say while the movie plot is wacky it certainly getting a lot of attention and air time!
  11. TheBEast

    Ski Movie Trailers 2013-2014 Season

    Can't wait for more to drop......
  12. TheBEast

    Everest BASE Jump

  13. TheBEast

    The Ultimate Wake Up PRANK Compilation

    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.....
  14. TheBEast

    Ski Porn to be shot in 4K!!!!

    I wonder what the cost of that system is. I've been following their Facebook posts on it. Looks like some amazing equipment. Video is certainly outstanding.
  15. TheBEast

    B-east, first ski hill.....

    Neat for sure that the combination of wind and solar covers all their power needs. Certainly cool!
  16. TheBEast

    Jay Peak March 21

    Nice video my friend ;-) Man that looks good on my 52" flat screen. Now we just have to get KillerB to get some of his footage up! Glad you could join us....
  17. TheBEast

    Jay Peak pond skimming

    Excellent!! What's the soundtrack?