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  1. RichT

    Hunter's Mt Status and Snow reports

    Would be nice to know which trails they are making snow on huh?
  2. RichT

    Locker Fees

    The seasonal locker fees have remained the same this year at Hunter, how about your home Mtns?
  3. RichT

    This isn't fun at all!

    So I want to change my "EPIC" reservations, I made a mistake when I made them. They said you have to wait till Nov 17th. I waited, now what? Went on and tried to change them, no where to be found on there, so let me chat....... I am now 954th in line with a wait time of 477 mins AND 30 seconds...
  4. RichT

    Hunter's "Skyride"

    Anyone know why it's down??
  5. RichT

    Hunter's newest stupid idea!

    Skied Hunter today, and was immediately caught off guard by the "new" idea of forming the lines at the six! What in the hell????????!! They put this fence triangle thing in the middle don't give it enough width for six people and have ONE single line. What was wrong with the old way? Maybe they...
  6. RichT

    Hunter's "D" lift

    One of my favorite lifts is going from a triple to double!:angry: Maybe they'll speed it up and have it open more?
  7. RichT

    Hunter Season Pass Holders Party

    Uh oh.........new owners, no party?? Well that's NOT starting on the right foot is it? :angry:
  8. RichT

    Hunter North

    End of May, and I don't see ANY kind of activity over there. I was hoping they'd be doing some rework and was really wishing that they were going to move the lift further up the hill??!! Heck at least do some regrading on the DROP into Wayout and possibly fix it so we can use Whitecloud again?
  9. RichT

    Trump at Hunter

    Tried to upload a video......... Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  10. RichT

    To warm for snowmaking so what's with the "smoke" on the Hunter Cam!!!!!!!!

    I'm looking at the cams right now 4:27pm on Saturday and there's a lot of smoke coming from the right side of the base cam!! Anybody know anything about this?
  11. RichT

    Snowmaking Capitol of The World

    Guns are on!
  12. RichT

    Frank Cartwright as Head Coach of Hunter Mountain

    Seems to be a wise decision, letting Bruce (snowmaker for past 38 yrs) leave for Bellayre not so much!!!!! Anyone know who's taking his place???
  13. RichT

    Hunter's lifts...........or lack of now!!

    CURRENT CONDITIONSTUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018 AT 6:44AMEvening Update - 8:25 PM: Good evening skiers and riders! Tomorrow we will be open with up 46 trails serviced by 5 lifts. The forecast for tomorrow predicts partly cloudy skies in the morning which will clear by the afternoon. Temperatures...
  14. RichT

    Hunter's "F" lift

    Okay which is it? The lift is down for the rest of the season from (1) the motor's burnt out or (2) They don't have enough workers to operated or (3) They're trying to save money. I HOPE its number one!
  15. RichT

    Hunter Grooming

    Anyone else feel like the grooming has been "sketchy" lately? Almost like the groomers are rushing thru the process. Lots of ruts, missed spots, ridges and that sort.
  16. RichT

    Wildcat or Attitash?

    I'm a Hunter regular, but now with the new season pass I get to go to more mtns! Can you tell me in your opinion, which one is better? and why? I've never been to NH. Thanks!
  17. RichT

    Tommy “Wheels” Cannalonga

    If you know Tom from Hunter Mtn please help. A great guy!! http://www.gofundme.com/kmqvfp5p
  18. RichT


    Ok, I gotta hand it to Bruce/David and all involved with the grooming and snowmaking!! I'm so totally happy with it this year. There's so much snow and the grooming on Eastside and Minya to the point that they don't have that "halfpipe" thing going on it this year. Now even 44's open! I can see...
  19. RichT

    Hunter's website

    Man O Man! so now if I want to read anything on their website I have to join facebook? Bull, do not want anything to do with facebook! This facebook and twitter s#$t is getting to me!:angry:
  20. RichT

    Hunter Winter Employment

    So they are having a "Job Fair" on WEDNESDAY Nov 14th from 3-8pm. Well my daughter would love to apply, but I guess they aren't to interested in getting alot of applicants, because I emailed, called and searched the website to see if there was any other way to apply without any luck. Does...