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  1. bigbog

    For Sale K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti(177), Liberty V82(165)...both 2019, new/flat

    Have a couple of new 19' skis that I can do at $300/BO.... K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti(177) Liberty V82(165) can do deal via Paypal or meet at SR/SL
  2. bigbog

    For Sale 19' Liberty V82(165)...NIP, 19' Volkl RTM84(167) mntd Marker IPT WR XL(new), Helmet

    Liberty V82(165) NIP: $500 (I'll ship) Volkl RTM84(167) new..mntd Marker IPT WR XL: $500(I'll ship) new 19' POC Obex SPIN, XL-XXL(59-62), black: $150 (+ ship lwr48) ,worn 4hrs over beanie = too big for me. Paypal or meet @SL (wkend or midweek)
  3. bigbog

    Maine Woods Away From the Main Road, T1 R12 WELS

    Driven over cutting roads, between Farrar Mtn and Female Mtn. Not a hike along a Named Trail. Location: T1 R12 WELS township. (I'll copy an image from GoogleMaps....a work in progress for me:lol:) Beautiful bluebird day with some cumulus here & there. Once done with a little work...
  4. bigbog

    17' K2 Pinnacle 88, 170, flat, NIP

    K2 16/17 Pinnacle 88, 170, flat, NIP 128-88-110, R:15 $175/bro + ship(from 04401) ...Paypal or meetup somewhere in Maine
  5. bigbog

    My REPLY HAS Posted = False Alarm...

    My Reply, a few minutes ago, on the sugarloaf thread...hasn't shown up yet.....fwiw.
  6. bigbog

    Proposal for New/Additional Category/Sub-Forum = "Resorts...Businesses " ...etc.

    Proposal for New/Additional Category/Sub-Forum = "Resorts...Businesses " ...etc. Since when are business matters/issues/dealings a part of skiing? All this crap concerning who and how Mr. X scammed the business community and state of VT via some program in the state/country, or where Mr. Z...
  7. bigbog

    Automotive Stuff Forsale

    ADMINs feel free to remove the thread anytime.....
  8. bigbog

    Sugarloaf Demo Day 3/26

    Weather permitting(duh): sugarloaf spring-demo
  9. bigbog

    16/17 will bring some nice choices in Blizzard skis among other gear = OntheSnow.com

    2017 skis...here & there on the web Okay...I'll let the thread stay. A few nice options on the web...here & there.
  10. bigbog

    fs: 03/04 HEAD iM72(163) skis w/Rental(Head One RF9) Bindings - No Longer Available

    sold a long time ago.....have no idea where this came from...
  11. bigbog

    fs: 03/04 HEAD iM72(163) skis w/Rental(Head One RF9) Bindings - No Longer Available

    Admins feel free to delete.... fs: 03/04 HEAD iM72(163) skis w/Rental(Head One RF9) Bindings Pics taken today = haven't waxed. Bases flat. Edges are still sharp but haven't waxed since scraping in Oct 13' = a little rust showing. Single base pic shows little/shallow ding. Other pics show...
  12. bigbog

    N. Central Maine(TB R10) ...in ~3mi on JoMary Road, from ME-15

    N. Central Maine(TB R10) ...in ~3mi on JoMary Road, from ME-11 So spent a part of the day hiking around, not very deep in...still snow in the deeper brush..but a few miles in on the JoMary Rd from the JoMary Gate(off of ME-11)..at least the road is beginning to dry up. Beautiful bluebird...
  13. bigbog

    FS: New 2014, 167 Blizzard Magnum 7.7 skis mounted with IQ-10 CM2 Binding

    Keeping 167 Blizzard Magnum 7.7s Decided to keep.....
  14. bigbog

    Error Warning msg upon login....maybe my browser?

    False Alarm....Warnings... False Alarm.....browser glitch....
  15. bigbog

    BSP's Abol Trail Closed

    Looks like Abol Trail is down for the Season...(from BDN) http://bangordailynews.com/2014/06/05/outdoors/katahdins-abol-trail-closed-for-2014-season/
  16. bigbog

    03/04 HEAD iM72(163) with HEAD One RF9(Rental Bindings) - No Longer Available

    03/04 HEAD iM72(163) with HEAD One RF9(Rental Bindings) Skis: very good cond., 2 minor dings(pics). Waxed over summer, edges sharp, bases flat, will wax for pics. Bindings: excellent cond., no slop. Asking $140 + ship(04401) Check or MO... *If you haven't been on AZ long enough to know me via...
  17. bigbog

    Another Maine Day @Saddleback on Sunday($29)

    Another Maine Day($29) @Saddleback coming up Sunday...light winds predicted as temps will rise into mid 20s... I've got to get out & over there, even with my cheap carvers...and get some mtn time under the feet before the pow/crud boards show in a week+... Should be another good day(like today...
  18. bigbog

    TNF 12/13 ENZO Jacket(Gore Pro Shell), MEDIUM,green..worn ~4hrs..mint..$150

    TNF ENZO Jacket ** SOLD ** ​So a fellow I know on Epic bought TNF's Enzo Jacket at end of last season and tried wearing it for a few hours on one of his last 12/13 days. Jacket is a MED and turned out to be too tight for him...so he put it up for sale. I gambled on it fitting me.....but it's...
  19. bigbog

    October Colors around a few ponds, NE of Moosehead Lake(Maine)

    Date:...................10/6/2013 Total Distance:.....~2miles Difficulty:............trails, some steep but short, essentially leading to views. Conditions:.........~low50s to low 60s(early AM to ~2pm), clear blue sky...with a few clouds creeping in later in day, on the drive home. Special...
  20. bigbog

    Maine woods, NE of Moosehead...great colors...and I forget the batteries...ARGGHHH!

    What a week of clear skies with warmer temps. Got out yesterday up ~25mi NE of Moosehead...into some backwoods, small once cutting roads, and got in a few small hikes. Had hoped to get some pics...90% of leaves have turned and many already fallen...and then happenned to notice that I'd...