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  1. TheBEast

    Playscape teardown and assembly tips wanted!

    So I've come across a decent plays-cape by Creative Playthings. Its it pretty reasonable shape, six years old or so. Best part is its free from a neighbor of my brother-in-law. I've got to go disassemble it tomorrow. I've got my Tundra and a large flatbed trailer so I'm hoping I won't have...
  2. TheBEast

    Tuckerman Helicopter Rescue

    Anyone hear about this?? From the Avalanche bulletin this morning. Can't seem to find anything on Timerfortuckerman or the web in general. "We’d like to thank everyone who helped out with rescue efforts on Saturday. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a helicopter land on the floor of the...
  3. TheBEast

    Things to do in and around Brewster, MA (Cape)

    My wife and I are headed to the cape for the first time (hard to believe we've both lived in NE all our lives and have never been) in a couple of weeks. We have two small kids (3.5 and 9 months). We've got a place rented that has a private bayside beach. We're just looking for other...
  4. TheBEast

    Banff Wildlife Camera

    Way cool video..... "Check out this incredible video made from 12 months of footage taken by a motion trigger wildlife camera in Banff National Park. It looks like just about every critter in the area passed by this camera over the 12-month period including cougars, wolves, black and brown...
  5. TheBEast

    TGR 2011 - One for the Road trailer

    Dropped yesterday..... rp2ZYWaOaX4 http://www.tetongravity.com/one-for-the-road/
  6. TheBEast

    Ben White skis the 48 NH 4,000-foot peaks in 1 season

    Pretty cool. First time it's been done and by a 17 year old kid no less. Keepin' it real! I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this kid in the coming years. http://14erskiers.com/franksblog/2011/05/ben-white-skis-new-hampshires-4kers/
  7. TheBEast

    Killington - Friday 4/8

    Flying solo so if anyone wants to meet up for a run or two. White Hustle Helmet, red jacket, black pants rocking the Mantras with tele gear. :daffy: :spread: :beer:
  8. TheBEast

    Friday, April 8th - Where to go, any ticket deals?

    My bro-in-law and I are trying to get out for one last hurrah on Friday. Neither of us have any ticket deals to use. Liftopia doesn't have anything up so are in search of any late season deals or passes people might be looking to sell. We're looking to ski anything south of Killington, we're...
  9. TheBEast

    Jay Peak - 3/24-27

    Well Jay stinks right now so everyone should stay home ;-) Woods are in great shape. Best snow was over off the flyer. Still lots of fresh stuff in the woods. Bonnie side was slightly heavier and not as much fun. Hopefully some more snow on the way tonight through Saturday. Crowds What...
  10. TheBEast

    Switching from a PC to a MAC

    So my wife and I are about to take the plung and get a MacBook Pro. Being a lifelong PC user (and some mac experience in college) I'm a little apprehensive (my wife is a lot as she's a lifelong PC only user), but I've still got two working Dell Desktop PCs (both are 4-5 years old tho they are...
  11. TheBEast

    Pedal Powered Snowplow

    Stolen from another forum....way cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VozlU8TXEvA&feature=player_embedded VozlU8TXEvA
  12. TheBEast

    All I Can - Trailer - coming Fall 2011

    16669470 Killer trailer. Anyone know the name of the song?
  13. TheBEast

    Sunday River opened today!

    How has no one reported on this here yet today??!!
  14. TheBEast

    Driveway Sealer

    I know we've talked about this in past years. I just got all my driveway repairs done and they've set up for about a week or so. I get home from work early tonight, get the first coat of sealer on in about 2 hours or so.....then about 2 hours later it pours...damn weather men...:uzi: :uzi...
  15. TheBEast

    Basement Floor ideas....

    With the pending birth of daughter #2 in November my office will soon find a new home in a 16 x 7 foot room in the basement....so looking at different flooring options. We looked at the fold and lock hardwood, but at $3.48 a square foot is a little more than we wanted to spend for the project...
  16. TheBEast

    Kitchen Appliance Suggestions

    Trying to research some kitchen appliances. Dishwasher - Seems like the only real difference is how many cycles the machine has, whether it is a quiet operation and if it has a delayed start. We're looking at some mid-range models from Bosch. Seems like you really don't need to go high end...
  17. TheBEast

    Tele Binding - BD01 - Midstiff or Ridstiff cartridges

    Backcountry.com has cartridges on sale and was looking to pick up an extra set of cartridges. Have heard mixed things about the ridstiff cartridge. I'm an aggressive skier, skiing all over the mountain on a pair of 178 Mantras with the BD01 and Garmont Synergies. Right now I'm leaning towards...
  18. TheBEast

    I-91 Construction

    I live with the construction on 91 in the Springfield, MA area every day, but on a day trip up my Mom's in White River Junction, VT, the amount of road construction on the rest of 91 is astounding! It was hard to actually use the cruise since it seemed like there were really only a few short...
  19. TheBEast

    Women of Jackson Hole

    I've been staring at the first photo here of Lynsey for about a week now. Despite it being a little riske, the photography here is pretty damn good...
  20. TheBEast

    Anyone up at Jay this weekend?

    Looks like a great party there yesterday.....reports??