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  1. bigbog

    Superpasses: more crowds?

    Seek....and I thought the daily 98' Lynnway 500 commute was a roadrace....once rented a 4-cyl Corolla ~5yrs ago expecting accelleration of my 1973....:-o. The increased desire for speed & racing:roll: on the highways around us isn't just my aging judgement..
  2. bigbog

    Mammoth ski trip June 29 through July 2nd.

    Terrific TR and pics....
  3. bigbog

    Fishing 2019

    Nice bunch of fish JimG....sorry to be out of touch for a while. Also forgot my camera on a short trip up to Eagle Lake in late August. HA...the one long trip I take this year and I remember my flyrod & gear but forget my camera..... I catch my two biggest landlocks(salmon, 5 & 6.5lbs) that...
  4. bigbog

    Ski Swaps in Maine Listings

    Thanks for the Swap info plus the Alta & Snowbird info Michael...
  5. bigbog

    Fishing 2019

    Nice pics JimG.... Had the same type of May with lots of rain & higher water but healthy hatches which should make for a nice summer. *Will see what pics I took May-June...will upload later...
  6. bigbog

    Like we've been saying about Gore....

    Definitely lodging with small refrig, sink/table for a healthy meal or ten with a fresh food market, WiFi and maybe a few restaurants(but not required..some family run palaces = possibilities of family brawls @night resembling(ie Star Trek) Landrue's 6pm Festival) make the deal.....along with a...
  7. bigbog

    Who is your favorite musician?

    Both he and his band certainly was on top of what was happenning! Enjoyed Miles Davis's compositions. Enjoyed Jack Sheldon's sound....(West Coast studio/+jazz trumpeter). Life is sure ironic, has a housemate in Brighton, MA...back in 80s...used to play acoustic guitar(jazz/country) on west...
  8. bigbog

    Wst 4/13-4/14

    81s are gonna dredge the bottom much quicker than your 93s(duh...). This weekend will be rather rough, even up here, but there should still be enough for a few weeks longer....
  9. bigbog

    Will driverless cars help remote resorts?

    Good stuff mister moose....
  10. bigbog

    Will driverless cars help remote resorts?

    Autos: Think they may appear for those grandmas, grandpas and eccentrics who challenge the minimums anyways and who, on occasion, apply the gas pedal by mistake...ending in tragic accidents. More on the Testing end should be happenning..imho. The issues are parking....nobody wants to design...
  11. bigbog

    seriously, go to silverton

    Nice pics KTK.....
  12. bigbog


    If you ever head up to Sugarloaf and have your desired sled(s) along... Just outside of Kingfield, southside, there is a nice medium size hill beginning just off #16...no sled rentals around that I know of...but from the side of the road it is a nice smooth drop and runout across a huge field...
  13. bigbog

    At Gear and Tele gear

    AT bindings lock down for the descent...it's a competitive market. Good info from billo on tele and SiliconeBob on bindings... Both AT and hybrid downhill boots possessing walk-mode....with levels of range of movement all over the place. Skis - tele-skis, AT("touring")-skis and light...
  14. bigbog

    WST: 3/16-17.....Mid-March Madness....

    Less than month to trout season....just my kind of March Madness, as well as a great month for snow, Somewhere.
  15. bigbog

    How do they not...

    Young bodies are pretty flexible and clothing adds a certain degree of padding and they aren't as likely to tense up from situations since they often don't go around looking for the very bottom of the hill/tough terrain like some others do. Just a guess...
  16. bigbog

    WST (Weekend Speculation Thread): Lion or Lamb? March 2-3

    Sunday night into Monday should bring some accumulation for the River & SL. Was over in the Whites last week(end)..boot(downhill & AT) tuneup....snow was that high & dry type...felt so good. 3/2 EDIT....At least it should add a little to the off-resort totals but am about to shoot out West...
  17. bigbog

    Radio Tower Blown Over on Sugarloaf

    The wind....something else. Spent Monday night driving around in the White Mtns after dinner...if there were any outdoor photographers out and abound I bet they got some attractive scenes with the snow being whipped up in circles and tossed every which way....was pretty wild.
  18. bigbog

    For Sale K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti(177), Liberty V82(165)...both 2019, new/flat

    Have a couple of new 19' skis that I can do at $300/BO.... K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti(177) Liberty V82(165) can do deal via Paypal or meet at SR/SL