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  1. uphillklimber


    Okay, this is going sideways, we've all been there, done that, just thought some real discussion might be interesting.
  2. uphillklimber


    What is up with the point system? How does it work, what does it indicate? I see that King Slug and I have the same number of points, despite him having twice the posts I have. I do notice that if you transpose the number of posts I have, we use the same digits. Just curious.
  3. uphillklimber

    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    Folks, I posted this on the Sunday River thread, and feel like, maybe we need to talk about this a bit???? I just read a troubling report from a friend who skied Saturday. Apparently, many folks are not wearing their masks in the que and crowding up too much. This is not up to the skiers or...
  4. uphillklimber

    Dark background with gray lettering

    Is there any way for me to change this in my browser or control panel. Preferences doesn't seem to brighten up the reading any.
  5. uphillklimber

    2020-21 Sunday River

    I skipped opening day due to rain, but made it for 2nd day. The River has some terrain open, enough that you can realistically spread out. From the Barker lift, you can ski Jungle road to Punch or T-2 which brings you back to Punch. Ecstasy is open as is Right Stuff. All these trails were in...
  6. uphillklimber

    Skiing Sunday River 2019-2020

    They have 3 lifts and 20 trails open today. Not so bad given the weather, but they did miss an opportunity to blow snow earlier when it was colder. Should be getting colder come Friday, and they are planning on opening Risky Business and the Spruce chair on Friday, Chondola Saturday. Trails of...
  7. uphillklimber

    Mt Abrams access road.

    Folks, I did a bike run up to Mt Abrams, where they are starting a new bike trail system to replace the void left when Sunday River gave it up. I hope they do well. But what I wanted to tell everyone is that the access road has been paved. Not every bit of it, but the rough areas have all been...
  8. uphillklimber

    Bretton Woods New Gondola Lift

    We took the opportunity to visit BW today and take a ride up to have lunch. They were running the new gondola today and some employees and execs actually rode in it. The Gondola crosses over the existing lift. I am thinking great.... this is right next to Mt Washington, windiest area on the...
  9. uphillklimber

    Unused.old ski gear up for grabs

    Folks, I have a bunch of stuff up for grabs. About a dozen pair of ski poles, mostly straight, some "slightly" bent, different lengths. Kids helmets. Ski boots, about a dozen pair different sizes, adult. Ski Bag. Snowboard bag. Snow shoe Bag. I know this isn't the right time of year, but it...
  10. uphillklimber

    Sunday River improvements for 2019/2020

    I was bored today, so I took a ride over to the River and took a couple laps on the chondi. Man, I miss riding a lift!!! And looking at snowguns..... Anyways, after we finished riding up and down, I went in to get my season pass. While there, I asked what improvements they had going this...
  11. uphillklimber

    Logging in issues

    Admins, please, can you help me? I am able to log in on my travel netbook, which I am using now. But I can not seem to log in on my home dektop for some reason. Is there anyway to correct this issue?
  12. uphillklimber

    Saddleback, new buyer interested and letter sent to condo owners

    I'm cautiously optimistic: https://www.pressherald.com/2019/03/15/boston-investment-firm-offers-to-buy-saddleback/?fbclid=IwAR0P5dMQfuC0i5x7Zevc3_S3sUtPjquXxv_mtMlv64oXEv_uBWojP_LDExo
  13. uphillklimber

    At Gear and Tele gear

    Folks, I am hoping some of you can illustrate to me how At bindings and gear works and Telemark gear works. I stopped by some shops today and learned that this stuff is expensive, and some of how it works, etc... I just want to learn a little more about it continue the discussion. As a...
  14. uphillklimber

    Boyne Flash sale, next season passes

    https://www.sundayriver.com/season-passes Absolutely the lowest price you will see for next season. Bronze pass, mid week, non holiday pass for $499.00. Silver, includes weekends as well $739.00, Gold, unlimited $1,119.00. Prices will likely rise $50.00 after the 10th. And another 200 before...
  15. uphillklimber

    Terrain Park Etiquette

    Folks, how about chiming in for me. What is the etiquette of using a terrain park. Obviously, look before you leap and don't crash into someone else, etc.... What I am mostly concerned about, is it okay to use a terrain park if I don't get big air? I don't use the metal features, as I see them...
  16. uphillklimber

    2018-2019 Sunday River

    I gotta say, if you were considering maybe coming skiing, you could do a lot worse than to come to the River. Some 2 weeks ago, we got 10-12 inches of heavy wet stuff, followed by 3 hours of rain then freezing temps. Instant base across the mountain, in the trees on the trails, everywhere...
  17. uphillklimber

    Garbage on the slopes

    A couple days ago, a friend and I took a ride up the chondi at the River. We wanted to scope out the old Spruce cliffs trail, off Risky business and basically check out the new public land off the backside that groups in Bethel are developing for recreational activities. We found much of the...
  18. uphillklimber

    Bra trees

    Who here feels they have gotten out of control? Used to be there was one bra tree on a mountain, and it had one well placed bra on it. Now, it's every lift line it seems like, and there's half a dozen bras, and beads on every tree up the line and those CD disks. I mean, it just looks like litter...
  19. uphillklimber

    Sugarloaf power outage 12-26-17

    Sugarloaf is out of power, some are stuck on a lift. Some lifts have diesel backup. Many communities around it are out of power. Entire Carrabassett Valley has no power. Some are saying this has happened a couple times recently. This is on CMP, not Sugarloaf, though the loaf is adversely...
  20. uphillklimber

    Lessons and pointers

    Folks, I've been skiing downhill since 1997. I started out in 1979 doing cross country, and pretty much self taught myself to ski downhill, just keep trying and find something that works. I have taken some lessons here and there, but no series of them. Never been on a ski team or race team...