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  1. andyzee

    Next Up, Retaining Walls

    So, have bit of a hill on my property. Had a lot of trees until I chopped them down. Now I want to rip out the stumps and put in a series of retaining walls. Would appreciate any advice/past experience stories. Slope is pretty steep, quick guess, 35 degrees. About 10-12 feet high and 15 feet...
  2. andyzee

    Your Favorite Power Tool

    Women, if you answer, remember, this is a family site. For me tools in order of favorite: 1. Reciprocating Saw 2. Chain Saw 3. Table Saw. in order of most used: 1. Table Saw 2. Chain Saw 3. Reciprocating Saw Kind of funny how that work, fave and amount of use. But have to say, Reciprocating...
  3. andyzee

    Mad River Glen 3/21/2012, Get it While You Can

    We've been very lucky with our vacation, came up to VT for a week starting this past Sunday. Monday night storm hits :grin:. Today we decided to check out Mad River Glen today after skiing Killington since Sunday. We were not disappointed, blue skies, temps in the upper 20s to low 30s, no wind...
  4. andyzee

    Hitting VT 3/17-3/22

    Will be skiing Killington most days, MRG one day. If anyone is in the area and wants to get together for some turns, let me know.
  5. andyzee

    So Who's Lining Up For:

    Apple's iWatch?
  6. andyzee

    How Do I Get to X in Killinton?

    bene288 was concerned about lines and not knowing Killington in the thread Killington Regulars need some advise for possible trip. So, just want to start a little quiz game on how to get to differnt spots in Killington. 1. Your at Killington Base Lodge how many different ways are there to the...
  7. andyzee

    How Do You Search For Most Popular Threads.

    How do you run a search to find stuff like the most viewed, most replies, etc...
  8. andyzee

    Happy Birthday Old Man

    Wish you all the best, hope it was a good one for you. Considering the nice present your wife delivered not long ago, I'm sure it was great.
  9. andyzee

    93 Trek 5200 Carbon Fiber For Sale

    If anyone is interested, $1000. Has maybe 2000-3000 miles on it. Since pic was taken, got new wheels, shifters, and 9 speed cassette. I believe it's 62 cm. Been meaning to ride it, then got married......
  10. andyzee

    Are you the master of your domain?

    Well, are you?
  11. andyzee

    Is Addiction a Choice?

    Let's let Whitney RIP. In my book as stated, in the end she was just human. However that thread brought up some good points. Those points being whether or not addiction is a choice or a disease. I just turned 55, lived a good long life with a lot of "experience" In my experience to say addiction...
  12. andyzee

    Happy Birthday Jersey Joey

    All the best pal!
  13. andyzee

    Poland Springs, ME

    Going to be up that way this weekend. Got a camp site up there for two days, Friday into Sunday. Have another two days off work and was thinking of heading over to the Whites, but also was wondering if there is any fun stuff in the Poland Springs area?
  14. andyzee

    Happy Birthday Stef

    Wish you all the best, hope you have a great one! Cxtcm2s037s
  15. andyzee

    Three Cheers For Nick and Stef!

    There was a political discussion raised, wasn't locked or deleted. Nice to know we can now act like adults. :beer:
  16. andyzee

    Jay is a Class Act.

    From their Facebook page: Jay Peak Resort One guy out there right now (9am) ripping it up, so we're going to give him another hour then shut it down for the season. Golf Course closed today too. Batten down the hatches. Thanks all. Keep it going until the last person. Where a place like...
  17. andyzee

    Wildcat Hike For Turns?

    Maybe a silly question since Tux is across the road, but was just wondering. Are there any issues with hiking Wildcat? Is it allowed? How are conditions?
  18. andyzee

    So Who's Skiing Today?

    I'll be at Killington today and tomorrow.
  19. andyzee

    Killington 4/3/2011

    Weather: Perfect, bluebird skies, mid 20s to low 30s Conditions: Nice soft groomed snow and soft bumps on select trails. What a day, what a change from the previous day! Saturday it was a mixture of everything, fog, sun, snow, rain, sleet, warmth, cold, sometimes all at the same time. Overall...
  20. andyzee

    Keep Killington Open Longer

    Skied Killington yesterday, definitely a to top 10 day. Conditions were so good, we didn't stop for lunch, and we couldn't leave until closing. Outer Limits has been the best it's been all year, Needles was great, now those two areas are closed. Killington has announce a May 1st date as closing...