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    CT Bike Swap May 20th

    for you CT riders, there's a bike swap at Powder Ridge Ski Area May 20th. It benefits the awesome kids bike program CCAP https://powderridgepark.com/first-annual-bike-swap-may-20/
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    This might be an interesting read, Ski Inc.

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    Bike Quiver

    gmcunni's car quiver post had me thinking what about bikes? I'm very guilty of the N+1 syndrome, gotta have the right tool for the task here's my list, for now anyway 2016 Lynskey Pro-Cross 2016 Trek Fuel Ex 8 2016 Motobecane Night Train Bullet Fat bike 2013 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Expert...
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    I got a new MTB!

    I had a mountain bike about 25 years ago but I never really used it much, I never developed any skills etc. I continued to ride road bikes over all these years though. Last fall I bought a fat bike thinking that I could ride through the winter with it. I did ride much of the winter but as I...
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    Haystack / Hermitage news

    Les Otter ha ha http://dvalnews.com/view/full_story_obits/27144669/article-Ski-mogul-Les-Otter-buys-back-Haystack-mountain?instance=home_news_1st_right
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    Bike Log 2016

    11.3 miles 1325 ft vertical mountain bike. 3 rides , 29 miles so far in 2016. I bought a fat bike in November and I've been mountain biking again after a 20+ year hiatus. What a f**ing blast! Started out on some easy trails but starting jumping logs then got into some more technical rocky...
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    Help me decide

    I finally went back out on a few mountain bike rides, my first time in over 18 years. I used my old 1994 Specialized Rockhopper A1FS, a relic or antique by todays standards. The first time was with a buddy for just 4-5 miles on some pretty technical single track then a group ride at night for...
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    Bike Log 2015

    I finally got out on the road bike today. Usually I get at least a day or two in January or February but not this year. Took the cross bike with fenders and a good thing too, there were so many mini ponds and even moving water in some places due to all the snow melt and last night’s rain. My...
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    Very inspiring! - Sculpted in Time: The Wise Man

    88 year old skier who's been skiing the same area for 80 years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEPWPxKU7Gk
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    nice weather for biking

    I'm blacked out at my mountain this week so my wife and I decided to do some road biking yesterday and today. 48 degrees with a sunny sky makes for great riding! Got 90 miles in total , 47 yesterday and 43 today. We saw lots of other riders and walkers out there and every nature trail head had...
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    Contour Roam2 camera on Woot for $99

    Just an FYI WOOT has the Contour Roam2 camera for $99 today with $5 shipping. http://sellout.woot.com/?ref=cnt_sb_so_10#
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    Jury orders NBC to pay Mount Snow $2.1M

    Anyone see this? I wasn't aware of the lawsuit but it looks like Mount Snow had a case. http://www.benningtonbanner.com/region/ci_23996068/mount-snow-v-nbc-judge-denies-summary-judgment
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    Bike Log 2014

    First road ride of the year yesterday, Yeh I know I should have been skiing! but I had to be home Sunday for a family commitment in mid afternoon so I had a few free hours. 37.0 miles on the heavy cross bike with fenders only averaged 15.3mph, I felt like a slug especially on the 3 mile hill...
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    Ouch ,1 inch of R**n for southern VT

    I'm not liking the Thursday night/Friday forecast for southern VT; 1 inch of rain, then a freeze up Friday night. It looks like it could get into the mid 30s Sat so maybe that will help soften it up? Damit I haven't skied in almost 2 weeks so I wasn't able to enjoy the recent snows. Must be a...
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at 46

    RIP Mr Hoffman. Sucks! He was one of my favorite actors. I'd watch a movie just because he was in it. He took some incredible roles,and some really quirky ones too.
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    A couple of articles on the Quiros family and Jay Peak & Burke

    A couple of interesting articles on the Quiros family and their involvement at Jay Peak and Burke Mountain. http://vtdigger.org/2014/01/14/q-empire-man-behind-northeast-kingdoms-biggest-plan/ http://vtdigger.org/2014/01/14/community-fears-history-will-repeat-q-burke-mountain/
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    Awesome bike handling

    Check our Martyn Ashton's bike handling skills. He don't need no stinkin mountain bike to ride these obstacles. Martyn is a mountain biker- maybe he found the wide tires too easy? I love the reverse wheelie down the hairpin...
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    Salomon Performa 8 ski boots size 26.5 - No Longer Available

    Salomon Performa 8 ski boots size 26.5 Salomon Performa 8 Intermediate ski boots Size 26.5 , approximate street shoe size 8.5 to 9.0 307MM length base size Excellent condition used just 2 seasons Located in Essex, CT but also could meet weekends at Mount Snow VT Willing to ship at additional...
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    Volkl 5 Star 168cm - SOLD

    Volkl 5 Star 168cm Volkl 5 Star Skis with integrated marker TT Motion Binding system 168cm 114/ 68/ 99 Could use a tune / base grind willing to ship at additional cost Loated in Essex, CT but also could meet weekends at Mount Snow $100 / BO List Date: 12/1/2013 For more info, click here to...
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    Dynastar Legend 8000 w Look PX12 bindings - No Longer Available

    Dynastar Legend 8000 w Look PX12 bindings Dynastar Legend 8000 skis with Look PX12 bindings. 172cm 116/80/102 Could use a base grind & tune. Located in Essex CT but also could meet at Mount Snow willing to ship at additional cost Asking $150/BO List Date: 12/1/2013 For more info, click...