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  1. Boston Bulldog

    Current Arctic Pattern: Possible Relaxation and Storm on 1/4

    It's damn cold out there. Arctic air coming straight from north of Baffin Island is the currently locked in thanks to a +NAO and a variety of Pacific indices. The duration and intensity of the arctic cold is rather unprecedented and an atmospheric anomaly when compared to other cold snaps. Long...
  2. Boston Bulldog

    "Patterns": A senior project on Meterology and the Future of Eastern Skiing

    Hey all, If anyone wants to take a brief look back at winter and skiing, hear me out! I just completed my senior year at Milton Academy in Milton. MA and spent the month of May working on my senior project. I decided to create a documentary on skiing and meteorology, focusing on the future of...
  3. Boston Bulldog

    Yellowstone Club/Big Sky: 3/15-3/20

    Getting the opportunity of a lifetime to shred the Yellowstone Club and Big Sky --including a day with Scot Schmidt on the 17th--so I will be sure to post pics and reports here. So stoked!
  4. Boston Bulldog

    Potential Storm: 1/16

    There has been chatter about this in the other thread, but now it appears that this threat is viable enough for it's own thread. This is a tricky system. This transition pattern seems to have many cooks in the kitchen but one very poor chef. Lots of disturbances but a poor set up to get snow...
  5. Boston Bulldog

    Christmas week...

    Man, did this look ugly 36 hours ago. Don't get me wrong, Christmas Eve and day are going to be disasters for the mountains, but the following week looks serviceable as of right now. The 12z GFS and EURO runs have decided that it's time to pump the PNA and break down the ridge for the 28th...
  6. Boston Bulldog

    Preseason Video Stoke

    i'm sitting here in my underwear chilling and watching ski videos. I'm getting stoked as hell! What video gets you in the mood where you just need to get out there and shred? Post your favorites! We all know the people need some more
  7. Boston Bulldog

    Handrawn/Fantasy Trail Maps

    As I was reading through the "Worst Trail Map" thread, I got reminded of the many spiral notebooks of fantasy trailmaps I drew as a kid. Some were totally incomprehensible, with classic features such as a Double Diamond trail running alongside a Green Circle, and others weren't half bad...
  8. Boston Bulldog

    Manitoba Mauler 2.0: 2/15 threat

    Before I do an extensive meteorological write up on why I think this could be a potent storm, and why I think it'll happen, here's some bullet points. -The Upper Level Low is modeled to close over Ontario/Lake Superior. Incredible! -The disturbance was just sampled for the first time over...
  9. Boston Bulldog

    1/26 Manitoba Mauler

    Manitoba maulers are very rare, but if they blow up, boy do they blow up. Sunday Night the first Mauler of the season is going to exit off the East Coast and undergo bombogenesis. Originally it was looking like it would get shoved out to sea due to leftover vorticity from the current storm, but...
  10. Boston Bulldog

    Mid-Fat All Mountain ski?

    I'm in the market for new skis and I'm looking for a solid all mountain ski between 85-95 in width. I know all about the Rossi 88's, but I'm trying to explore other options as well. I'm an aggressive skier who likes to carve fast and hard, but is at home in the trees and can handle medium pitch...
  11. Boston Bulldog

    A White T-Day?

    Wednesday per GFS...
  12. Boston Bulldog

    November 1? *Drumbeats*

    The models are all over the place, that's for sure. One thing is for certain, however, we have a very interesting pattern setting up. A Coastal Storm is on the models' radar, and this time, NNE may see some flakes. Nothing is set in stone right now, the remnants of Hurricane Ana are messing...
  13. Boston Bulldog

    The main forum needs to chill out...

    I'm getting a little concerned with how the main forum has turned into the "Wild West" so to speak. I know it's summer, but girlish fights like the ones that have been breaking out should be solved on the slopes or saved until later. I know everyone's jonesing for winter and people are starting...
  14. Boston Bulldog

    Lions, Tigers, Hurricanes, Oh My!

    Well with May coming up, the Tropics should become active soon. A strong El Nino this year should subdue activity in the Atlantic Basin, but coming from last year's record quiet season we can only go up! Lets hope for some OTS monsters this year, for the sake of surfing!
  15. Boston Bulldog

    Steamboat 2014: 3/22/- 3/29

    Well I'm flying into Denver from LA tomorrow to embark on the final stop of an epic spring break. From Denver, the boys of Dartmouth will head northwest to take over Steamboat for a week. So pumped! A couple of storms are on tap for the upcoming week. 4-8 inches tomorrow and a major storm...
  16. Boston Bulldog

    Looking ahead to St. Patrick's day

    If you thought this coming storm was a monster, than look at the EURO :spread::spread::spread: This date has been highlighted for over a week now and Models are going out of control. :snow: I'd love to know what those darn Europeans are smoking because they're trying to shove an F'ing Black...
  17. Boston Bulldog

    Thought you all might want to see this...

    Snow Forecast through Friday
  18. Boston Bulldog

    Okemo- 3/8/13

    Weather: Cloudy to start, Brilliant Sunshine late morning, Partly cloudy to end the day Conditions: Soft/ Packed Powder First off, I believe Okemo gets a terrible rap here. Yes, it may be crowded, but it provides a great cruiser product. I have never had a bad experience here, and when I want...
  19. Boston Bulldog

    March 13th (Don't Crucify me!)

    8 days is a LONG ways away; however, it is almost impossible to ignore the signs Mother Nature is giving us. (Don't crucify me for this if it goes wrong haha, this is just a technical discussion) First: NAO/PNA Teleconnection When the NAO goes Negative, and the PNA goes positive, a storm track...
  20. Boston Bulldog

    Blue Hills 2/23/14

    Nuff ced (They did have moguls on the right side of Big Blue, that's a first)