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    Does anyone ski without an ACL?

    I tore my left ACL in 1997 and my right in 2004. I had both reconstructed and all was well until two weeks ago... I managed to re-tear my left ACL and sprained my foot mountain biking. My orthopedic surgeon wants to try rehab without surgery. He said the success varies from person to person, but...
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    Ski and Tee at Sugarloaf

    The weekend of 5/14 and 5/15. Ski and play nine holes in the same day. Details at Sugarloaf's website. Not a golfer myself, but I think this is cool and a rare opportunity!
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    Anyone with multiple ski injuries in their lifetime?

    I am 31 and have had the following skiing injuries: 1997- Torn ACL on left knee. Reconstructive surgery, no brace and no problems since. 2004- Torn ACL on right knee. Reconstructive surgery, no brace and no problems since. 04/03/2010- Completely torn achilles tendon in my right ankle. A rare...
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    If you had to ski only one mountain for life, which one would you choose and why?

    For me It would be Sunday River. By far the number one reason being that I love living in Southern Maine and it is the closest major resort. Other reasons: -Bright future under Boyne's management. -Great people. -Top notch snowmaking pretty much guarenteeing good conditions even in a bad snow...
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    Anyone ever dislocate a shoulder?

    I did skiing this past Sunday and I am wondering what the rehab is like. Any info would be greatly appreciated!