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  1. Domeskier

    Popular Mechanics Article on the Superiority of Narrow, Straight Skis

    Can't say whether I agree with this guy, since I've never been on anything wider than 78mm underfoot, but I am a big fan of Dynastar Twisters. https://www.popularmechanics.com/adventure/outdoor-gear/a26443788/which-skis-should-i-choose/
  2. Domeskier

    Blue Mountain, PA - 3/31/18

    I don’t usually take pictures while skiing, but couldn’t resist taking one of these gorgeous bump lines on the top 1/5 of Razors Edge: Here is what it looked like in the downhill direction. No end in sight: They are closed for Easter, but opening tomorrow for an excepted 3-5 inches. Then...
  3. Domeskier

    Look Pivot 14 Deal

    Just picked up a pair of Look Pivot 14s for $199 CAD, which at current exchange rates is about $153 USD. Free shipping as well. These are the 2015 models, but they have 2016 models on sale for $209 CAD. If they don't have the brake size you need, you can pick those up on Evo for $49 and still...
  4. Domeskier

    Lift Derailment in West Virginia

    Looks like a tower failure caused a lift to derail in WV yesterday. Apparently 25 people fell to the ground. Fortunately, only minor injuries are being reported. Scary stuff. http://www.dcski.com/articles/1485
  5. Domeskier

    Sundown 2016

    Seems like forever since I've seen a Sundown thread here. Anyone have inside info on when they plan to seed the Stairway?
  6. Domeskier

    The Action Never Stops at Mountain Creek!

    These would have been marked trails back in the 80's: By the way, does any regular know why they took Pipeline off the map?
  7. Domeskier

    Today in dome skiing news

    Dubai announced yesterday the construction of its second ski dome, which will be three time longer than the existing dome: http://unofficialnetworks.com/2015/08/worlds-largest-indoor-ski-slope-to-be-built-in-dubai Tomorrow they will be announcing their bid for the 2028 winter games...
  8. Domeskier

    Switching boot liners between shells

    Bad idea? I have some relatively new foamed liners that I want to try out in different shell. The new shell is roughly the same length as the original, but about 2mm's wider. The old one is four buckle clam shell that I don't really care for. The new one is a cabrio shell with heat molded...
  9. Domeskier

    It's Game On at Sundown!

    The Stairway has been seeded!
  10. Domeskier

    Indoor Mogul Skiing Championship

    I sure hope they are planning to televise this: More details here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgnm50gasz2yv2c/British%20Champs%20Timetable.pdf
  11. Domeskier

    Alternative surface lifts in Alaska

    I, for one, wish more resorts would install a bus: http://www.shredthemoose.com/ Has anyone here shredded the moose?
  12. Domeskier

    Woongjin Snowdoci, Bucheon South Korea

    Dates Skied: June 6 Resort or Ski Area: Woongjin Snowdoci, Bucheon South Korea Conditions: Man-made Trip Report: I spent two weeks in Seoul and decided to check out the indoor skiing scene in neighboring Bucheon, which was about an hour away by subway from where I was staying. The ski...