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  1. urungus

    Berkshire East - 12/28/2020

    The storm has sent Berkshire East back to square one, bare earth everywhere except for the open trails Mohawk, Big Chief, Lower Comp, Outback->War Dance. Solid coverage on those trails. Lower Mohawk closed. Very top of Big Chief closed (above the 1st merge with Mohawk). Official trail...
  2. urungus

    Berkshire East 12/17/2020 Opening Day Powder

    What a way to open the season! Got there late in the day and they had dropped the ropes on everything I could see, except the very top of Minnie Dole, right off the chairlift. The foot and a half of power fell on top of bare ground on most trails, so I did scrape the bottom a few times. They...
  3. urungus

    Europe ponders shutting down ski industry

  4. urungus

    Steamboat Powdercats sues backcountry guidebook

  5. urungus

    Harris Hill Ski Jump cancelled

  6. urungus

    Sea to Sky Gondola cut for second time

  7. urungus

    Early season 20-21

    Two months to go! Earliest opening dates I have seen announced are Wildcat Fri Nov 13 and Mt Snow Sat Nov 14. Would like to see a more aggressive opening date for Mt Snow, but with Vail in charge that’s no longer going to happen. If I recall correctly, typical opening at Mt Snow would have...
  8. urungus

    Killington Coronavirus outbreak

  9. urungus

    Season over :(

    Went to Whistler on Friday December 27. Was cloudy on the way up from Vancouver so most of the spectacular scenery on the Sea-to-Sky highway was obscured. Took first run down a Upper Dave Murray which was used for the Men’s downhill in the 2010 Olympics. Was mostly ungroomed with big bumps...
  10. urungus

    Killington Questions

    Want to do more exploring of Killington this year. Appreciate any help with the following: 1. How many stairs are in the Peak Walkway (forgot to count earlier this year and can’t seem to find answer online) ? 2. What are the narrowest named non-gladed trails ? Powerline ? Catwalk ? 3. What...
  11. urungus

    Berkshire East 11/16/19

    First a couple comments on the new trail map, first time it has been redrawn in a couple decades: https://berkshireeast.com/sites/default/files/2019-09/Berkshire%20East%20Map%20with%20Legend.pdf Added to the map are three glades: Horaces Grove - well known glade behind the ski patrol shack at...
  12. urungus

    Killington Nov 4

    Saw on the Killington web site last night that advance tickets were only thirty bucks, so figured “what the hell” and went up this afternoon. My typical route is 91 to Rockingham exit 6, 103 to Ludlow, 100 to US 4 to East Mountain Road. Condition of roads was excellent, large portions of 100...
  13. urungus

    Opening day in the northeast

    Getting impatient ... we are already 4 days past last year’s opening date at Killington (Oct 19). When do you think the first day of lift serviced skiing in the northeast will be ? This weekend doesn’t seem good, looks like it might get a little colder towards the end of next week, for a...
  14. urungus

    Passengers stranded for hours on Disneyworld gondola

  15. urungus

    Keeping snow out of your boots when skiing in shorts

    Hoping to hit Killington one more time this season. On a nice spring day it is fun to wear shorts, but I find the snow I kick up seeps in through the top “cuff” of my boots. Any tips on this, short of duct taping a garbage bag around the top of each boot ?
  16. urungus

    Top of Jay Peak

    Might be too late for this season, but I am looking to try some of the terrain off the tram. Looks pretty treacherous so I like to plan my route in advance. But the official trail map is not very helpful and google maps is full of errors Any issues with the corrections I drew in? Not...
  17. urungus

    Stowe - Upper Liftline

    Upper Liftline was listed as open on the trail report yesterday, but was roped off while I was there. Same thing happened last time I was there. Is the portion of this trail above Haychute ever open? Or is it permanently closed like the upper reaches of Red Line at Magic? IMO this is the...
  18. urungus

    Smuggs - Upper F.I.S.

    Is the unnamed double black section between Chilcoot and Catwalk circled below considered part of Upper F.I.S. ? (Did they ever have races that included this segment?) If you have only skied the portion below Catwalk can you honestly say you have skiied Upper F.I.S. ?
  19. urungus

    Stowe/Jay Peak/Burke 3/11 - Day 1 Stowe

    Booked a couple nights at the Hotel Jay and decided to hit Stowe on the way up, and Burke on return south. First time to all three areas. Arrived at Mansfield Lodge underneath the legendary front four at about 11 am on Monday the 11th and the parking lot was practically empty. Maybe because...
  20. urungus

    Jay Peak glades

    Heading up to Jay for the first time. Want to try some of their famous glades but I don’t enjoy really tight glades, just the opposite in fact. A wide run with a few clumps of trees here and there. I checked out a few YouTube videos and “Kokomo” looks promising. Any others like that...