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    I agree. I interviewed for a financial analyst job about 4-5 years ago with Vail in Colorado. Ended up saying thanks but no thanks when they asked if the pay of $13/hr was acceptable for me. I can get at least $22/hr around here for the same job at the time.
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    MA skiing

    From my perspective, Wachusett isn't bad if you already have a season pass and intend to ski a minimum of 5 times there, and it provides the opportunity to ski while doing other things during the day, and still be back home given that you can really only take day trips into NH, given the hotel...
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    Singles Line

    Many people at Wachusett have been using the singles line for a shorter wait. They call up 2 singles at a time from the same line at polar express and now if a group of 2 splits up the other one will sometimes sneak in through the gate so they won't have 4 chairs separating them given there's 4...
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    Now; here's a real kicker. Wachusett has 15 trails now in MA; even they have more terrain! Granted the lift lines are consistently 10-15 minute wait at polar & minuteman due to high demand this year
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    12/22 - Wachusett - Crowded Midweek Day

    Only the trails that are open & with lights on them. So 10th, Conifer, Challenger, Look Mom, Hitchcock, and Ralphs are what opens at night. Smith Walton is still not open yet but is typically lit for night skiing
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    12/22 - Wachusett - Crowded Midweek Day

    Yep; you heard that right! I haven't seen them work as hard as they have in years past.
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    12/22 - Wachusett - Crowded Midweek Day

    I decided to hop in my car and go over to Wachusett thinking the crowds would be light given it's still a non holiday weekday. Well, I was wrong as the main lot was nearly at capacity, and ended up finding a spot in row 12 at 11:15 am. I was out between 11:30 am and 5 pm today. Lift lines at the...
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    12/20 - Wachusett

    I couldn't believe how crowded it was as traffic was backed up all the way down the access road to get in and so that took 30 minutes just to get through that last mile to get a spot in the main lot. By the time I booted up, I only had 2 hours left til closing bell as I was able to join the line...
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    Got Money to Invest?

    There are a lot of better investment options available outside of Vail. Vector Vest is usually accurate & rates MTN to be way overvalued. Nothing much is going to change by when most skiers hang it up by the end of March. I think along with reduced capacity there's way more local season pass...
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    Your 2020 / 2021 Ski Season Thread

    4 days all at Wachusett so far (and it will probably be an all Wachusett ski year for me).
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    first real storm?

    Kinda thought Wawa might be a little narly this morning. I have a bronze pass so I have to wait til 4 pm. It looks a chair here and there is going up empty on the Polar express now with the lines not visible to where that building is (lines on busy days usually go past the building) and no lines...
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    And Wachusett technically beats Wildcat this year too! Wa is reopening tomorrow with all this snow & not a peap out of the cat. I'm happy I bought my Wa pass this year and decided to pass on the epic pass.
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    Wachusett 11/27

    Pulled in around 12:30 pm and spent much of the day in Ollie's area helping the girlfriend learn how to ski. Thankfully the area had good coverage and while she was doing well in that area, she wasn't ready to move onto anywhere else. She then wanted to soak in the sights so I decided to take...
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    Where will your first turns of the 2020/2021 ski season be?

    I will be at Wachusett tomorrow! Kind of expected traveling long distances will probably not be in the cards so will be there more often this year.
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    Superpasses: more crowds?

    I think the early season lines have more to do with people are more apt to get out when there's snow on the ground in their area. Wachusett was very busy for a night session on Saturday night despite having an REI snow bash party that diverted people into the lodge. Had to park all the way down...
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    Proposed 6 pack and 8 seater coming to NH soon??

    The crowds came from massive discounting. You used to be able to pick up 5 comped anyday tickets to Waterville on Thanksgiving weekends good for almost every day (except Saturdays and holidays). Even during years they didn't have it, almost every day was a "special" so midweek tickets were never...
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    Fat Lady Thread 2019

    Wachusett's last day is April 7th (closed midweek and reopening 4/5,6,7). Yesterday, the Polar area was decent and will make it one more week with some snow pushing. Monadnock side was almost shot and will probably melt off in large part during the week.
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    Vail to buy Stowe?

    Also, there are nowhere near as many opportunities to visit Stowe via round trip day bus services that include the ski lift ticket. BSSC and New England Snow Bus doesn't even go there (ouch; those are the two largest operators). Nacski has trips to Stowe planned for January 1st and January...
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    Worth going to Cannon tomorrow (Sat) ?

    I hit Cannon up last Tuesday (11/28) and it was very well worth it. Extremely quiet for a 2 for 1 day... less than 25% of the crowd they usually get easily with most chairs going up empty. Very limited amount of ice... only areas of ice that developed were areas that were hard hit by wind during...
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    Loon 4/9

    Last time I went to Loon there was no lift below a 15 minute wait on a New Years Day that fell on a Monday... and that wasn't too far ago. Cannon is much better when it comes to lines with better ticket pricing especially if they are running a ticket special.