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    Millstone Quarry, Barre VT, 9/16/10

    Hit Millstone Quarry for a short ride last month. I am up here almost every month for a day of riding. Rain was coming.. So, I took a couple of short runs on the Roller Coaster and Screaming Demon trails (few small switchback options in there). I avoided the long ride this day, again, due to...
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    MTB - 7/9 Millstone Quarry - Barre VT

    I am headed up to VT for a long weekend. Taking Friday off and planning to hit Millstone. Any takers? never been there... looks fun... I would offer driving services, but I am going up on Thursday night and not returning until Sunday night/Mon am.
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    Tuesday 7pm - Nass

    Hitting Nass @ Scoville for 7pm. Not a miles run, not really anything but an hourish of putzing around and sweating in the woods vs. at home. There are some rocky ups n stuff I want to session... by the truck trail intersection... maybe Brian's rock.. a couple of ups on the sessions side of...
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    MTB - Monday 7/5 Mid Morning 10-10:30 start time

    Few of us sniffing around for a mid morning ride.... somewhere... We are mumbling about West Woods, Day.. fairly open.. You know what to do...
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    Miller's Pond 7/3/10

    Great day over at Miller's. Mike rode directly into a tree and taco'd his front tire. I OTB'd off the end of a log ride, not sure why I didn't dismount it yet. Tim fell off a 5' rock. Austin broke a pedal. Place eats bikes n bike engines. Awesome ride. Waiting for the video(s) to get posted.
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    MTB - Case RAW 5pm Line St.

    Med Paced.... maybe some playing around tonight given the last few rides we ate up the miles.. some folks are itchy to try some face planting. :fangun:
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    MTB - RBW - Nass/Rez - Any interest?

    So, I recently (this past weekend) moved to the Bristol/Burlington/Farmington line. Putting me only 10 minutes away from Nass Stone/Scoville and 20 from the Rez.. I would be interested in getting a short early morning ride in a day or two per week.. at one or both of these locations.. Like...
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    MTB - Father's Day PM Ride @ TM

    Hitting up Tyler Mill today at 5pm with Jeff. Venue may change if we have some rain, we are riding rain or shine...
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    WH Rez - 4:30 Med Pace - 6/11 Friday/Today

    Yea, subject says it all. If your coming, call, wont be checking the post much after the next 30 mins. 8609198884
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    Sunday 6/6 8am - Le Case, Le Line St.

    This is a Case ride. If you have no intentions on coming to Case, because it is hard to spell, too far from Manchester for you, it will make you un-kewl, you think it is only a place for stunts, or perhaps your only allowed to ride @ Nass, please stop reading here. Line Street -> Summit ->...
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    West H Rez 5/27/10 RAW

    Tim, Woody, Jeff, Rob, Mike and I met up for a rip over at the Rez last Thursday for a very nice 9ish mile run of the main loop. Decent paced.. Woodcore broke, like, all his bike parts at different points of the ride. However, he is a traveling parts store so was able to put everything...
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    Raw 5/17 - Have bike, will travel

    So, I have all my stuff with me at work.. Southington.. Planning on RAW.. not sure of a venue yet... Anyone riding ? where..? etc... etc...
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    5/13 Case

    Met up with Tim, Jeff, Adam and Mike a little after 5pm tonight over at line street. We hit Case for a solid 2+ hours of riding.. I bought a Trek Remedy 7 2009. I put it to the test today :) a variety of drops, rocks, rollers and just plane ole cruising! Night and day from the hard tail, it's...
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    5/13 RAW @ Case

    Planning another run over at ye ole Case Mtn for this coming Thursday, wheels down at roughly 4:45. -- will adjust to compensate for more riders Tim is in, Jeff is probably in, a few guys from BSS are probably going to show up.. Mike? All are welcomed as usual..
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    Sunday 5/9 - 2pm+ ride

    Looking to get out and ride somewhere.. mid afternoon.. No real direction here, though I lean toward's Case... Mesh.. WH Rez.. Tyler Mill.. Holler if interested..
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    RAW - Thursday 5/6 - Case

    Case Line St @ 4:45.
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    Late PM Ride 5/2/10

    Driving home from VT tomorrow, should be home by 4, looking to have wheels down somewhere around 5pm... Open to ideas....
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    Case 4:30 Sunday, Easter, Today...

    Line St @ 4:30 I can wait a few if your running late.. 860.919.8884 Any and all takers.. my first ride of the season.. going to be snail paced.. lol
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    RAW! Case Thursday April 1st - Line Street

    Season Warm Up & Stretch Out !!! Weather Permitting! I am planning on hitting Case next Thursday. We want to be wheels down for 4pm @ the Line street entrance. This is not an 80mph run.. we will be hitting the old red trail for a season warm up, slow/med paced ride...
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    Magic 3/5/10

    Tim and I are planning to hit Magic this Friday... My bro is probably coming along as well, filling our vehicle up.. Anyone else want to meet us up there.. etc.. more then welcomed.