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  1. tekweezle

    Want to Buy Wtb Tyrolia LD 12 Railflex bindings

    I broke a heel piece for my bindings. Does anyone have this bindings and want to sell? While I am just looking for a heel piece, if you have the whole set I would be interested. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  2. tekweezle

    Stratton 2-26 to 2-28

    Conditions Friday and Saturday- cold and windy, ice and packed powder, loose granular, snow making. Sunday-spring conditions. Drove up Thursday night, 4 inches of snow and visibility and road conditions were affected. Hoping to see some of that snow stick on Friday but.... Our wacky...
  3. tekweezle

    Stratton 12-12-14 to 12-14-14

    ISkied at Stratton from Friday to Sunday. Conditions were packed powder and machine groomed, chopped up ice, light layer of powder and loose snow. It had snowed about 3 feet of snow in the past 3 weeks starting from Thanksgiving. We got about 18 inches from the latest nor Easter storm...
  4. tekweezle

    Okemo 1-21-13

    Date(s) Skied: 1-21-2013 Resort or Ski Area: Okemo,VT Conditions: Packed Powder, Frigid Temperatures, Loose Granular on Boilerplate Trip Report: Took the Emilio's Ski Bus from NYC to Okemo. 4:30am Pickup on Upper East Side and on the road by 4:55am. We were the resort parking lot by...
  5. tekweezle

    Stratton 1-12-13 and Mount Snow 1-13-13

    Dates skied-1-12 and 1-13 Areas-Stratton and Mt snow. Overall, not great but not too bad if like spring skiing. I was thinking to myself that these would be awesome days..... In April. Waxed skis a must. Weather was warm and sunny both days. Some fog and low hanging clouds. Mostly loose...
  6. tekweezle

    Heated Boot Bags/Portable Travel Boot Dryers?

    just thought I'd share some research I have been doing on heated boot bags/dryers in case anyone is looking for one. Actually, I had been doing research on boot dryers and the topic of heated boot bags came up. Seems like there are a couple of more choices from when I first looked at them in...
  7. tekweezle

    3-27 to 3-29 anyone skiing this weekend?

    so how does the weather look for this weekend? trying to convince myself to take the bus trip to Stratton this weekend.
  8. tekweezle

    Possible Bode Miller sighting?

    Anyone Know if Bode Miller was at Stowe this past weekend? I was skiing at Stowe and there was this there was this big guy on the mountain who i swear looked like Bode Miller. I don;t know why but when I saw him, immediately said to myself "hey, is that;s Bode Miller??!!". I asked him if he...
  9. tekweezle

    anyone running Marker Dukes or Barons?

    Now I know there is nothing more "gaperish/poseurish" than sporting backcountry gear for lift accessed/in bounds skiing but I am interested maybe getting into a little "Alpine Touring/Slackcountry" skiing sometime in the future. So is anyone running Marker Dukes or Barons? if so, how do you...
  10. tekweezle

    Conditions in Central NY?

    can anyone who lives in central NY give me the live scoop on the conditions? ' looks like they have had a stretch of good weather. However, the ski areas are closed til Friday and the websites don;t say much. I was thinking of going to Greekpeak or maybe Labradour(there website says they...
  11. tekweezle

    anyone know what ski resort these are?

    off of I91 in Massachusetts, around exit 25 or 26 there is a what looks like a small ski area that is visable from the highway-east of the highway if you are going north. in I90 in Central NY, around exit 28 or 29 there seems to be what looks like trails and a chairlift. it seems like it is on...
  12. tekweezle

    Stratton 3-29 and 3-30

    Date(s) Skied: 3-29 and 3-30 Resort or Ski Area: Stratton Conditions: Powder over packed powder and hardpack Trip Report: the conditions were great for late march. felt winter like without the associated mess. the drive up was pretty clear until we got into VT. fortunately, the road...
  13. tekweezle

    Greekpeak 3 -23 and Song Mountain 3-24

    I was in western NY so I said why not try some of the local hills. Got to Greekpeak around 7:40pm. they close at 9:00. it was a cold, sub 32 degree night. Managed to do 5 runs on hard pack groomers. skiing at night is extra challenging because every turn is potential disaster as you skid on...
  14. tekweezle

    Okemo -March 15-16 2008

    Date(s) Skied: 3/15 and 3/16 Resort or Ski Area: Okemo, VT Conditions: Spring conditions, Variable conditions, granulated sugar, 3-5 inches of new snow overnight on skied off crust. Trip Report: Rained on the way up friday night. We were hoping it would be snow in the uppper elevations...
  15. tekweezle

    anyone know if Stratton tickets are good and Okemo and vice versa?

    I am thinking of going to Stratton and getting a 2 day lift to save money. However, I know I will be bored after a day so might want to head to Okemo the next day. I know their season passes have some sort of cross resort reciprocity. of course daily lift tickets prices are out of sight...
  16. tekweezle

    Canyons, Alta, Snowbird, Brighton 3/31-4/3

    Just completed my trip and I have some info to share. bottom line-4 days of skiing, 3 nights, 2 vacation days used-about 700$ and endless smiles. Could have been cheaper if we got airfare on Jetblue and got a car rental instead of an SUV. Overall, it was an excellent trip. Got a combo of 3...
  17. tekweezle

    Hints for Sandy, Utah trip

    this weekend, me and a couple of friends are making the trek out to Utah. We are catching the 8:00am Delta flight which should get us in by 10:30 MT. We are stay at the infamous Best Western at Sandy and renting and SUV. Questions I have- i hear you can get a free liftticket from PCMR with...
  18. tekweezle

    Lost at Hunter-pair of K2 snowboard boots.

    I figure it couldn;t hurt to ask here since there are alot of Hunter patrons here. my friend lost his pair of K2 snowboard boots last year around march. he left them in the parking lot and drove off without them if you could believe it. then again, i have seen people drive off with coffee...
  19. tekweezle

    Central NY recomendations

    I will be in Central NY around the Syracuse/Oneida this coming weekend. I know there are ski areas but have never gone to any of them. I am thinking about doing a quick day trip and night skiing if available. Do you have any recomendations on which ones would be good? I have heard of...