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  1. J

    How Much Did this horse sell for? NO CHEATING!

    Never made sense No untried horse is worth that much. He was bought as a yearling from his breeder for $425,000 and put into the Keeneland yearling sale where a bidding war broke out between a sheik and a British betting-company owner. They'd battled before. As you can see, he is a beautiful...
  2. J


    Nice job Put it right where you wanted it. Nice job.
  3. J

    Sick of the AIG bailout? Boycott Stowe!

    Dems didn't do due diligence The Democrats should have done their due diligence and known that AIG had contracts to pay bonuses. The time to scream was before they voted, not after. There are disasters like this in every bill they've passed.
  4. J

    Michael Phelps and Barack Obama have something in common

    Change the law now The fact that the best swimmer in history is a pothead kind of undermines the "aimless" argument, doesn't it? The best player on the New York Jets recently tested positive for pot too. With our economy in the tank and the government printing money it doesn't have, I don't...
  5. J

    Big Brown??

    Rank and hot He wanted to run and his jock had to hold him back from running up on the winner's heels early in the race. He spent the first third of a mile being strongly restrained, went out over another horse's heels, raced really wide and was pissed off and tired when asked for his run on...
  6. J

    The nastiest things you've eaten late night

    Buzzy's How long has it been since they closed Buzzy's at the bottom of Charles Street? Almost anything off that menu was gross but leave the wrappers in the car and come out on a summer morning and you'd get that awful reminder that you'd had the BBQ Pork late last night.
  7. J

    Random Beers

    Paper City Brewery is the name of the Holyoke brewery and everything I've tried from them has been good, particularly the Ireland Parish Golden Ale. Another favorite is the Long Trail Double Bag, a 7.2 percent alcohol brew. If you haven't tried the Saranac Black Forest Lager, it is excellent...
  8. J

    Off topic but neccesary

    Hey Twiddle Tips or whatever your name is, keep this in mind: If you're going to go on a consecutive-game losing streak, it's better to do it in August than in the last four games of the American League Championship series. Try to put your pain behind you and get down to S. Mountain Arena and...
  9. J

    Steve Irwin dies in Stingray attack

    Good point, Paul Definitely not an attack but an involuntary spasm caused by something akin to what makes us produce adrenalin: sudden fear for its safety. Trailboss, as a former professional line maker, I would say that the odds of being barbed in the heart when you place your chest directly...
  10. J

    Do You Hike With an I-Pod????

    If you ain't breaking the law or regulations, I don't care what you do in the woods or what your philosophy is. We share the taxpayer-supported woods with people who have all kinds of different goals in their usage. I don't know that any one person can define what "hiking" is. To some people...
  11. J

    NHL Playoffs

    I don't know, BOBR Do you think the kids are old enough for that kind of subject matter?
  12. J

    "Good Night, and Good Luck"

    Google Owen Lattimore. McCarthy's decline was accelerated after he hooked up with Roy Cohn. There's a couple of names to get you going.
  13. J

    "Good Night, and Good Luck"

    All true A decidedly mixed record that is not nowadays presented as such. It's almost like the devil who walked the earth rather than a complicated person whose single-minded focus addressed a serious contemporary problem. Goodness gracious, we thought it trendy/risque to have a Communist VP...
  14. J

    "Good Night, and Good Luck"

    McCarthy was the noncomformist. When he started, he was rebuffed by Truman and Sec. of State Acheson. It wasn't until he was proven right again and again and again about communists that Acheson wouldn't fire in the State Dept., that the ball began rolling. It took a couple of more years before...
  15. J

    Long Trail Harvest Ale

    Agreement, at last I knew if I hung around for several years and thousands of threads, riverc0il and I would agree on something! Double Bag is great and it's the fast lane to a heavy buzz. Try a long hike on a hot day, skip food and bang down two Double Bags. See you in the morning! You awake...
  16. J

    Hot Stove Hockey

    As bad as I felt about the Garden being replaced, even I realized it had come to the end of its useful business life. It was in the Garden that I asked my wife to marry me and we were regulars during the era of the Stanley Cups. She cried openly and I got choked up when we drove by and saw half...
  17. J

    bear encounters in mass

    "New Jersey has had problems too more because of development encroaching on the AT in a narrow corridor." Though it comes as a surprise to some people, New Jersey has been a developed state for a long time. Most of the trails in NW NJ, including the AT, follow old roads. The problem is not...
  18. J

    bear encounters in mass

    "Then he'd tie it to a tree, and procede to kick the crap out of it." What a visual! I imagine the Gerry Cooney left hook to the liver was particularly effective. How bad do you have to beat up a bear that when you release him he doesn't go for revenge?
  19. J

    Is President George W Bush Better than FDR

    My dad was "stationed" at Chester-Blandford State Forest and built bridges, etc. there. Then, he got drafted.
  20. J

    Look up "tool" in the dictionary...

    Watch for the engagement notice He has a girlfriend and two kids and she wants to get married in a Catholic church so he couldn't divorce Terri. One area I'd like to see addressed is whether Michael Schiavo met Jody before Terri's collapse and whether Jody sold him a life-insurance policy on...