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  1. mbedle

    Vail Resorts is buying Peak Resorts.

    https://www.peakpass.com/epic-faq/?_ga=2.149988722.530053122.1563794705-337120466.1563650414 Wasn't expecting that to happen. http://news.vailresorts.com/corporate/peakresorts.htm 264 million.
  2. mbedle

    NY New Snow Gun Program

    https://www.saminfo.com/headline-news/9127-sany-state-collaborate-on-new-snow-gun-program Could be some good news for NY resorts. Could be great for Hunter and their new trails.
  3. mbedle

    Bluemont in Western NY

    Does anybody have recent information on this closed resort. The reason I am asking is it looks like a bunch of new ski trails were cut and some of the old trails cleared on the property since 2013, combined with a large amount of logging. I know they had big plans for the place in the early...
  4. mbedle

    Ikon Pass and Cosco

    Just saw this and not sure if someone already mentioned it. Buy the pass and you get $200 Costco cash - looks like a 20% discount up to a $200 value. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2018/07/10/buy-your-ikon-pass-costco-and-get-200-cash-card/
  5. mbedle

    Catamount Ski Area News

    Just saw that over on saminfo.com. Isn't this the place that was looking to expand with a new hotel a couple of years ago?
  6. mbedle

    Stowe Gondola Incident

    Did anybody hear or see this. I would think they are pretty lucking that didn't derail the thing. https://www.instagram.com/p/BShSQNoD-3H/?taken-by=jerryoftheday
  7. mbedle

    Northeast Opening Dates

    Not sure where they got these dates, but seems odd that Bolton had an opening date after Christmas and Burke, MRG and Catamount have opening dates in January. Maybe thats the norm. http://snowbrains.com/201617-opening-dates-for-northeast-ski-resorts/
  8. mbedle

    Blue Mountain Development

    Just received this email from Blue announcing a condo/hotel development at the resort (very early stage). I guess if Camelback can do it, why shouldn't Blue. These guys pull in around 300,000 - 350,000 skier visits per year and all are day trips. Hat is off to these guys for everything they have...
  9. mbedle

    Extreme Hikers Rescued at Mansfield

    Not really a skiing issue, but apparently two hikers got lost on Mansfield and had to be rescued. Does Vermont have laws for Hikers with paying for rescue efforts? http://vtstatepolice.blogspot.com/2016/01/lost-hiker-search-and-rescue-press.html?m=1
  10. mbedle

    Resort Slope Maps

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but I decided to print slope maps for most of the major resorts in the northeast. Saw the one in the recent Okemo post and thought it would be cool to have them for each resort. Too many to upload, they can be seen on the below website. The scale is the same for...
  11. mbedle

    Peak Resort Acquisitions

    Interesting article on Peak Resorts opening a like of credit to fund acquisitions. Maybe this has something to do with Saddleback? Sorry - forgot the link: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/2015/10/21/peak-resorts-opens-line-of-credits-to-fund-acquisitions/
  12. mbedle

    USSA Proposes World Cup At Killington

    Wow - that would be a good thing. http://alpine.usskiteam.com/news/ussa-proposes-world-cup-killington Sorry, forgot the link.
  13. mbedle

    Why People Don't Ski?

    Interesting article on a survey done with marketers and non-skiers to find out why people chose not to ski. http://www.slopefillers.com/why-people-dont-ski/ Really surprised by the disparity between the two groups with cost. Would have thought that to be pretty high on the list. I guess if...
  14. mbedle

    Ascutney Moutain

    Not sure if there is already a post on this (assuming there is). If so, sorry. Looks like the town of West Windsor may try to buy the resort to preserve the land. The also want to maintain the biking trails and maybe open the remaining lift. I'm sure its great news for the people that live/own...
  15. mbedle

    Adirondack Club and Resort

    Not sure if this has its own post, but on July 4th, the NYSC dismissed the lawsuit against this development plan. Got to be great news for Big Tupper.
  16. mbedle

    CNN - Top 100 Best Ski Runs

    Well - apparently the east coast doesn't rank to high in CNN's 100 best ski runs. Looks like only 3 made the list with Whiteface (skyward) , Mad River (Paradise) and Killington (Outer Limits) making the top 100. I guess since it includes the entire northern hemisphere, maybe its not so bad.
  17. mbedle

    Blue Mountain - PA

    Just thought I would drop a quick report on opening day at our local hill Blue Mountain. Lets just say, Blue was exactly what I expected for opening day. Big crowds (mainly due to only a few lifts open) and choppy conditions (lower parts were classic spring day/frozen night stuff). The morning...
  18. mbedle

    Seven Springs to buy Hidden Valley

    Very Interesting. http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/sports/more-sports/seven-springs-reaches-agreement-to-by-hidden-valley-701834/