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  1. J

    Plattekill or Hunter tomorrow 2/15

    Plattekill is reporting 100% open. 6-7" from Tuesday, though I'm sure there was some rain in there too. Hunter is probably safer condition wise. Which would you think would be a better day. It's the only day I'll get out this weekend.
  2. J

    Do you choose the better mountain or better snow?

    I have a choice between skiing tomorrow at Plattekill which should have some snow in the woods, but probably blown/scraped off snow on the main trails. Or, I can wait for the storm and ski Monday, but be limited to skiing in the Poconos, Blue or Camelback. So possibly better conditions, but it's...
  3. J

    Any Spring Break crowds in VT?

    Are there typically any crowds next week? I know NY & NJ have Spring break that week, but most people head south to vacation. Thinking about a last minute, mid-week trip somewhere in VT with my 12 year old. He's off and I'm itching to ski more.
  4. J

    Plattekill Powder Daize???

    Did anyone knnow that Plattekill is open today? Received 14" yesterday. Didn't they used to email and text if you were in their list? So pissed I just found this out....woulda been there.:angry:
  5. J

    Anyone ski Plattekill today?

    Thinking about tomorrow, not sure how accurate the 14" reported is.