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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    To everyone complaining about not being able to use unused lift tickets: does anybody know what the mountain looks like today? Is there even snow anymore after the rain and today's 60 degree temperatures? I wouldn't be surprised if last weekend was the final weekend of skiing, COVID-19 or not.
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Agreed. I had one ticket remaining at Magic that I had already figured wouldn't get used anyway, and now of course didn't get used. But they were close to closing up shop anyway, so I'm not upset. I'll be back next year to support them. Look at the forecast: after a tiny bit of snow tomorrow...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I have an unused Magic ticket that I'm not going to get to use, but I'm not going to complain. I'm more than happy to support a hardworking indie operation like Magic. Great people. Can't wait to come back next season.
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    Your 2019-2020 Season Thread

    That sounds like a good season. How was Powder Mountain? I've heard mixed things, but I would like to check it out because it's the last major Wasatch resort that I haven't patronized.
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Fuck you and your bullshit. There absolutely is a chance of catching COVID-19 on the slopes, or rather, on the chair, in the bathroom, in the ticket line. Not to mention you are putting all of the employees at risk. What about the person who cleans the restroom? Or the people who work the...
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    Killington closed

    The ski season is effectively over. I would be surprised if the few holdouts are still open in a week. Don't expect things to get better within the next month or two...just look at the exponential growth of the virus in this country, not to mention the fact that many, many more people have the...
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    Jay Peak closed for season as of Saturday 4pm

    I already knew that you were an idiot from your posts begging Sugarbush to open Slidebrook. This confirms it. You're some combination of ignorant, dumb, or just a troll. Get off of this forum. Sorry for being nasty, but this post deserves it on top of everything else that this asshole has posted...
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    New storm on the way

    This season :-( Don't get me wrong, I've had some really nice days. That first week of December, I was able to hit up Southern and Central VT for 3 days with pow or leftover pow. I had some fantastic snow during the New Year's eve storm. I skied the first Sunday in January and this past Sunday...
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    Day ticket rates vs Pass Prices

    Much more informative than the cost of walk-up day tickets is the cost to an average skier to ski for a day. To calculate this, you could take all of the revenue that a resort receives from all pass products over a season, and divide it by the total number of skier visits. I would be very...
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    Like others have said, yesterday was the perfect storm: MLK weekend + powder + lack of (particularly) weekend powder/not a great season so far. Maybe Epic/Ikon had some effect on the margins, but it would have been a crazy day regardless. Thanks to blackouts and people with passes being slightly...
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    To your first point about Bretton Woods: pricing is generally dictated by supply and demand. If Sugarbush is charging $139 as their walk-up price, that probably means that either 1) there are people willing to pay that price, or 2) that price encourages people to buy tickets or passes in...
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I completely agree. All of the talk of high walk-up rates killing the industry is way overblown. People for the most part are savvy in finding deals, I just don't buy this argument that casual skiers are ignorant and don't know to look for deals before showing up. I'm sure that some people get...
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    There's no reason why Bolton Valley can't be both a feeder hill, and a legitimate destination. If we define a feeder hill as somewhere near a metropolitan area with affordable lessons where lots of people have learned how to ski, then yes, Bolton Valley is a feeder hill. Talk to skiers who grew...
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    I hope you are wrong, but the forecast totals have gone down as the week has progressed. The Wednesday/Thursday storm over performed. I hear that this storm will under perform.
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    Proposed 6 pack and 8 seater coming to NH soon??

    I disagree with your assessment of Sugarloaf. I don't remember the 2020 plan for Bracket or Burnt Mountain including lifts, just trails being cut, which is what happened. I am much happier with them not having lift served skiing in that terrain. If they did, it would just get tracked out super...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Magic's forecast snow totals keep looking better and better. Not saying that Burke won't be good, I'm just saying.
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Sugarbush is now forecast to 2-4" Wednesday night and 3-7" during the day on Thursday, while they are only supposed to get 2-6" now on Saturday night. Thursday will be the better powder day, except that there isn't much of a base for the natural trails. But we're still a few days out. Those...
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    Crystal open letter addressing heavy crowds

    Population growth and multi-resort passes are the big contributors to the increased crowding that we're seeing at places like Crystal, Stevens, Alta, Snowbird, and many more. I would venture that in the short-term, the Ikon Pass has resulted in a decent amount of increased crowding at these...
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    Agreed. The reason that resorts on the Ikon Pass will be extremely crowded is simply that they are some of the "premiere" resorts in New England, so they tend to get very crowded during holiday weekends. The Ikon Pass being blacked out helps to reduce crowds, all else being equal, but that loss...
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    Loon, Killington, Mount Snow, and Stratton are by far the best places to go over MLK weekend. Why would you go anywhere else?