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  1. campgottagopee

    Free, free like a bird

    Curious to see how this plays out FREE GSS Yes No Don't care
  2. campgottagopee

    The Links...2011

    Greek is closed for the week and wont re-open till this weekend....must be time to hit some balls tomorrow (with my new Titlest driver). Anyone been out yet???
  3. campgottagopee

    NY Yankees

  4. campgottagopee

    BIG thanks to the WF crew

    Most of our crew from Greek hit up Whiteface this past weekend. The weather and skiing were friggin spectacular. SNOW??? Yea, they got it and a lot of it...they'll be skiing @ WF long into the spring. Many thanks to the WF crew for their hospitality...TJ, HPD, Jack (and all those other names we...
  5. campgottagopee

    Big East Hoops 2010-2011

    SU Orange will be a dominant force this year in the Big East---the amount of talent that is on this team is TRULY AMAZING, I'd say we have 9 or 10 legit starters who could play on any team in the nation. It's early season, but I have a real good feeling about this year..............UCONN who...
  6. campgottagopee

    Cortaca Jug

    I know there are some IC and some SUNY Cort grads that may be interested in this years game. You can listen to it here....www.wxhc.com GO RED DRAGONS!!!!!
  7. campgottagopee

    Local music scene

    I know there a several muscians in here, so thought I'd share some of our local talent here in CNY. Ronnie James Dio kinda passed the torch to these guys.Ten Man Push---they know how to rock!!! IY3HeZhrhxM
  8. campgottagopee

    2010 Golf

    This weather is giving me the "fever"..... skied for 4 hrs yesterday A.M. then stopped by the club and launched about 15 drivers---soon we'll be playin' Anyone else hitting balls yet???
  9. campgottagopee

    When logging on---error codes??

    Anyone else getting this??? Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: Couldn't resolve host name in /home/alpinez/public_html/includes/fetch_all_header.php on line 99 Warning: fopen(http://rss.alpinezone.com/headlines.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Success in...
  10. campgottagopee

    The please DON'T seed anything at Greek Peak

    Please don't seed a damn thing at Greek Peak---we don't need no stinkin' seeded moguls---natural ones are just fine
  11. campgottagopee

    Calling Dr. Jeff...what's the secret???

    I keep seeing this ad about how you dentist's have been screwing us over for years about whitening our teeth----cough it up, what is it :grin:
  12. campgottagopee

    So you want a Legacy Wagon

    well here ya go http://wot.motortrend.com/6573487/auto-shows/2009-sema-subaru-legacy-gtk-merges-utility-performance-go-kart/index.html
  13. campgottagopee

    Mass skier help

    My parents just bought a condo at Greylock Mnt----they tell me there's a hill right across the street. Any clue the name of the place????
  14. campgottagopee

    2010 Subaru Outback

    Few peeps on here don't care for the all new Outback, well, some people think they're pretty darn good. http://www.motortrend.com/oftheyear/suv/112_0912_2010_suv_of_the_year_winner/index.html Note: 2009 Motor Trends SUV of the year was the Subaru Forester------good stuff from Subie!!!
  15. campgottagopee

    Good morning from Virgil NY

    Check it out!!!
  16. campgottagopee

    First snow in CNY

    Just started snowing here in CNY----I dig it baby
  17. campgottagopee

    Greek Peak Skier Picinic

    I know a few peeps here ski/own condo's at Greek---just a FYI GREEK PEAK MOUNTAIN RESORT EXPECTING A STRONG SKI SEASON Skier’s picnic, Snowy Winter Forecast and Hope Lake Lodge Opening Cortland, NY (19 OCT 09) – Greek Peak Mountain Resort is gearing up to make this ski season their best yet...
  18. campgottagopee

    How do you know when it's getting close to rip it!!!

    I'm sure we all have our "trigger" letting us know it's time to get ready for snow/skiing. For me it's when our bowling league play starts, which by the way starts TOMORROW, so it's time to get winterized, blow the dust off the skis/ski bag and get ready. You????
  19. campgottagopee

    Lock happy

    WTF??? Let the poll roll----scared of the results??? Talk about childish and needing to grow up---geeeeezus
  20. campgottagopee

    Friends of mine on NBC Sports

    I've talked of these guys before, Ten Man Push Qucik blurb of them from Saturday on NBC Sports---these guys RAWK!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGJzD05iC4k xGJzD05iC4k I don't know how to embed so maybe a mod can help???