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  1. Huck_It_Baby

    Buffalo Mountain- Silver Couloir

    Haven't been the forums in a while but I'm bored and really want to go skiing AND it snowed here in Colorado last night so I'm pumped. My last turns for the season were in June on Buffalo mountain to ski Silver Couloir. It was a tiring hike up as most of the snow was melted (except for the...
  2. Huck_It_Baby

    Helicopter Mountain Rescue

    Don't scramble up what you can't scramble down! Impressive rescue! Skip to around 1:50 to watch.
  3. Huck_It_Baby

    Smuggs 12.18.2013

    I skied Smuggs for about 3-4 hours today mostly on Madonna. No lift lines and snowing the whole time. There was a couple inches of new snow over night and things were skiing very nicely. I skied Doc Dempsey's glades quite a few times and hung out in the trees in the general area. Doc's was...
  4. Huck_It_Baby

    SMUGGS- Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

    I've been hitting Smuggs each day this week for afternoon turns. No lift lines and each run I was pretty much completely alone on the trails. Conditions have been a mix of everything from Powder to ice to exposed rock. Most runs off of Sterling are open with the exception of a few. I was...
  5. Huck_It_Baby

    What's eating this?

    Moose? Deer?
  6. Huck_It_Baby

    Weather by Tim Kelley

    Tim Kelly calling for 15 inches at Jay by Monday morning! http://www.jaypeakresort.com/skiing-riding/the-mountain/weather-by-tim-kelley/
  7. Huck_It_Baby

    OK to Ski VAST Trails?

    The VAST website says the trails are for snowmobile only but the Catamount Trail Association gives me the impression it's OK to use the trails so long as you give right of way to the snowmobilers. I see videos of dirt bikes on VAST trails in the summer and trip reports of people...
  8. Huck_It_Baby

    Hike Jay Whales?

    A photo from Jay FB page showing some decent snow making built up. I'm contemplating hiking it. Jay has a very Liberal uphill policy though I'm not sure if they would be cool with people skiing around snow making ops. Or if the snow would even be worth it. Ungroomed man-made can be questionable.
  9. Huck_It_Baby

    Alchemist Cannery Closed to Public

    Bummed. Loved stopping in for free samples of Heady Topper. That place smells like heaven. http://www.alchemistbeer.com/a-difficult-decision/
  10. Huck_It_Baby

    Stowland- October 27th 2013

    After my scouting hike yesterday ( see thread: http://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/125364-Snow-Report-Mt-Mansfield )I was sure it would be worth a skin up the Stowe side of Mansfield for some early season turns. Just bought new touring boots, Dynafit Titans, and had to try them within...
  11. Huck_It_Baby

    Snow Report- Mt. Mansfield

    I just came off Mansfield after a quick scouting hike up to the summit. Things are looking good for October! Only about 4-5 Inches down around 2,300-2,400 near the trailhead. Up above 4,000 was another story. I was finding fairly consistent snow around 8-10 inches with drifts of 2 Feet+...
  12. Huck_It_Baby

    Snow On Tug Hill Coming

    Anyone live near Snow Ridge? 7-11 inches forecasted on NOAA point forecast.
  13. Huck_It_Baby

    Valhalla Nude Segment

    Warning! Nudity! http://freeskier.com/videos/watch-full-length-nude-segment-sweetgrass-valhalla
  14. Huck_It_Baby

    SNOW in the ADK!!

    I saw my first snow of the season yesterday while hiking in the ADKs!! Just as we were summiting Armstrong we were treated with a sunny snow squall! It was awesome!! There was even a faint rainbow but I didn't capture it. Photos and video for your enjoyment.
  15. Huck_It_Baby

    Jay Peak Lawsuit

    Anyone else see or hear about this? http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20131014/NEWS07/310140030/Lawsuit-Jay-Peak-snowboard-instructor-struck-injured-5-year-old-on-Vermont-slopes-in-April
  16. Huck_It_Baby

    Madonna Vasa Trail

    Is anyone out there familiar with the Madonna Vasa XC ski trail? It runs from Underhill, VT over to Smugg's around the northern part of Mansfield. I've been rather obsessed lately with finding old trails which have been lost over time. My free time in the last few weeks has been spent...
  17. Huck_It_Baby

    Pass, Badges and Discounts

    Last year before the season began I started the thread below about whether or not to get a Stowe pass. It lead to a useful and helpful discussion regarding pros and cons of various Northern Vermont mountains. http://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/112660-Stowe-Pass?highlight=stowe+pass I...
  18. Huck_It_Baby

    Tusk to Elephant's Head to Unknown Ski Cut

    I went into Smuggler's Notch this weekend to climb Tusk from the road. I didn't get a chance to ski it last year so I thought I would do some scouting to know what I'm getting into before hopefully skiing it later this coming season. If you don't know Tusk it is about a 1,000 vertical natural...
  19. Huck_It_Baby

    Campgrounds in Winter

    Many state campgrounds in ADK and VT close Sept/Oct and I am curious if anyone knows if it is due to the fact there is a significant drop in camper visits so it's not worth paying people to keep things operating or if there is another reason? Would it be frowned upon if were to pitch a tent in...
  20. Huck_It_Baby

    Snow @ Jay- It ain't over yet!

    Potential snow at Jay this weekend! http://www.jaypeakresort.com/skiing-riding/the-mountain/weather-from-the-hill