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    Sugarloaf 2018

    Anyone looking for this event can find it now under Alpinezone forums / Trips and events
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    AlpineZone Summit 9.0

    This is what I've been waiting for, and the dates fit my schedule again this year.
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    Sugarloaf 2018

    I'm wondering if there will be a Sugarloaf trip 9.0 (2018)? I've been searching and have not found one. It's been a while since I posted; so, I wondered if I can't find it until I make a certain number of comments or if there is no trip this year.
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    Backcountry Ski Conditions Resources

    Definitely worth reading through this thread start to finish. Not too many pages and lots of great information.
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    Jay Peak 2/1/2015

    Have not skied Jay yet. Looking forward to my first trip there this year. I hear it's one of the best mountains on the Irving promotion.
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    Pats 1/27

    I also thought you were referring to the Patriots. Speaking of which, the Superbowl ended like a game of Clue...It was Butler who did it... in the endzone... with a pick. Speaking of Pat's Peak I went there last week with the Irving coupon. Probably the last time, just a little to small.
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    Wildcat behind the pack this year

    Has anyone skied Attitash since last Weekends rain/freeze? I'm wondering how it held up. I'm debating Attitash or Loon for Tomorrow.
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    Black Mountain NH - 1/13

    Any report on conditions right now? Looking to go somewhere MLK (tomorrow)
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    Unofficial New Hampshire gathering

    Rain did a job on the North Conway area Saturday. Attitash was OK on Friday; but, I was a little surprised at the trails still not open. It's hard to believe skiing will be very good without a lot of new snow. Having said that I will keep an eye on this thread to see if you do make a plan.
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    Skiing on the Cheap - 2013-14 Edition

    I always like the Vertical Value Card at Attitash and Wildcat. $89 for your first ticket; so, basically $19. After that pay half price midweek, save 25% weekends and 10% holidays (which I don't ski anyway, except maybe MLK day). For variety You can always find Tuesday-Thursday deals and liftopia...
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    Steepest trails skied?

    All of the following you must hike to ski. Tuckerman Ravine left gully, right gully, Hillmans Highway and sluice. Haven't done the headwall yet. In Utah, the Baldy Chutes at Alta; these are not always open due to the avalanche danger.
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    We skiied Attitash Sunday, Jan 6, conditions we good. Plenty of man-made mixed with some natural snow. As someone else mentioned several trails ungroomed. Not much to ski off Bear Peak (one trail was closed for racers) but that should change.
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    Skiing on the Cheap - 2012-13 Edition

    This year I am getting the Attitash / Wildcat Vertical Value card. I like both mountains and I like staying in North Conway. It costs $89; but, that includes your first lift ticket. The first time you use it you start saving $$$. Savings any day, even holidays, Mid-weeks you only pay half...
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    AZ 2013 Utah Summit?

    If it doesn't happen this year maybe next? (I've been there 7 times) Fly into Salt Lake City and look in any direction. You will see mountains... lots of mountains. 45 minutes to an hour and you can be making some sick runs. A bad year in Utah beats anything I've skied in the northeast. Don't...
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    What's your beer choice at resorts?

    Already a lot of great choices; My Northeast favorites (1) Pigs Ear, Woodstock/Loon or Cannon, NH (2) Magic Hat #9, Burlington/Stowe or Smugglers Notch, Vt (3) Tuckerman Pale Ale, Conway/Wildcat or Attitash, NH (4) Long Trail Hibernator, Bridgewater/Killington Further West; Wasatch Polygamy...
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    Sugarloaf Summit Feb 2013 - Kids??

    Much improved since Dec 18; about four feet I think. A lot of terrain open already and should be awesome by February.