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  1. Puck it

    For Sale - Wheels and Snows I don't want to set up a Panjo thing

    I have a set of wheels and snows that I don't need anymore. I do not want to ship so it is pick up or meet within a reasonable distance. Cost can be discussed. Tires are iPike's used two seasons plenty of tread left. 205/65 R16 RS 419 Studdable Wheels Drag DR-19
  2. Puck it

    Buy Bindings and skis are free

    Gear Swap page not working. Surprise!!!!! https://***************************/topic/390-buy-bindings-and-skis-are-free/?tab=comments#comment-4521
  3. Puck it

    Jungfrau in Switzerland

    Couple of pics. Weather was not good. Peak all socked in.
  4. Puck it

    Colorado Blow Torch

    Wow. Temps hit 60 in Aspen during men's GS yesterday. Wasn't aware Apsen was in the front range. No snow at all on south facing slopes. It is going fast.
  5. Puck it

    Paging DLague

    Where should I go tomorrow? Kton Cannon Sunapee
  6. Puck it

    Dlaguezone Summit 0.5

    Announcement for this summit is imminent!
  7. Puck it

    Change Alpinezone to DlagueZone

    Just bustin' some. yes or no
  8. Puck it

    Interesting new binding concept

    Remote release concept http://rosslandbinding.com/
  9. Puck it

    For Sale - Brand New, Never Worn - Mammut Utimate Hoody Jacket

    I have a brand new one in Amazon/Black in a 2XL that I bought a year or two ago. It was to be a replacement my current one which I had to send back for repair after this one did not fit properly. The style changed slightly but so did the cut. The 2XL is like an old XL. I can't get any layers...
  10. Puck it

    WTF with all the back packs

    Is the east coast and you are not miles from a lift or a lodge. You just look f'ing stupid Rant over.
  11. Puck it

    Tin Sucks

    He is starting to really piss me off! I will wait for him to tell.
  12. Puck it

    Zoomer Bar Photobomb

    The FJ photobombed a Ski the East Facebook post.
  13. Puck it

    2016-2017 Injury List

    I thought I would start this. Shoulder is still having issues. Saw ortho today and going for a MRI. It looks like surgey is need to get ROM back. 2-3 month recovery. I wish I went in July like I orignally thought.
  14. Puck it

    Black Lives Matter Training Video

    They really should consider using this!!!! uj0mtxXEGE8
  15. Puck it

    Possible Good News after this season.

    Even though it is not always a positive sign for us. http://unofficialnetworks.com/2016/05/blob-of-cold-water-signals-the-arrival-of-la-nina
  16. Puck it

    Sounds promising

    I would pay the money. http://unofficialnetworks.com/2016/03/medical-breakthrough-could-mean-the-end-to-knee-pain-replacements
  17. Puck it

    We are a country wusses!

    Do not go outside unless you have to was on the news because it is cold Discuss
  18. Puck it

    Potential Storm

  19. Puck it

    Summit cancellation

    So our group have all agreed to cancel and get the $50 instead of the 50% hit after Thursday. We are probably the first but it makes sense to wait for better conditions. I tried to move the dates but the new rates were $150 to 175 person to change even midweek.
  20. Puck it

    Had to laugh at this