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  1. salsgang

    Ski Swaps in Maine Listings

    Hi - For Alpine-zoner's that live in and travel to Maine I have posted my annual Maine Ski Swap Guide on my blog. I pretty much try to list in one place information about all the ski swaps happening in Maine this fall and early winter. If you know of a swap I am missing feel free to DM me, post...
  2. salsgang

    Black Mountain of Maine - Dec 30-31 2016

    Date(s) Skied: December 30-31, 2016 Resort or Ski Area: Black Mountain of Maine Conditions: Powder / Packed Powder Trip Report: 100% Open - 100% Fun! We are Silver New England pass holders so we get to ski around Maine a bit during vacation weeks. We had a great two days at Black...
  3. salsgang

    Sugarloaf 12/12/16 POWDER & Video

    Date(s) Skied: Dec 12, 2016 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarloaf Conditions: POWDER Trip Report: My youngest son took advantage of his new found closer proximity to Sugarloaf (He is a freshman at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine) and took advantage of no classes / Sugarloaf powder on Monday...
  4. salsgang

    Saddleback Mountain Cooperative - Information Thread & Survey

    There is a significant effort underway to organize a Saddleback Mountain Cooperative - similar in structure to Mad River Glen. The organizers of the Saddleback Co-op need to rapidly gauge interest in making Saddleback a skier owned mountain. This survey is open to everyone interested -...
  5. salsgang

    Baxter State Park - Russell Pond - Aug 12-15, 2015

    Took a backpacking trip with my 2 boys and friend to Russell Pond in Baxter. It is a very special place deep in the heart of the park. Well worth the 7.5 mile backpack with many side hikes that you can do from the campground. While it is not prime time fishing season we did very well this trip...
  6. salsgang

    Saddleback April 12 - Stellar Spring Day

    Fantastic spring day at Saddleback. Temps around 50 with DEEP cover made for some epic spring turns. A whole lotta fun. Good crowd on the hill enjoying the skiing and beer & burgers at the Yurt and on the lodge deck. Great day! Ripping the seemingly endless Peachy Peril Bumps. Couple more...
  7. salsgang

    Saddleback April 4 - MORE SNOW

    Epic winter of 2014-15 continues at Saddleback. Picked up another 3-4 inches making for some sweet mid-winter like turns. A bit heavier / wet snow at base, lighter fluffier turns up top. Unfortunately the winds kicked up at shut down the upper mountain lifts at 12:30, but the t-bar still ran...
  8. salsgang

    Still full-on Winter at Saddleback - March 28, 2015

    It is still full-on winter at Saddleback. Pretty impressive. Temps were comfy - in the upper 20's / lower 30's with the sun poking out from behind the clouds occasionally, but spring really hasn't started at Saddleback yet. No matter your ability today it was great skiing. The cover is deep and...
  9. salsgang

    Saddleback March 21 - A hint of Spring and I Busted my Sticks

    We had an interesting week in the @MaineSkiFamily household. - My son Alec got interviewed on the Weather Channel about this never-ending winter - A planned mid-week ski day got cancelled due to this never ending winter - We had a great ski-day at Saddleback on Saturday. A hint of spring, great...
  10. salsgang

    Saddleback Sunday March 15, 2015 - Free Refills

    It was a whole lotta this on Sunday at Saddleback. It just kept snowing all day and got better and better and better. It snowed more last night and I bet it was even better today for the Monday skiers in Maine. A couple of more words and pics / video on my blog...
  11. salsgang

    Saddleback Feb 22 - Video

    Pretty much just copy and paste any trip report in Northern New England for Sunday. Awesome Day, Awesome Conditions, Awesome time. Video of the day. Sorry DeadHeadSkier - more modern music. Feel free to mute if you watch. :-D Trial Lineup for video below: Nice cliff huck by the oldest boy at...
  12. salsgang

    Black Mountain of Maine February 20 2015 - Angry Beavers Glade Video

    Great day at Black Mountain of Maine in Rumford. They have great beginner and intermediate cruisers, and with the new gladed terrain they are turning this mountain into a playground for skiers of all abilities. All summer / fall a group called the Angry Beavers of Black Mountain have...
  13. salsgang

    Saddleback February 7 - Lather, Rinse, Repeat

    Sounds like it was a great Summit at Sugarloaf. I say this every year but I will get over there one of these years. Great run of snow we are in and it does not look like it is going to quit anytime soon. Snow everywhere. One of the best days of the year Saturday and we have had a bunch of good...
  14. salsgang

    Saddleback Super Sunday February 1st, 2015

    The snow keeps piling up at Saddleback. Cold but very good skiing. Saddleback got Casablanca glade back open after clearing numerous blow downs. It skied very well! A bit of scratch but lots of deep drifts to play in. Modest Maine Day crowd but they sold some tickets. I am afraid this trip...
  15. salsgang

    Saddleback January 28, 2015 - Foot of Freshies

    School called off for a second day on the Maine coast so a quick-hitter trip to Saddleback by the boys and mom. I had to work. (lame I know) . They report while some entrances to trails were blown off due to the high winds during the storm, the snow was deep and fluffy once down the trail a bit...
  16. salsgang

    2 Feet Blower POW Freeport Maine

    2 feet blower POW makes our backyard gully in Freeport Maine pretty awesome.
  17. salsgang

    Saddleback Maine - December 20

    There is a crazy amount of snow up at Saddleback and much like all the resorts in Northern New England, Saturday was an epic winter day to be outside. Our ski day consisted of stellar skiing, NO WIND, beautiful views, snow making Rainbows (Snowbows) and hearing of a Loon rescue on the slopes...
  18. salsgang

    Saddleback Maine Opening Day - December 13

    If you are in Maine tomorrow go to Saddleback. Best opening day I have ever experienced. We were finding untracked at 3pm like my son is doing in the pic. It will be good tomorrow too. I will write up a more detailed trip report tomorrow but wanted to share...
  19. salsgang

    Sugarloaf Maine - November 28

    Got Day 2 in the books at Sugarloaf. Great early season product. Gondi, Hayburner, Kings Landing and Tote all skied great. Found a few Thanksgiving snow leftovers. Video below and a couple of pics and more words at the blog. Be sure to check out the 'old man cam' at 2:20. :lol...
  20. salsgang

    Perfect Spring Day at Saddleback April 12, 2014

    Date(s) Skied: April 12, 2014 Resort or Ski Area: Saddleback Conditions: Spring Corn and Mash Trip Report: Wow what a great day at Saddleback. Warm temps, bright sunshine, burgers and suds on the deck and wall to wall snow. Everything skied great and we had a blast. They ran the...