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  1. madskier6

    I'll Be Skiing the 'Dacks More This Season

    My daughter is now a freshman at St. Lawrence University (in Canton, NY) so it looks like I will be skiing in the Adirondacks more this season (and the next 4 years as well). I'm looking forward to hitting Gore & Whiteface again this season. I'd also like to try Big Tupper & Titus at some...
  2. madskier6

    Jay Peak - Feb 5 & 6, 2010

    I'm planning on hitting Jay on Friday 2/5 & Sat 2/6. If anyone is around & would like to meet up for some turns, let me know. Looking forward to hitting some powder & nice trees. 2knees: will those dates coincide with your Northern VT trip?
  3. madskier6

    Mt. Snow - Friday 1/22/10

    I'm skiing at Mt. Snow this coming Friday on a bus trip with a friend. If anyone will be around Friday & would like to ski a few runs together, let me know.
  4. madskier6

    Happy Hour - Friday 11/6/09: Pig's Eye Pub Hartford (Warren Miller Night)

    So on my way into work this morning, I hear on the radio about a special Warren Miller-sponsored Happy Hour this Friday night at the Pig's Eye Pub in Hartford from 6-8. I'm not sure of the details but I think they'll be giving away tickets to Saturday's shows of the new movie in Hartford (at...
  5. madskier6

    My '08-'09 Recession Tale

    I haven't been posting much here at AZ, in case you haven't noticed. The reason is I have been hit pretty hard by the effects of the 2008-2009 recession/financial meltdown. I got laid-off from my job in September 2008 & have been put through the ringer for the last 10 months, both financially...
  6. madskier6

    2/19 - 2/20 Storm Discussion Thread

    It's a toss-up at this point as to how much snow we may get but Jason Fox is saying there's a chance it could be significant, similar to Valentines Day 2007 or Feb. 1969? It may be a let-down & we don't get much. That's why this is a storm speculation thread...
  7. madskier6

    Berkshire East 1/13/2009

    Date(s) Skied: 1/13/2009 (Night) - 4:15 to 7:00 p.m. Resort or Ski Area: Berkshire East - Charlemont, MA Conditions: Packed Powder, Machine Groomed Trip Report: Just a quick report of the few hours I spent tonight skiing while my 16-year old daughter raced for her high school race team...
  8. madskier6

    Berkshire East 12/22/2008

    Date(s) Skied: December 22, 2008 Resort or Ski Area: Berkshire East - Charlemont, MA Conditions: Wind-Blown Powder/Packed Powder; Very Cold & Windy Day Trip Report: I got out for a few hours after all the fresh snow we received over the weekend. I would have preferred to hit Magic's...
  9. madskier6

    Gore Demo Day - Friday 12/5

    I'm thinking about heading up to Gore this Friday for $29 lift tickets plus a demo day. Most of their terrain won't be open yet but the pics from last weekend look like they blew a lot of snow & have a lot of coverage on the trails they do have open. There are rumblings about more trails...
  10. madskier6

    Whiteface - April 4 & 5, 2008

    I spent 2 great days skiing with some great guys at Whiteface this past Friday & Saturday, April 4 & 5. I was supposed to go with Greg but his daughter got sick at the last minute so he had to cancel. Fortunately, everything was in place for me to go anyway despite Greg’s absence. I’m so glad...
  11. madskier6

    Burke - March 7 & 8

    I'll be skiing Burke this Friday & Saturday for my annual visit. Is anyone interested in skiing the woods (or any other interesting runs) either of those days? Let me know if you're interested.
  12. madskier6

    Another Horrible Day @ Magic - 3/1/08

    OK so somehow I got forced to ski Magic on Saturday March 1. Let me tell you, I had a terrible day. :wink: :wink: The mountain reported another 12 inches of fresh snow from Friday/Friday night. This on top of the over 12 inches from Tuesday-Wednesday's storm made it at least 2 feet of light...
  13. madskier6

    Hunter Day Pass - 3/7/08

    I have a one day lift ticket to Hunter that is only good on Friday March 7. Unfortunately, I won't be able to use it. I'll give it to whomever makes a $20 donation to my ski gear fund. I paid more for the ticket than this so I'm not profting at all. Just don't want the ticket to go to waste...
  14. madskier6

    Berkshire East – 2/12/2008

    Date Skied: Tues. Feb. 12, 2008, 11:30 am - 7:00 pm Resort or Ski Area: Berkshire East, Charlemont, Massachusetts Conditions: Smooth groomers, tracked up powder, some scratchy ice & rocks poking through here and there. Very little wind, mostly cloudy & overcast, temps in the low to mid 20's...
  15. madskier6

    Magic Mtn - Opening Day 2007-08

    I hit Magic today on Opening Day & it was a great ski day! Magic had 37 trails open all served by the Black Chair. The conditions were excellent & there was nobody there !! I was there with 2 of my sons, Connor – 14 & Kevin -9. We also met up with some friends from home so the boys were able...
  16. madskier6

    Mount Snow - Sat/ 12/15/07 (Demo Day)

    I think I'll be at Mount Snow tomorrow (Saturday). Will anyone else be there who might like to meet up for some turns? I'll probably get there late morning (10-11 am range). Did I mention it was a free demo day if you've got a lift ticket or season pass?
  17. madskier6

    Castlerock is Open!!

    The Sugarbush website is reporting that all trails at Castlerock are open. To access them you have to hike or skin up. Over at SkiMRV, our friend Win advised that they expect to have the Castlerock double open by the weekend. They just need the Vermont Tram Authority to do their inspection &...
  18. madskier6

    Sugarbush's Projected Opening Day

    The Bush recently announced on their website that their projected opening day is November 22, which is Thanksgiving Day. That's a few days later than what they've done the last few years but not by much (the previous Friday or Saturday the last few years). I know this date is always subject to...
  19. madskier6

    Magic Mtn's Prices for '07-'08

    Magic released their daily lift ticket prices recently. Check it out: http://www.magicmtn.com/lifttickets.php It looks like an increase from last year's prices but still in the affordable range IMHO. Especially if they deliver on their increased snowmaking capacity claim. I hope we're not...
  20. madskier6

    New Berkshire East Website

    I thought I'd point out that Berkshire East has a new website & has released their lift ticket prices for '07-'08. I know a lot of people here don't frequent BEast a lot but there are a few us out there that enjoy hitting it when there's good snow. I'll be spending some time at BEast this year...