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  1. pepperdawg

    Okemo - 1/28/11

    Rode on a comp ticket today - havent been here in 3-4 years.... Conditions were suprisingly nice - nicely packed power/groomed - no ice/hardpack found.....some fluff on the sides of certain trails and opther places....coverage was great everywhere. If you like crusiers and really nice packed...
  2. pepperdawg

    Bromley 3/19/10

    mid 60's (?) and bluebird......corn.......beer on the deck.....still a sh1tload of snowpack.....what a day........that is all.. (secretly feel guilty about not giving my $$$ to Magic - but i wasent driving - hoping they got lots o love too) But what a day to play hooky. Ok bye.
  3. pepperdawg

    Bromley Corn - 3/27/09

    Great Friday at Bromley.......Sun broke through around 10am and was nice soft corn to be had.......run of the day was Havoc - nice little doouble fall line....the boardercross course they had was fun.....havent been to bromley in like 10 years.....fun little mountian.....lots of vert...
  4. pepperdawg

    PSA Magic closed (temp)

    From todays snow report. <<Magic Mountain will be closed on Thursday, February 26 and possibly Friday, February 27 as we fix a mechanical issue with the Red Lift. The necessary parts have been ordered and we are awaiting their arrival on Thursday morning. We fully expect to be reopened by...
  5. pepperdawg

    Stratton 2_5_09 w pic

    Used my freebee yesterday........conditions were groomed....temps were brutally cold, but managable with great bluebird skies.........couple o scenic pics below.....lots o base w/some leftover powder which was few and far between in the woods.....just a fun cruisin kind of day...... thx for the...
  6. pepperdawg

    Magic 1/29/09 Pics

    Hit up Magic early today as I had to be off the hill by midday.......about a foot or so of new....kinda creamy up top with some lighter powder when not as exposed.....Overall a Bluebird Morning...per usual Magic midweek didnt wait in lift line once.... Southern VT Snowpack is building to...
  7. pepperdawg

    Magic 12/22/08 Opening Day - Pics

    Hit up opening at Magic day after a weekend of 22"(?) of fluff.....WOW. I forgot how good east coast pow can be.... Typical Magic - Opening day w/phenominal snow and didnt wait for a lift once....good for me...sad for people trying to keep this secret open for biz.... Temps were cold, but...
  8. pepperdawg

    Killington Dec 9 - Pics

    Hit up Killington this Morning...mainly hung out on snowdown, lapping vagabond/northstar/Patsy's/Low rider....... Was cold and light Pow everywhere....Even on the sides of groomers lots o boot deep fluff .....Superstar lift wasent running all morning which was a bummer as I didnt feel like...
  9. pepperdawg

    Stratton 12/21 w/pics

    Date(s) Skied: 12/21/07 Resort or Ski Area: Stratton Conditions: Packed Powder, w some leftover powder Trip Report: For a variety of reasons, I had to bail on my plan to hit up Northern VT (Was planning on either Bolton Valley or Mt Ellan) - So ended up at Stratton. Conditions were...
  10. pepperdawg

    Bolton Valley -Timberline ?

    Can I buy a lift ticket at Timberline base area?? Specificlly tommorow(fri)?? Or do I have to drive up to the main base?
  11. pepperdawg

    Okemo - Leftover Powder 12/5/07

    Date(s) Skied: 12/5/07 Resort or Ski Area: Okemo VT Conditions: Packed Powder with Powder to be had Trip Report: Decided against driving to Northern VT for a day trip since it seems like everyone got hit with this past storm. I have a S-O-S midweek pass, so hit up Okemo for "free"...
  12. pepperdawg

    Stratton 11/21/07

    Date(s) Skied: 11/21/07 - Morning Resort or Ski Area: Stratton Conditions: - Wet, soft snow in a cloud(fog) Trip Report: Figured its time to start wokring off the S-O-S pass I bought last April... Ran up to Stratton for the morning. Was able to get out today OR Sunday.....figured...
  13. pepperdawg

    Live from Warren VT

    Win Smith on CNBC right now yapping about Merill Lynch...saying how much fun he's having running Sugarbush....in front of a fire......
  14. pepperdawg

    Season Pass Arrived in the Mail today

    .....got my SOS Midweek pass and more than a 1/2 dozen or so mountains making snow.....life is good.... Anyone else got their pass yet?? - I know Killington mailed last week....
  15. pepperdawg

    Magic VT 02/16/07

    Date(s) Skied: 2/16/07 Resort or Ski Area: Magic Conditions: Powder/Packed Powder/Chopped up Powder/Wind Blown Powder... Trip Report: I'll keep it quick. Arrived at 8:30 - typical Magic - 13 cars in the parking lot (including mine) :) 2 days after 26" storm of 2007... Top 1/3 was...
  16. pepperdawg

    Friday - Destination

    Magic VT (26" new)?? or Bolton Valley VT (50" new)?? Extra hour or so drive each way to Bolton - worth it?? Could be if Timberline get open...posiibly lighter snow too... Magic - big dumps are becoming fewer and more far between past few years...
  17. pepperdawg

    PepperDawgs VT Pizza Poll

    Best VT PIzza -???
  18. pepperdawg

    Bolton Valley - 12/20/2005

    Date(s) Skied: Tuesday, 12/20/2005 - 9:45 am - noon Resort or Ski Area: Bolton Valley VT Conditions: Heavy Snow Squalls, Powder, Packed Powder, scoured/thin cover on top. Trip Report: Rolled up for $4 lift ticket day. New Quad was NOT running - they were still adding chairs to the line...
  19. pepperdawg

    Locked Threads

    Suck!!! I was on Vacation the past few days....never got to chime in on MRG/Riders/old biddies etc...jerks :D :D
  20. pepperdawg

    ASC pass prices!!!!

    Bout damn time!!!! http://www.allforonepass.com/