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  1. Zand

    Loon 1/19/21

    Was sick for a couple weeks starting right on Christmas (not Covid) and between that and the generally shitty weather, today was my first day in 4 weeks. I followed the weekend storm closely and I have to say, with the travel restrictions in VT and Maine, trying to find good snow in New...
  2. Zand

    Belleayre Lodge Damaged in Storm

    https://www.belleayre.com/mountain/snow-report/ Heavy rain caused manmade snow to break loose and avalanche into the lodge, breaking windows and doors. That's a new one.
  3. Zand

    Berkshire East 12/20/20

    I reserved an Indy day for today after reading Urungus's report from opening day on Thursday's powder day. He reported almost everything being open and the pictures looked great. My enthusiasm was toned way down after he reported the next day that they had roped off a lot of natural stuff. Their...
  4. Zand

    The FIRST WST of 2020-21

    Now that the southern VT and central NH mountains have been sufficiently crushed, what are we looking at for this weekend? Can anyone give me Ragged intel? I've never been there. Will it be nuts? Will they open the glades in the middle after reporting 34"? Willing to spend $59 on a day ticket...
  5. Zand

    Wachusett Opening Day 11/20/20

    After last season ended way too prematurely on St. Patrick's Day due to the onset of Covid and then the weirdest and shittiest summer ever known to man, I wasn't even sure how to approach this upcoming season. Still really not sure how optimistic I should be that it will be a normal winter...
  6. Zand

    Per Channel 5: Wachusett Opening Friday

    https://www.wcvb.com/article/wachusett-mountain-in-massachusetts-preparing-to-open-new-ski-season-on-friday/34718630 I think they should push to open at 8:30 and beat Killington for first in the east!
  7. Zand

    JetBlue Adds Another Western Option Out Of Boston and NYC

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wcvb.com/amp/article/jetblue-nonstop-service-boston-telluride-montrose-rocky-mountain-ski-area/34372069 Direct flights to Montrose, making Telluride much more accessible. JetBlue now has direct flights to Montrose, Steamboat, and Bozeman from Boston. NYC already...
  8. Zand

    Vermont Likely to Close 3 State Colleges

    https://www.wcax.com/content/news/Vermont-State-Colleges-System-likely-to-close-3-campuses-569727971.html As an LSC alum, just a sad day but it's well known that Vermont doesn't give a shit about supporting secondary education so I can't say I'm surprised either. Have to imagine this would be...
  9. Zand

    Waterville 3/17/20

    I'm sure there's been times I've said "I'd rather sit at home all day than go to Waterville." Probably should've listened to my own advice. Aside from the fact that the place has the absolute worst trail layout anywhere, the conditions were frozen solid underneath a couple new inches of snow...
  10. Zand

    Wachusett 3/15/20

    When shit started hitting the fan yesterday, I planned on night skiing today to get one more day in. Then at 11 or so they announced closing at 4 but bronze passes are valid so I went up for the last couple hours. They had a solid crowd with both quads having 5 minute lines when I got there, and...
  11. Zand

    Vail Closes Resorts For 1 Week

    So far, tomorrow through next Sunday.
  12. Zand

    Berkshire East and Catamount Closed for Season

    First dominoes to fall.
  13. Zand

    Sugarbush 3/8-3/10/20

    Arrived at South around noon on a beautiful sunny day and parked in a lot I never knew existed. However it was a beautiful day for a ride in the "jitney" and upon arriving at the base I saw lines were very short. Unfortunately things weren't as soft as I hoped unless you skied stuff in direct...
  14. Zand

    Killington 3/2/20

    Arrived at Skyeship right around 10. Started the day off with a few Bear runs...warmed up on Bear Claw before hitting the woods. Hit Growler next which was slick up top and I thought I was getting myself into trouble but it started getting better after a minute or two and was an enjoyable run...
  15. Zand

    Best Base Area Bars

    Sitting at Mahogany Ridge right now looking at the countdown clock till it's torn down. It's always been one of my favorites and it sucks that the new lodge will probably be some yuppie bullshit that I'd just go to Stratton if I wanted something like that. Anyway, my top 5 in no particular...
  16. Zand

    Sugarloaf 2/23-2/25/20

    A lot of times I chase powder, but this year after a couple failed attempts I was determined to get to Sugarloaf when I could actually see the mountain, the lifts were actually running, and cell towers weren't being blown in half by 145 mph winds. The forecast was looking beautiful and I decided...
  17. Zand

    Skier Killed on Lift at Vail

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/skier-suffocates-to-death-after-getting-caught-in-chairlift/ar-BB102phJ?li=BBnbfcL Sounds pretty unpleasant.
  18. Zand

    Loaf vs Bush next weekend

    Want to book a room at one of them next weekend. Bush is 100% open and Loaf is as close as it gets without the snowfields. Reports from Bush have sounded pretty decent, haven't really seen any from Loaf. Looks like this Tuesday's "storm" will be all snow for both, then dry the rest of the week...
  19. Zand

    Jackson Hole 2/10-2/14/20

    A dusting of snow in town as I got started today. Warmed up with a Sundance run off Bridger and it was evident that the mountain received around 6" in some spots as Sundance was sporting shin deep powder up top. Moved over to Apres Vous to check out Saratoga and it was decent up high, but as...
  20. Zand

    Snow King 2/9/20

    Plane was originally supposed to land in Jackson at 11:15 but after a 1.5 hour delay in Denver and the longer than normal process of baggage claim and car rental (because Jackson's airport is just this cute little place) it was after 1:30 by the time I was in my car. Jackson's snow report said...