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  1. Zand

    Okemo Intel?

    Mt. Snow definitely has the best advanced terrain. North Face has quite a few fun trails. Ripcord would be a quadruple black diamond at Stratton. The Trials is easily the best glade in Southern VT outside of Magic. Stratton does have a ton of underrated glades, and often in good condition...
  2. Zand

    Loon 1/19/21

    I've actually really wanted to get back to BW since they put the T-Bar in. The lack of pitch doesn't bother me there because the expansive low angle glades are a blast and almost relaxing to ski. I feel like if I went there when I was a kid it would've been far and away my favorite resort, but...
  3. Zand

    Loon 1/19/21

    Was sick for a couple weeks starting right on Christmas (not Covid) and between that and the generally shitty weather, today was my first day in 4 weeks. I followed the weekend storm closely and I have to say, with the travel restrictions in VT and Maine, trying to find good snow in New...
  4. Zand

    Weekend storm thread....

    Lots of big wind holds. Cannon is closed for the day. Not good on Saturday of a holiday weekend. But hopefully the kickoff of a good stretch.
  5. Zand

    MA skiing

    Yes but MA currently "requires" a quarantine coming from out of state from anywhere. While I intend on respecting the Vermont and Maine quarantine rules, MA can take a hike. I'm no worse off going to NH to ski than I am going to my local freaking Walmart.
  6. Zand

    End of paper trail maps?

    The only Lincoln Express I know is at Loon, and South Peak is one of the few peaks out there that ISN'T a total CF yet lol. I rarely use trail maps at most mountains as I know my way around almost everywhere but the one place I just can't do out of memory is Sugarloaf. Its always nice to have a...
  7. Zand


    Thats just an excuse. Cannon has plenty of terrain open. Loon has plenty. Killington has plenty. Hell, Wachusett has 100% of their snowmaking terrain open and while I understand it isnt that big, it's certainly more acreage than Wildcat and Attitash each have open. Even Sugarbush is blowing...
  8. Zand

    Berkshire East - 12/28/2020

    Flying Cloud was real nice a week ago. Still looks nice...if you have a bike.
  9. Zand


    I guess it does have a different aspect than the main mountain, so there are probably days where the snow is worse over there. But when things are similar on both sides, the trails on that side are good, long, and decently steep with no cross cuts. And the glade is fun too, hopefully they cut...
  10. Zand


    I selfishly hope they keep delaying finishing South Peak. I love how simple of a base area it is right now. Park nice and close to the lift with no stairs or other bullshit to have to walk through. Nice basic "lodge" with all you need...cubbies, a bar, a cafeteria, and a ticket window. Then you...
  11. Zand

    Belleayre Lodge Damaged in Storm

    https://www.belleayre.com/mountain/snow-report/ Heavy rain caused manmade snow to break loose and avalanche into the lodge, breaking windows and doors. That's a new one.
  12. Zand

    Your 2020 / 2021 Ski Season Thread

    This may be it through the new year... 1. Wachusett 11/20 2. Berkshire East 12/20 3. Loon 12/22
  13. Zand

    Hard lockdown in Ontario, 4 weeks including ski areas

    I wouldn't get too confident about it until,mid January. I think it comes down to the Christmas spike. If it exceeds the Thanksgiving spike then things might shut down for a few weeks. If it's not so bad, I think we're in the clear.
  14. Zand

    Berkshire East 12/20/20

    The left entrance of Upper Comp had one of those tripods with the closed sign leaning against a tree out of the way, plus I saw other people on it. I think if they had it set up like that, it was more of a "don't go down here unless you know what you doing" rather than a "stay the hell off or...
  15. Zand

    Berkshire East 12/20/20

    I reserved an Indy day for today after reading Urungus's report from opening day on Thursday's powder day. He reported almost everything being open and the pictures looked great. My enthusiasm was toned way down after he reported the next day that they had roped off a lot of natural stuff. Their...
  16. Zand

    Berkshire East 12/17/2020 Opening Day Powder

    Balls. Well...i guess I'll make the best of it. Pretty insane though. I've skied Liftline with way less coverage than that.
  17. Zand

    Berkshire East 12/17/2020 Opening Day Powder

    My plan for Sunday was to buy a day ticket to Ragged, who unfortunately already sold out. Was mulling over my options in NH, including paying $86 for Sunapee since they have their glades open. But this report sold me on BEast, AND it's on the Indy Pass. Love Liftline and Jug, could lap them all...
  18. Zand

    The FIRST WST of 2020-21

    Now that the southern VT and central NH mountains have been sufficiently crushed, what are we looking at for this weekend? Can anyone give me Ragged intel? I've never been there. Will it be nuts? Will they open the glades in the middle after reporting 34"? Willing to spend $59 on a day ticket...
  19. Zand

    first real storm?

    Rule of thumb...if there is terrific model agreement on a blockbuster one week out, something will go wrong in the coming days. If there is terrific model agreement on a cutter a week out, lock it in.
  20. Zand

    first real storm?

    Just saw a video from Sugarloaf...line for the SuperQuad made the lines at Wachusett look mild. This is why my favorite storms are when it rains at home but snows in the north. You can go get good snow but the masses stay home.