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    No, not the presidential inauguration. Just my inauguration of 20/21 (lift_served downhill) season! I’ve been skiing since December. But not in downhill ski resorts. A bunch in nordic centers, and a couple back country when we had the pre-Christmas storm. So today is the first day in resorts...
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    Okemo Intel?

    There’s a Mount Snow intel thread going which is really helpful (for me). Anyone at Okemo lately (this week)? How’s the wait on various lifts? Where to park for the least amount of walking (in ski boots:( ) while still avoid riding the shuttle?
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    The whole point of "preview" is to see what you've typed looks like. If I don't like it, I can change it... But... Unless I'm missing some button on the preview screen, I can't seem to be able to change my post after the preview. My only option is to delete the whole thing by hitting "Cancel"...
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    Post your daily base area image here!

    Today, I casually click on Stowe's base area cam... and it's "Off Line"!!! Now, add that to all the other mountains whose base area web cam are pretty much never working, but just starting this season. This can't just be coincidence! So the mountains really don't want us to know what the true...
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    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    Still 5 days out, but the total kept going up. The least I could do is get the snow tires put on! Maybe I'll get to cross country ski out my door? ;) Or maybe I NEED my xc skis to get out???
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    Quotes? Multiple quotes?

    What's the "correct" way to do quotes? Seems if I backspace in my post OVER the quotes, my typing become part of the quotes! I've used other forums in the same "family" but this is the first time I run into this problem. Is that a setup options for the site? Multi-quotes: Sometimes, one...
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    How cold have you slept in your vehicle ?

    Let’s talk about something not pandemic related. I know some of you occasionally sleep in the car in the spring time (@Cornhead?). In the past, I always thought that’s kind of hard core... A week ago, I went on my leaf peeping trip up in the Adirondack, CAMPING! It went down to the low 40’s...
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    Fly vs Drive: Break even point

    For going out west that is. A flight, even with connection, at its worst, takes just a day each way. Driving, it's 3 to Colorado and 5 to California, times two for the round trip. Yes, it's easy to calculate the cost of fly+rental car <> gas + vehicle depreciation + meal/lodging (non-skiing...
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    Safety of (eastern) tree skiing?

    Here in the east, we don't have tree wells. So the only danger of skiing unknown trees are being closed out by dense trees, or encountering dead end drops. The death at Mansfield brought that last risk a little closer to home. It's not clear if the skier fell off or skied off a cliff. But...
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    2/24/2020 Mid-week at Sunapee -- Not exactly Lake Tahoe, but the view is worth it

    On my way home after the weekend, decided to stop by at a place to get a few hours of free skiing in on my Epic pass. Options were many: Okemo, Mt Snow, Sunapee... As I've never been to Sunapee, and the opinions on this site suggest it's a nice place ONLY on weekday, I made a decision to give...
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    Mount Snow condition?

    Haven’t seen any mention of Mt Snow lately. Wonder if they got snow or rain in this week’s storm...?
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    Whistler 1/31-2/11

    Sitting in the shuttle from Vancouver to Whistler, it’ll be a 2 hr ride according to the driver. Time to start the trip report. Planning 4 years ago, I spent 10 days at Whistler. All it did was wetting my appetite on what it has to offer! I know one can spend a life time skiing there without...
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    1/18-19/2020 -- 2 Faces of Wildcat

    Last minute lucked out with a berth at the AMC Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham Notch. Thanks for whoever that cancelled. Having followed the ebbs and flows of the forecast leading up to it, it's pretty certain we were to have a storm Sunday night. So the only remaining question was whether to drive...
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    Flight conundrum, non-stop vs connection, with a twist

    It's a "happy" conundrum. I'm going to Whistler in about 2 weeks. I can fly non-stop, with a once-a-day foreign airline (Cathy Pacific). Or a 1-stop with a "major" (Air Canada or Delta) which has a lot of flights daily. The direct flight has the advantage of... well, direct! No chance of...
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    Ringing in the New Year at Wildcat!

    A little late in writing up the report. But I was busy skiing (xc skiing that is, regardless, snow was good) With the freezing rain report all the way up to the Canadian border on the Friday before New Year, I went back home and popped into the office for some "work" (basically chit chatting...
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    Dig your own parking space!

    Now that the fresh snows have all been groomed and packed, it's time to go cross country skiing. So I drove to the trail head, it was full! Ooops. :( Dashed out to the satellite lot and took the last available spot in the nick of time... Actually, I passed another spot at the corner of the lot...
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    Bombarded by Vail marketing e-mail anyone?

    So it's the holiday season and marketing e-mail are just coming out of the woodwork! I got something like 20 e-mails from the various Vail owned mountains every few days! So that got to be really annoying. I unsubscribed from those I don't plan to go THIS year. But that didn't seem to stop them...
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    12/25/2019: A very merry Christmas at Attitash

    Condition: well groomed man-made snow, sun and cloud, very light crowd Got the before 10. Not much crowd to speak off. Parked next to the tunnel entrance (there’re others prefer to park such to walk right across the road, which had almost no traffic). Its my first time there. Not knowing...
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    Stowe or Okemo this weekend?

    "Normally" that's a question that don't need to be asked. But, both mountains are only 1/2 open! Question I have is which is more "fun" or overall enjoyable at their current half open state? Okemo is usually more crowded than Stowe. Probably true this weekend too? "This" being the weekend...
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    AAA roadside assistance?

    The other thread about winter drivers got me thinking. What do people think about AAA and their Roadside Assistance service? My insurance includes towing. Though I don’t know about “extraction” say, when you’re in a ditch so deep a normal tow may not work. Back when I was young and poor...