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  1. thetrailboss

    Sudden Statospheric Warming Event May Have Major Weather Repercussions

    Interesting read. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2021/01/05/polar-vortex-split-cold-snow/?outputType=amp&fbclid=IwAR17i-O7E1TD95-B2H0ERYM49dQPueul-ZVclzsvVMYRn7a39Y7jnnOxhic
  2. thetrailboss

    Got Money to Invest?

    Vail would like to talk to you. Looks like they need $500 million. http://investors.vailresorts.com/news-releases/news-release-details/vail-resorts-inc-announces-commencement-convertible-senior-notes
  3. thetrailboss

    Robert Redford Sells Sundance Resort

    I did not see this one coming. Wow. https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/12/11/22170509/robert-redford-selling-sundance-mountain-resort-300-acres-to-be-preserved-provo-canyon?fbclid=IwAR3Ock9ZX3vegqO2sJOOl-MJNn54mIXwkQ5pkNXZmkC175F_sCn_Qn1O7qE
  4. thetrailboss

    Confrontation with Holiday Valley Ski Guides

    Not sure if this was posted, but it is from February. Seems like a misunderstanding. Thoughts? https://unofficialnetworks.com/2020/12/10/passes-pulled-holiday-valley/?fbclid=IwAR09T3MZcopIEtZE5zMs5dGxv83jL7mtz3IzIy4Y5y1PRYgUu-MELecXkzQ
  5. thetrailboss

    VT Digger FAQ Live Presents: Win Smith (Former Owner of Sugarbush)

    A 30 minute discussion with Win: https://vtdigger.org/2020/12/09/skiing-vermont-covid-faq/?utm_source=VTDigger+Subscribers+and+Donors&utm_campaign=1b0350dbd7-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_12_10_01_16&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_dc3c5486db-1b0350dbd7-405558657
  6. thetrailboss

    Remember That Trademark War Backcountry.Com Started?

    Here’s what’s going on now one year later: https://coloradosun.com/2020/11/23/backcountry-com-delivering-on-reparations-year-after-trademark-bullying/ They’re trying to mea culpa.
  7. thetrailboss

    Want to Ski Alta This Season?

    Their day ticket price is now $141.00. No huge changes in the last couple of years. The price is if you buy online (the only option now) in advance. That is for Alta only. Not that long ago, an Alta/Bird ticket was $139.00. When we moved out here in 2011 it was about half that price for a...
  8. thetrailboss

    Brighton, Utah (Opening Day) November 19, 2020

    Date: November 19, 2020 Resort: Brighton, Utah Conditions: MG/Early Season, 20-25" base Report: It's been almost exactly eight months since my last lift-served ski day. That was at Burke. The season ended abruptly because of you-know-what. While I managed to get in one earned-turns day...
  9. thetrailboss

    A Christmas Gift for the Hard to Shop for Skier/Rider in Your Life (?)

    These guys popped up in my FB feed. Looks like they got their hands on a few K-1 Gondola Cabs that are for sale: https://thegondolashop.com/collections Seems like a lot of coin.
  10. thetrailboss

    A Little Bit of Cannon Mountain....in Utah

    Just was checking my mail and saw that I got this flyer. I looked at it and thought, "hmmm, that looks familiar". I downloaded the flyer and flipped it around. Dead ringer! It must be a stock image. Funny that they flipped it. I wonder why?
  11. thetrailboss

    Creditors Force Liftopia into Bankruptcy

    Looks like Boyne, Alterra, A-Basin, Aspen, and others want their $3 million from Liftopia. https://businessbankruptcies.com/cases/liftopia-inc http://whitebookski.com/2020/06/11/online-lift-ticket-discounter-liftopia-files-for-bankruptcy/ Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  12. thetrailboss

    It's Still Early...Be Careful Out There

    Early for multiple reasons, but weather and snow/ice is always an issue, as these folks found out: https://www.caledonianrecord.com/news/state/team-rescues-2-hikers-stranded-in-snowy-icy-vermont-trail/article_824a273f-0ae5-585d-8f11-332a3ac57337.html
  13. thetrailboss

    Alterra Furloughs Employees and Postpones Some of its Lift Projects Slated for 2020

  14. thetrailboss

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    So for most the season is over. And for a lot of us, who are passholders, we are losing A LOT of the season. Just wondering what your resorts are doing for passholders to make up for the lost portion of the season (if anything). Burke offered a $200 credit to passholders; $50 credit for...
  15. thetrailboss

    New England Ski Journal Interviews Smuggs Managment

    Spoiler alert: don't expect Smuggs to be on the Epic Pass anytime soon or any new express lifts. https://www.skijournal.com/smugglers-notch-independently-churns-out-happy-customer-after-happy-customer/
  16. thetrailboss

    NH Chronicle: Limmer Hiking Boots

    Legendary boots still handmade in NH. https://www.wmur.com/article/monday-january-27th-limmer-boots/30645642
  17. thetrailboss

    NH Chronicle: The Making of Pats Peak

    I was anxiously awaiting this NH Chronicle Story that appeared last night on WMUR. The previews and pics looked really cool and it did not disappoint. One of the founding brothers is still alive and he and his family were featured in the segment. Very cool. The vintage footage, pictures, and...
  18. thetrailboss

    Dartmouth Releases Study Findings on Helmet Use in Skiing/Riding

    https://www.vpr.org/post/dartmouth-hitchcock-study-finds-ski-helmets-dont-prevent-severe-head-injuries?fbclid=IwAR10ruhyu_FsFVzCv-Fv8oH9RlnSU_e6zrSiX_xhRe5_1NDeJeBoe4Og5Ak#stream/0 Fire away.
  19. thetrailboss

    Are We Seeing the End of Regular Season Passes?

    We have had several threads over the past couple years talking about Epic, IKON, and other "Mega Passes." Whenever I talk to folks out here who have one of those "four letter" passes I tell them not to discuss it with the locals because as you all know too well Ikon at least contributed to some...
  20. thetrailboss

    NYT Visits Utah's Newest Ski/Ride Destination: Woodward Park City

    POWDR unveiled Woodward Park City now almost two weeks ago. Pretty impressive considering that this was a tiny town tubing and beginner ski hill with a Yurt as a lodge. 66,000 sq foot indoor gym/skate park. Multiple terrain parks and bike trails. New fixed grip quad. Updated snowmaking...