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    Thunderbolt Wednesday?

    There could be 2' of fresh snow. Thoughts?
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    La Vallee Blanche

    Far from the northeast I know. We skied in Chamonix week before last when everyone here was enjoying fresh powder we had ice and slush and beautiful Alpes. Here's my edit.
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    Mountain Jam 2014

    We rented a house and bought 3-day tickets. With the addition of The Allman Brothers to the line-up I am really looking forward to this year's Mountain Jam. Anyone else going?
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    Stoner Bowl

    Colorado v Washington in the Stuperbowl. The 2 states that have legalized recreational 420. Coincidence? Maybe it helps them focus? I know my euphemism for it while skiing or mountain biking is "talking to the coach" though many of you refer to smoking reefer as having a "safety meeting".
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    Should I go to Whitefish MT?

    My ski club is going to Whitefish next February. Anybody been there? Terrain? Town? Lodging? Etc...
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    Just Unliked all the ski areas on my Facebook

    I found it annoying to have to scroll past countless reminders of events that I have no interest in. Actually I found the constant posts annoying even in the heart of ski season. To all you ski area social marketers, I know where you are and I know when you have good snow. I don't expect that...
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    Amtrack to VT

    Has anyone taken the train to VT? I am waiting in the Stamford station and it's 45 minutes late. It's an 8 & 1/2hour ride to Burlington. Gonna be a long afternoon and evening....
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    NEMBAfest @ KT, VT

    Well I have been wanting to attend a NEMBAfest for a few years now and when I got an email regarding this year's event at Burke and KT I thought I should just make plans and go. But I noticed they said there would be live music so I emailed NEMBA's pres. and said I'd like to submit my band for...
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    Backcountry.com (mini rant)

    So I've been looking for some backcountry boots and had tried several on a few weeks ago in VT. None fit. So I was looking at some boots recommended for wide feet on backcountry.com. The little chat window pops up so I tell them what I am looking for and the guy recommends a boot. I look at...
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    Obligatory Where to ski this weekend thread

    So after driving up to Quebec and back last weekend I want to hit VT for some powder but don;t want to drive 5 hours to Jay or even 4.5 to Sugarbush. Will Killington get enough snow to be worthwhile? Someone mentioned Whiteface but that is also too far...Gore? Burke? Could this, should this...
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    Mont Ste Anne & Le Massif 2/17 - 2/19/12

    This was our third trip to the Quebec area hills and we will definitely be going back many times in the future. First, it looked like winter. There was a good 4 feet of snow on the ground everywhere. I had been noticing that it had been staying under freezing there throughout most of our...
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    Jiminy 1/1/112

    Thought we should start the new year right so went skiing despite my resolve to wait for snow. Hell. wasn't going to do anything anyway and it was way better than staying home and watching the jets suck...again. Conditions were a combination of granular and slush but they had a good amount...
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    Just when I want to Hate Jay Peak

    For putting in a waterpark and going all resorty on me - they write this on their snow report and win the love back. http://www.jaypeakresort.com/ Never mind the link they took down what they had under conditions. Somebody higher up in management probably saw it and had it removed. The...
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    My Band is Playing at Tuxedo Ridge

    We are playing at a small music festival called Rock The Mountain next weekend. Our pay - free skiing. Does not look like it will be worth the hour and a half drive from my house to ski there.... I'm not positive, but I think I may have skied there a long, long, long time ago. Does anyone...
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    Thunderbolt Race?

    Anyone go? Any word?? Reports???
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    President's Week - Where Ya Goin'

    Those of us with kids in school are slaves to their schedules. My son is a HS senior so we will soon be free. However, this year we have college visits to work around as well as the school calendar. Plan is to leave from Boston Saturday morning, ski somewhere, (maybe finally try Burke) drive...
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    No Bull

    So I checked out BIllski's page of links and noticed No Bull ski reports, a pay for ski conditions site. Question: does anyone here use them? Is their information any better than you can get through other, free sources such as the AZ forums? They have been around for years and I am somewhat...
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    Speaking of Universal Sports,

    I was watching the FIS Woman's Slalom from Finland last weekend; you know the shot from behind at at the starters gate, well I'm thinking these girls have really fat butts. Then I realize I've got the flat screen set for 16x9. Love Universal, though I wish it were high definition.
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    The Older I Get...

    ...the harder it is to transition to winter. I have always been a winter person. Loved being out in cold and snow since I was a little kid. Now I am in my 50's and have lately noticed that when it starts to get cold I don't feel the same excitement I used to. I find it harder to adjust...
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    Speed Trap Thread

    Let's help each other out with those special locations where the law loves to lay in wait and slap you with a ticket. Here's one to start. Troy VT on Rt. 100 near Jay Peak. Speed limit goes from 55 to 40 and you'd better comply because more often than not there will be a trooper laying in...