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  1. RENO

    Worlds first underground bike park 320,000 acres and 100 ft down

    http://reviews.mtbr.com/mega-underground-bike-park-opens-in-louisville-kentucky GF_WQ0eC9Bg
  2. RENO

    Whiteface Opening video from Jan 25th 1958

    Also, other info of early days of skiing in upstate NY... http://www.whitefaceregion.com/blog/2014/10/early-days-skiing-and-whiteface-mountain?utm_source=SkiAndRide&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=AdirondacksUSA 1Gy6Poi8yqE
  3. RENO

    Chaotic bike commute. LOL!

  4. RENO

    E-Mountain Bikes?

    Haven't seen one of these bikes in person yet on the trails. Looks like a few big names are building these. Interesting article. I can see this causing problems with trail access if these start popping up on dirt trails. http://reviews.mtbr.com/the-angry-singl ... ain-biking
  5. RENO

    SkiShoeing with the Altai Hok...

    Gonna pick these up. These would be fun in the trees... http://www.altaiskis.com/blog/products/the-hok/ Universal binding. Use any hiking boot. 2 Ratchet straps similar to a snowboard binding : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG7P8fL0bNc Telemark binding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlh2vBakt8g
  6. RENO

    Killington Resort Announces Improvement Projects for the 2012-13 Season

    http://www.killington.com/winter/beast/blog/authors/killington/killington-resort-announces1 Killington Resort Announces Improvement Projects for the 2012-13 SeasonPosted June 10, 2012 Killington Resort has invested over $20 million in the last five years including the Skye Peak Express Quad...
  7. RENO

    Killington season recap and looking forward from Chris Nyberg

    http://www.killington.com/winter/beast/blog/authors/killington/season-recap-and-looking-forward Posted June 8, 2012 - Season Recap and Looking Forward An inside look at the 2011-12 winter season and a sneak peak of what's in store for the upcoming seasons from Chris Nyberg, Killington’s...
  8. RENO

    1st Snowboard Invented 1939?

    Cool old video... 4F3ek-nxp48
  9. RENO

    Kevin Pearce will be snowboarding tomorrow (Dec 13)...

    ...for the first time since the accident. Amazing! Wish him well! okiwNHVXTtA
  10. RENO

    Winter Park early dusting of snow...

  11. RENO

    Hunter Music Festival June 3-5 50-60% off Groupon

    http://www.groupon.com/albany-capital-region/ Confirm the city (Albany) hit 'continue' then enter an email address and hit 'see today's deal'...
  12. RENO

    Spring Deals...

    Post up any Spring Deals you come across. First spring pass I've come across is Hunter for $169. Unlimited 2/28 - 4/10... https://eski.huntermtn.com/itemShow.aspx?Dep=PASSES&Cat=SEAS_PASS&It=SPRINGPASS
  13. RENO

    Novara mountain bikes from REI?

    Anybody have any experience with REI's Novara mountain bikes? Looking at a reasonably priced 29er and came across the Novara Ponderosa. Decent components. I also get 22% off and 10% refund at REI. Not looking to spend $2000+ right now on a bike. Gonna check one out this weekend hopefully and...
  14. RENO

    Rocker Snowboards...

    Looking at a few Rocker snowboards. Just curious if anybody has one or demoed one in the East? Any good on hardpack? Looking at several different brands. Ride got some great reviews for the Machete and DH2 while Burton got great reviews for their Custom V Rocker. I've been using Ride snowboards...
  15. RENO

    MTBNJ.COM for the Joysey riders...

    Good website for us Joysey mountain bikers... http://www.mtbnj.com/
  16. RENO

    IBEX Bikes... Any experiences with them?

  17. RENO

    Join IMBA and get free mag subscriptions...

    Good MTB organization plus you get a free subscription to Bicycling and Mountain Bike Magazines. Individual membership is only $30... http://www.imba.com/membership/index.html Good article on the scumbags trying to take away our trails. Article is mainly about Montana, but also describes how...
  18. RENO

    BikesDirect? Motobecane?

    Anybody ever purchase a bike from these guys? Looks like some good reviews online for them along with some of their bikes. Not too familiar with Motobecane bikes though? http://www.bikesdirect.com/
  19. RENO

    Frontier $219 Phili to Denver non-stop...

    In case anybody is flying to Colorado from Phili this season or anywhere else Frontier services. Just got this deal through their website for end of January. Fly out at 9 AM Saturday and back 4:45 PM Saturday.