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  1. Ol Dirty Noodle

    11/24 - Hunter

    Got to Hunter around 8:45 today, raining at a decent clip, got 2 runs down hell gate before I was drenched and visibility was becoming an issue. Hit the lodge to dry my gear and figure out what I was gonna do, after about 45 min out of nowhere the rain turned to giant flakes and it started...
  2. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Hunter - 11/17

    Hit Hunter Sunday figuring without the busses running there’d be way less crowds/ jerry herds which fortunately was the case. Got there around 8:30, the only runs open were Hell Gate and Belt and only the 6 pack was spinning. No lines to speak of hopped right on and quickly began lapping hell...
  3. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Killington 11/10

    Got my first turns yesterday at killington, top to bottom skiing and beautiful bluebird conditions, Rime was nicely bumped up, there were some thin spots under the quad but all in all it help up really well all day
  4. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Wst 4/13-4/14

    Yes this weekend isn’t even out and I’m starting mainly for my own personal need. Next week I gotta start doing VT weekends vs Bellayre day trips. Probably going to try killington for the first time this weekend, I’ll be at Smuggs 4/20-21 for their last weekend, now my question: do I bring out...
  5. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Latest season in the NE

    I’ve been trying to figure out what North Eastern mountains are open into April, maybe I’m not liking hard enough but most don’t have any concrete info, I know 2 years ago I was at smuggs for the last weekend and it was March 26. I’m trying to ski as much as possible because I think I’m doing...
  6. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Bellayre 2/18/2019

    Got there around 9:45 snowing decently temps around 30*. Crowds were minimal.... shockingly minimal, longest and only wait for the day was 2 min at the gondi around 11:30. Snow was awesome cream cheese, plenty of fresh stashes on the sides of the blacks and in the woods. Mini bumps on most...
  7. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Crowds Super Bowl Sunday???

    Thinking about hitting Bellayre in the morning, anyone have any experience skiing game day? Any effect on crowds?
  8. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Smuggs 1/21-1/26

    Day 1 got there around 12:30, on the slopes by 2, completely flat and sticky, -35 with windchill Madonna and sterling on hold, got stuck x-countrying down midway [emoji2959], tomorrow I’m on doubles blacks only, need the pitch to combat this slow sticky
  9. Ol Dirty Noodle

    New Year’s Day

    It’s looking like a total wash out everywhere I’m checking, how far north does every one reckon the skiing will be good???
  10. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Mount Snow 12/23/2018

    Conditions: lots of fresh man made under the guns, some icy hardpack in the shade or where guns were lacking. Got there around 8:15 parked at carinithia and hopped right on Nitro surprised at how empty it was, then we skied long john to the main base area and promptly met a wall tourists...
  11. Ol Dirty Noodle

    Where to ski 12/23???

    Looking to a day trip Sunday the 23, Max 4 hour each way from LI, what are your thoughts on best conditions and minimal holiday crowds?