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  1. soposkier

    Sugarloaf first timer

    Agreed, by no means was suggesting to stick to groomers when conditions were good. Just stating when conditions are limited to groomers there are worse places you could be than Sugarloaf.
  2. soposkier

    Sugarloaf first timer

    I actually enjoy Sugarloaf when limited to groomers as compared to other mountains. Cruising down timberline (the trail) can't be beat when the view is clear. Do a full run on narrow gauge from the top. Non groomer stuff, check out all the tree shots off spillway xcut. And not sure where you...
  3. soposkier

    Sunday Options

    I like them both, I would give the edge to Black Mtn because of the glades and the runs feel slightly longer/more sustained. Abrams does have some good steep stuff on the skiers right side if conditions are good. Price can't be beat at either. Can't speak to current conditions. Hopefully the...
  4. soposkier

    Skiing on the cheap - 2018-19

    $35 Tickets at Sugarloaf on select days. Just booked a 4-day ticket for $140, good timing for an already planned vacation. https://buy.sugarloaf.com/ecomm/shop/calendar/6537955/en-US/?productcategoryid=117
  5. soposkier

    AlpineZone Summit 8.0

    Skied today, conditions are prime. Should be great next weekend if this midweek storm shapes up!
  6. soposkier

    Lifts that are never open

    Rode the village double a few years ago ( I want to say the last year of the spear triple). The line for the 6 pack was too long and I was too lazy to walk to the triple from the lodge, so the double was a nice option.
  7. soposkier

    Best and Worst Parking at Ski Resorts

    I find sugarloaf's parking lot shuttle to be fine, just sucks its a pain to go back for beers, but stash a small cooler pack in the lodge and keep a few in the jacket.
  8. soposkier

    Beginner Skiing out West

    If they have no money issues and want the disneyland of skiing experience, Vail is actually pretty good for beginner terrain. I was out there last winter for a day with my wife is a high end beginner snowboarder. (well we dropped her in a lesson, money well spent). What was nice is that the...
  9. soposkier

    Iceland trip

    Went there in September a few years. Stayed in Reykjavik and did day trips out. Snorkeling in the Silfra was really cool. Look that up. Did the glacier hike, some white water rafting, and a hike to hot springs. Also did the blue lagoon, but much preferred the natural hot springs better...
  10. soposkier

    Random Beers

    Otter Creek Fresh Slice White IPA. Really enjoying the stuff coming out of Otter Creek with Brew master Mike. They sell mix 12 packs, so its great to mix it up from the standard IPAs.
  11. soposkier

    Random Beers

    No a trendy new beer, but a solid old favorite. Gearys HSA. Love the can as well.
  12. soposkier

    Latest Netflix Selection?

    Watched Beasts of No Nation yesterday, very good, worthy of all the praise
  13. soposkier

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Woke up this morning and decided to make the trip, snow is great
  14. soposkier

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Debating doing the same. Haven't used a sick day yet this year, going to runout of time soon. Just worried it might not get warm/sunny enough to soften all over.
  15. soposkier

    Best West Coast conditions (February 2016)?

    I've had good luck with preflight all times of day. Never had to wait for more than five minutes at the terminal.
  16. soposkier

    More snow in Egypt than NE

    There is a ski area on Mt Hermon, not unique for that area of Israel to get snow.
  17. IMG_20151212_115201_163 (1).jpg

    IMG_20151212_115201_163 (1).jpg

  18. soposkier

    Sunday River 12/12

    First day out on the season. Didn't get onto the hill until noon, but 4 plus hours was plenty. Surprisingly good spring-like conditions. I'll take soft bumps in Decemeber if that's what this weather wants to do. Spent most the day at Aurora doing Airglow and Northern Lights. Right stuff and...
  19. soposkier

    legalize it already

    http://now8news.com/colorado-mcdonalds-offers-first-marijuana-friendly-smoking-section-in-restaurant/ Onion-esque website. Play place turned unto to marajuana smoking area, not a bad idea
  20. soposkier


    Curious if they do not open what effect it would have on Sugarloaf weekend crowds.