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  1. Quietman


    Or, the greater risk of exposure to Covid while working at the mtn wasn't worth the free pass for who's knows what of a ski season when the hills started hiring in Oct/Nov.
  2. Quietman

    Gondola at Whitedace

    Whiteface post from Facebook: Author Whiteface The difference is the $4,500 cabins can go back up on a lift without any maintenance, the $500 cannot. They look the same.
  3. Quietman

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    How do we expect our younger children to social distance in schools hallways when adults refuse to, and won't wear masks? And this from Iowa, not Fl or TX! https://www.vox.com/2020/8/8/21357625/covid-19-iowa-lakes-okoboji-kim-reynolds-masks
  4. Quietman

    Trump was right...Fauci IS inept

    2 great takes on his throw that I heard. He didn't want anyone to "catch" it. He was trying to flatten out his curve.
  5. Quietman

    Best Ski Area Trail Maps

    Killington and Sunday River both had topo trail maps in the day, back then I thought that they were the coolest thing ever!
  6. Quietman

    Jay Peak closed for season as of Saturday 4pm

    My parents are 83 and 85, and I am very, very concerned.
  7. Quietman

    SuperPasses 20/21

    Amen! I am so glad that I decided to work for my pass this year, instead of buying one. Northern resorts have done better, but this currently ranks as one of the worst natural snow years in the last 15 years S NH and below.
  8. Quietman

    New storm on the way

    Very true, but very sad that we are hoping for base building snow in Feb.
  9. Quietman

    Stevens Pass 7th Heaven Lift

    This is what I remember as 2 doubles welded together. Old Temple Mtn NH Borvig quad. I had many rides on that. Glad that no one got hurt at Stevens Pass!
  10. Quietman

    No snow making at Vail Resort ski resorts

    Crotched Whales From tonight, whales on Meteor. Not thin and tall like the ones at Cannon, they were broad and wide.
  11. Quietman

    New storm on the way

    00z run is just nasty, but at least the rain looks to start later on Sat afternoon.
  12. Quietman

    Stowe or Okemo this weekend?

    Or a PBR or Yuengling! I also drive 3 hours to Maine to our cabin near SR, and if the snow is good, will ski Mt Abram or Black Mtn of ME before shelling out $100+ for SR. Give me trails with twists and turns, so tired of skiing straight boulevards.
  13. Quietman

    Superpasses: more crowds?

    Crotched was quite busy today, but lots of day tickets, and no real lift lines.
  14. Quietman

    Storm on the way

    I'll say it a 3rd time! It was fun skiing the whales with the fresh powder.
  15. Quietman

    Whisk(e)y Thread

    That will clean out the pipes for sure!
  16. Quietman

    Superpasses: more crowds?

    Not just a VT problem!
  17. Quietman

    Mt Abrams access road.

    I was wondering what was going on, as I saw lots of trucks with bikes headed up the access road today I hope that it works out well for them. Having a very nice weekend at our place on North pond