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  1. prsboogie

    The first permanent closure in NE

    Sad news today. Blandford Ski Area, a small local ski hill in Blandford Ma. Made the decision shut their doors for good today. This past season was just too much for them. They are offering discounts for season pass holders to their sister hill, Butternut, in Great Barrington, Ma. This is my...
  2. prsboogie

    For Sale 2019 Dynastar Legend x84 184 new

    Brand New in Plastic $250 plus shipping if needed Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using AlpineZone mobile app
  3. prsboogie

    For Sale 2020 Salomon QST 92 185

    SOLD Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using AlpineZone mobile app
  4. prsboogie

    For Sale K2 Pinnacle 88 184 w/marker demos

    Lightly used surface scratching to the tail topsheets and light superficial base scratching that will be gone after a tune. My gear hoarding has gotten out of control and I need to scale down. $300+shipping if needed. Pics later today Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using AlpineZone mobile app
  5. prsboogie

    Death of the Summit

    Realistically, is there an chance, with the current state of this forum, that there will be another Sugarloaf Summit? I cannot see the path to one but maybe I am missing it.
  6. prsboogie

    Cannon Mountain 3/19/2017

    I am embarrassed to say today was my first day ever at Cannon. Left at the ass crack of dawn and arrived at 830. The ride up was fantastic without traffic but hit a few flurries just north of Boston for about 10 minutes. Remained overcast the entire ride until I hit Lincoln and ran into this ...
  7. prsboogie

    Sunday River voucher

    SOLD. Got an unrestricted voucher for Sunday River that I will not use, $60 to whomever wants it. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  8. prsboogie

    Fire on the Mountain

    Just heard a report on my local news there's a fire in a condo building on Loon Mountain. Does anyone have more information on this? Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  9. prsboogie

    Where are you skiing today!

    I light of events yesterday and 4-5 AZers being at one place at the same time without knowing it, I thought it might be a good idea to start this thread. I would love to know who is skiing where on any particular day so I might meet up with and take a few runs members on the forum. I'm...
  10. prsboogie

    Day One - Killington Vt 11-18-16

    Started the day off at 5:45 picking up Miskha at the house and hitting the road north. Pretty uneventful ride by did run into some pretty cool looking low cloud cover we briefly mistook as snow gun smoke for a minute. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNbW6T4uamCY6NzheDZOdlEkpCBZCWCoS41WxQN...
  11. prsboogie

    My Snow Brewers Fest Sept 3/4

    Anybody planning on headed over there this weekend? I'll be there on Saturday with the bride. PM if you want to meet for a beer!! Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  12. prsboogie

    FS: Holly Tree Resort W. Yarmouth Ma

    My in-laws are looking to sell their week 33 studio time share at the Holly Tree. It is a Saturday check-in and the maintenance fees are paid for this year (325/annually). They would like to get $2500 with the buyer paying closing costs, which I have absolutely no idea what they will be. Please...
  13. prsboogie

    Advice on a new Fitness/cruise styler

    I have been searching for a new Fitness bike and have been very interested in the following bikes in order of preference. 1) Ghost Roam 3 2) Specialized Sirrus 3) Cannondale Quick 4) Ghost Escape 5) Specialized Crosstrail 6) Windsor Rapide (bikesdirect.com) I do not have a lot of money for...
  14. prsboogie

    FS: Wildcat/Attitash Ticket $35

    1 Midweek, non-holiday (M-F) Attitash/Wildcat ticket extra from my week vacation, thank you rain!! $35 cash/check/PayPal+fees if not friended funds
  15. prsboogie

    Blizzard Viva 7.3 IQ 160cm New w/bindings

    Sold on fleebay Bought these too long for my beginning to ski wife. She used rentals this week that are 148s and when she looked at her skis said no way. Mounted and had a boot clicked in a couple times to adjust but are new. $225 shipped +pp $200 local pickup cash is king!!
  16. prsboogie

    For Sale Women's Atomic Waymaker 80 25.5 BNIB

    The Internet purchase bites again!! Got these for my wife and they are too small, they shouldn't be by all accounts but she says they are so here I am trying to move them. Got them no returns on eBay, looking to get my money back, $150.00 plus shipping/pp fees. They have been on her feet twice...
  17. prsboogie

    When is the last day for snowmaking

    So in the year that wasn't I was wondering what the consensus is on last day of snowmaking? Do you think areas will go later into the winter/early spring if Temps allow since they didn't spend a lot in late fall/early winter? And go....
  18. prsboogie

    Glenn Frey dead at 67

    https://youtu.be/NN0K-20SEis Wow tough month! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  19. prsboogie

    PSA: Levelninesports.com

    In case anyone is looking for helmets - this is a good deal :thumbup: https://www.levelninesports.com/deal-bombs?utm_source=384newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=L9email&utm_campaign=1217christmasday11&inf_contact_key=142a24c4ca91a16fb3d146efd7ee8e3294029d60a7a9cfa5270207881e6461bc
  20. prsboogie

    Extra Ride and Ski Card For Sale

    Anyone need a ride and ski card with the free lift pass? For some reason I wasn't thinking about the BOGO deals and there are only 4 of us. I though I had it sold the day I bought it but it fell apart. $50 covers the shipping. If your not interested in the pass I will sell for $30 shipped