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  1. asnowmobiler

    Skier dies at Whiteface

    From what I heard he lost control and hit a tree. WILMINGTON — A 22-year-old college student from Pennsylvania died while skiing at Whiteface Mountain Tuesday, State Police said. Essex County Coroner Jerod Heidrick responded to the scene and pronounced Bernhard T. Kahlau, of Mountain Top...
  2. asnowmobiler

    Private message issue??

    Anyone else seem to be having an issue replying to private messages? I replied to someone two times other the last few days and when I look in my sent folder, it is empty.
  3. asnowmobiler

    Looking for advice on joining a ski club/lodge.

    I’m thinking about joining a ski club with a lodge in southern Vermont For next season. I did a quick Google search and only found a few and even fewer with web sites. Anyone on here ever joined one and how was it? I definitely do not want to share a room with a stranger, so I believe that will...
  4. asnowmobiler

    2020/2021 Season Pass Thread

    Blue mountain announced $429 for next season including the rest of this year. I’m thinking Epic or Ikon and looking forward to what next season has to offer.
  5. asnowmobiler

    What’s going on at Greek Peak?

    I have off on Friday and wanted to Ski Greek before the rain arrives, so I checked their site and it shows only 16 runs out of I think 56. Last year it was similar when I wanted to go, is this normal? I’ve never been there and now I’m starting to wonder if it’s even worth ever going.
  6. asnowmobiler

    I had to have them.

    I know they’re goofy but they match my ski boots so I had to have them and I bought the other two just to get free shipping
  7. asnowmobiler

    Are these any good?

    I just bought them at a stupidly low price and wondering why they were so cheap.
  8. asnowmobiler

    Camelback “Aspen like”

  9. asnowmobiler

    Very cool history of the Poconos skiing history.

  10. asnowmobiler

    Binding recommendation

    I’m going to order a pair of Enforcer 104’s tomorrow and not sure what bindings to get. I am leaning towards Pivot 12’s but I’ve never had them and looking for advice or suggestions on what to get. I’m a heavy guy that skis aggressively most of the time and all my other ones are set at Din 7.
  11. asnowmobiler

    Solitude Yurt dinner?

    We are thinking about doing this, but I have a hard time thinking it’s worth $140 plus drinks, anyone ever try it? https://solitudemountain.com/village-dining/the-yurt
  12. asnowmobiler

    Indy Ski Pass

    I would love have on one like this for the East coast. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2019/03/14/independent-ski-areas-join-to-offer-new-ski-pass-option-for-just-199/
  13. asnowmobiler

    Transpack as a carry on?

    I normally just put my boots in the pockets on my ski bag, but this year I’m planning on taking two pairs of skis and I don’t want to be over the weight limit. so as the title suggests, will the airline (Delta) let me use my boot bag as a carry on bag , it’s not that large but oddly shaped.
  14. asnowmobiler

    Site hacked?

    I keep getting this pop up only on this site, it will not go away unless I close the window. it only happens on my iPad Pro and iPhone X
  15. asnowmobiler

    Peaks pass scam

    It seems like every time I try to book a room at any of their locations online,they claim they have no rooms, but they can easily be booked though other sites for less than my supposed to be a discount price. If I book through peaks site,I get a 10% discount + an 8% resort tax, that tax is not...
  16. asnowmobiler

    2018/2019 Season Pass Prices

    Blue Mountain in Pa released their early price for an unlimited pass $399 They have a limited # at this tier.
  17. asnowmobiler

    Gilson skis

    I’m looking forward to trying these tomorrow at Montage. https://vimeo.com/225866866
  18. asnowmobiler

    Ski Big-Bear

    I decided to check this place out today and I was pleased that I did. They have a nice mix of runs and the conditions were fantastic.
  19. asnowmobiler

    Very impressed with Hunter!!

    I booked a room for Friday and Saturday night at Kaatskill lodge a little over a week ago with the understanding that it was undefinable. Wednesday afternoon I received a call saying the mountain would be closed Friday and they would give me a full refund. I didn't expect it or cared if they...