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  1. moresnow

    Vermont avalanche

    It's deep out there. https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2018/03/14/rescue-crews-in-vermont-work-to-rescue-soldiers-from-mount-mansfield-avalanche/amp
  2. moresnow

    For Sale Tacoma rims

    FS: Steel rims from a 98 Tacoma (first generation with a 6 lug pattern) $50
  3. moresnow

    For Sale Subaru rims with snow tires

    FS: Alloy rims from a 05 WRX with Dunlop Winter Sport tires. $125
  4. moresnow

    Hunter 1/16/15

    Anybody else going to be at Hunter on Friday? Wouldn't mind meeting up for a few runs.
  5. moresnow

    First skis

    Not my first skis, but I am going to try to get my daughter out for the first time. I was hoping that some of you have some advice regarding what gear you like or worked well for your little ones. For boots I have my eyes on these...
  6. moresnow

    Plattekill 1/29/14

    Date(s) Skied: Wednesday, 1/29/14 Resort or Ski Area: Plattekill Conditions: groomed packed powder, mostly Trip Report: A buddy and I headed up to Platty to take advantage of the $20 skier appreciation days going on this week. We rolled in a little after 9 and had a rough time finding...
  7. moresnow

    Plattekill Conditions

    Did anybody ski Platty this weekend (1/25-1/26)? How does it look out there?
  8. moresnow

    Belleayre 1/20/14

    I'm going up to Belleayre tomorrow, 1/20. Anybody else heading up there? I'd love to take a few runs if you are. :daffy: