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  1. soposkier

    Sunday River 12/12

    First day out on the season. Didn't get onto the hill until noon, but 4 plus hours was plenty. Surprisingly good spring-like conditions. I'll take soft bumps in Decemeber if that's what this weather wants to do. Spent most the day at Aurora doing Airglow and Northern Lights. Right stuff and...
  2. soposkier


    Not looking good at saddleback. Hopefully they can pull it off. http://www.wcsh6.com/story/news/local/2015/07/20/owner-says-saddleback-wont-open-without-funding-for-new-chairlifts/30408427/
  3. soposkier

    Prospect Hill, Waltham, MA (NELSAP) 1/29

    Made a few laps on Thursday after work. Prospect Hill is a closed ski hill (http://www.nelsap.org/ma/prospecthill.html) that is still a public. There are multiple trails that are still very much skiable plus some woods where decent lines can be found. The trails themselves were...
  4. soposkier

    Killington 12-17-14

    Date(s) Skied:12-17-14 Resort or Ski Area: Killington Conditions: Spring Like, with heavy fog Trip Report: Made the midweek day trip to Killington. Pretty much everything was open, although Bear was shut down so that closed all the terrain leading to there. Heavy snow and relatively...
  5. soposkier

    Wildcat or Black for first timers

    Headed with the girlfriend to Jackson, NH for the weekend. I ski while she does not so we decided we would both give snowboarding a try for the first time to be on the same level. The few times she has tried skiing her greatest fear is being around others, so an uncrowded isolated beginner area...
  6. soposkier

    Killington 2/28

    First time at killington. Woods are prime right now. Big soft bumps everywhere. Snow got heavier as the day went on, hopefully it doesnt freeze up into a crust. Only gripe, why dont they run the Outer Limits Quad midweek? Talking to people on the lifts it seems like this is quite the...
  7. soposkier

    Black Mtn Snow Report Hijack

    Just looked at the snow report a few minutes ago and saw this. Looks like it is back to normal now. ..
  8. soposkier

    R.I.P Jeff Kuller of Camden Snowbowl

    http://www.pressherald.com/news/Camden-service-for-Snow-Bowl-manager-packs-opera-house.html Sad story. Sounds like he did some great things with the area. I made it there a few years ago and it really did have the most community vibe of any ski area i have been to.
  9. soposkier

    Drew Bledsoe Ski Company

    http://bostonherald.com/track/inside_track/view/20111129bledsoes_apres-field_foray/srvc=home&position=6 Although it appears this is only a "new"story to the herald.... http://sports.espn.go.com/action/freeskiing/news/story?id=5960360 Many more stories/pictures out there if you search. I did...
  10. soposkier

    Air Travel With Skis

    I know there has probably been threads on this in the past, but couldnt locate one: Travelling west for the first time and looking for general advice on the packing process. I plan on flying either jet blue or southwest to avoid the bag fee (both of which work nice direct from BOS to DEN)...
  11. soposkier

    College ID Discounts

    So what mountains out there offer a discount for having a college ID? I know of Cannon, Ragged and Sunappee. Wildcat used to give the teen rate, not sure if they do anymore. Any other ones? Maybe they are unadvertised.
  12. soposkier

    Potential Ragged Investment

    http://www.concordmonitor.com/article/286199/for-resort-overseas-hopes?CSAuthResp=1319048534%3Av6dfl23ka0llt88mo7h4boohm4%3ACSUserId%7CCSGroupId%3Aapproved%3A004DFB50BD9A6568B5841221D3A01742&CSUserId=94&CSGroupId=1 Looks like some pretty big plans if it goes through...
  13. soposkier

    New Big Dig Problems

    http://www.boston.com/Boston/metrodesk/2011/08/contracting-soil-big-dig-tunnel-causes-more-problems/V359HktBVBQyqi5OFCymcK/index.html Plenty of other articles out there as well. Seems like there are a lot of other civil engineers on the board (and other curious minds). I don't know if I...
  14. soposkier

    Ragged HSQ?

    Went to Ragged yesterday, very good, really enjoyed the glades of the Spear Triple. I did a search of past threads concerning Ragged and see a lot of talk about a HSQ replacing the triple. If it's already a sure thing I guess theres really no point of discussing it, but I ve got to say I kind...
  15. soposkier


    Anyone have any recommendations for new ski helmets? Ive been looking around to get an idea, but seem to find a new brand/style in each store I go to. So far I like the feel of the Smith Vantage the best. I like a small profile and lots of venting for what its worth
  16. soposkier

    Ski Shop near Waltham, MA?

    Looking for a good ski shop for some repairs. Have a deep gouge in the base from late spring skiing and am looking for a shop that people have had good experience with for repairs. Definitly willing to travel for good work. Anyone have recommendations?
  17. soposkier

    Wildcat Reports?

    Havent seen any wildcat reports recently, anyone have an idea of how its holding up?
  18. soposkier

    Ragged or Sunappee

    After the storm, what would one guess would be a better bet for glades. Never skiied ragged glades before but have heard good things. Going solo so i can lap the single lines all day.
  19. soposkier

    Best Mountain within 2 hours from Boston?

    Looking to do a day trip monday, what would people say is the best mountain within 2 hours from boston right now?