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  1. Edd

    Okemo Intel?

    Next time I go I’ll try JG parking. Only been once but I’d like to check it out again on a mellow weekday.
  2. Edd

    Jan 19/20, 2021, Bretton Woods

    12 oz glass so....not bad. Since that was the first drink I’d bought at a ski area all season I just laughed.
  3. Edd


    Whoever buys Wildcat should buy the Glen House nearby to have close lodging. Seems like a no-brainer in my fantasy-laden mind.
  4. Edd

    Jan 19/20, 2021, Bretton Woods

    Conditions are very good right now. I checked out their summit lodge for the first time recently and it’s very impressive (Jameson and ginger costs >$15 however). We stayed at the Mt Washington, where major expansion and improvements have happened. Guessing that with the new gondola and summit...
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  14. Edd

    Loon 1/19/21

    BW has a handful of natural runs open, if you can tolerate the pitch. Staying overnight up here. Was skiing some ankle-deep snow yesterday.
  15. Edd


    I’ve been skiing solo more than usual this year. It’d be nice if there was a singles line specifically for people that don’t mind getting paired with another single. It’d speed things up a bit.
  16. Edd


    Heard a rumor that the Bobcat won’t be up anytime soon. With the HSQ on wind hold this morning the Tomcat lines looked longer than I’ve ever seen.
  17. Edd

    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    With the SUV and the bag and draining the brain? Because that’s alarming.
  18. Edd

    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    Is that a thing that happens?
  19. Edd


    No I don’t think Vail is going to care. I’m fortunate to have access to a Veteran Epic pass which is cheap. I want to withhold $ from them next season for what’s happening but I’m thinking Wildcat supporters are a trivial number to them. Wildcat deserves more respect than this. I’d like Vail to...
  20. Edd

    All mountain ski for intermediate

    I was also looking at the Brahma 82 online today, thinking about a short length also. My daily driver and pow skis are 180 but I’d like to try this in a 173. Burly ski so that may be long enough for frontside ride.