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  1. dlague

    Cannon Article in Unofficial Networks

    I think this sums it up pretty good - they mention DJ’s Tramline as pillowy. Mention NH to boney compared to Vermont. They also mention the ice wind and cold. Now more people might ski there? https://unofficialnetworks.com/2020/07/09/cannon-mountain-terrain/amp/ Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. dlague

    Top Ten Most Challenging Resorts in North America (another list)

    This list originally put out by USA Today so that probably says a lot. However, Smuggs was #6 and the only northeast resort to which I have a little problem with. I am not sure I see Smuggs as the most challenging in New England for that matter. They do have many great runs I will give them...
  3. dlague

    EPR Properties - the Owner/Operator tangled web

    With all the resort purchasing fervor, I became interested in who owns or operates what and found this interesting. So .... I thought Peak Resorts owned Hunter, Mt Snow, Jack Frost etc. but it turns out they are just the operators of the resorts apparently. There is a REIT EPR Properties...
  4. dlague

    Signs that Ski Season is getting closer

    Well it may seem odd that on August 1st this post would have anything worth while, however, there have been several events already. 1. whaler has been trip planning 2. passes have arrived in the mail 3. ski movie trailers are coming out 4. Colorado Ski Country USA announced the availability of...
  5. dlague

    CT to have year round skiing?

    Some that lives around there should check this out at Powder Ridge. http://unofficialnetworks.com/2017/07/13/connecticut-ski-area-to-offer-year-round-skiing/ Sent from my SM-G930P using AlpineZone mobile app
  6. dlague

    Colorado October 23rd - June 9th

    Well the season officially has come to an end – no California skiing. There were hopes A Basin would give it another whirl for Father’s Day Weekend, but it never came too. I stayed on with AZ to provide trip reports for a season from an east coaster gone west. Overall, we had a great season...
  7. dlague

    Why do you like your ski boots?

    In another thread/forum there has been lots of discussion regarding ski boots. As many of you might have read, we have been Dalbello fans (KR Chakra, Boss) and buy their boots even following a specific line (freeride). While, I recently switched to Lange (SX 120), the Dalbello product has been...
  8. dlague

    Ski Industry Acquisitions

    Thought this might be a place to report acquisitions of gear companies or other types of ski industry businesses. https://www.skimag.com/gear/jason-levinthal-acquires-4frnt-ski-company In this case Line Skis founder acquires 4FRNT!
  9. dlague

    What Ski Town are You?

    Fun little tool to play with - try it two ways: Conservative as in the way you kind of have to be now and then play it loose like you really would like it to be. I got Crested Butte - You are a bold, endurance athlete with a relentless zest for the outdoors and adventure. Even if you're not...
  10. dlague

    Another list but this time the East wins!

    FWIW Liftopia came out with their best in snow awards and New England topped the charts. https://bestinsnow.liftopia.com/#/ some of you might like this list - Best in Snow Northeast - Most Challenging (showing some Magic Love) https://bestinsnow.liftopia.com/#/winners/northeast/challenging...
  11. dlague

    Summer ski gear deals 2017

    The sales are starting to pop up. June through August are some of the best pricing. This is a pretty good price for Fischer Ranger TI 106 $299 - temped to pull the trigger. https://www.levelninesports.com/fischer-ranger-106-ti-skis If you see any great deals post them here unless you are...
  12. dlague

    A Basin 06/09/2017

    Sadly the season has come to an end. Our last trip to A Basin was another great day. While there was a lot of snow loss since we were there last (two weeks ago) that was primarily on higher terrain like East Wall which had lots of visible slide activity. Where skiing was in play there was...
  13. dlague

    Killington June 1st is on!

    Looks like they will make it after all! Kudos to them. Looks like the tough spots were on the flatswhere they pushed snow to make a couple thin connectors. And they shored up the S Turn.
  14. dlague

    A Basin 05/27-05/28

    Conditions: powder and packed powder, firm, corn. (Dependent on time of day) Saturday was somewhat of a gamble since the weather was going to be unsettled. We headed up to A Basin for the morning and arrived to pretty firm conditions. It was mostly cloudy and it stayed like that for the most...
  15. dlague

    Crystal Mountain taken over by former Boyne partner

    In a move opposite of the trend these days, Crystal which was owned by Boyne is now under private ownership, One of the Boyne partners gave up his share of Boyne in lieu of independently owning Crystal. Pretty cool! http://www.saminfo.com/headline-news/8858-kircher-buys-crystal-from-boyne-resorts
  16. dlague

    A Basin 05/07/17

    Conditions: Firm early, perfect between 10 and 2 the very soft after that. Will not bore you with details but Montezuma Bowl was pretty firm and crunchy on non groomed areas skied well on groomed. Everything off Black Mountain Lift was good right from the get go. Runs off Pali were good...
  17. dlague

    A Basin - 04/28/17

    Conditions; Packed powder, Powdah So the Continental Divide has been getting a constant 4-6 inches per day all week so we knew Saturday was going to be a mad house which it was. Will talk about that in a bit. In any case, Friday was best since it meant fewer people. Ya right! It is a powder...
  18. dlague

    Loiveland, A Basin - 04/22/17 & 04/23/17

    Loiveland, A Basin - 04/22/17 & 04/23/17 Saturday was more of an attempt to get some good snow at Loveland before things warmed up too much. My son had a lacrosse game in the Denver area and before we headed to the game my wife wanted to pack our gear. His game got done around 11:30 and...
  19. dlague

    Keystone, Loveland, A Basin 4/14-4/16/17

    Conditions: Very firm mornings, nice spring conditions after 10-11 am We had a visitor from back east for a three day weekend. He really did not care which mountains he skied at and let us pick the places so we kept it in a tight cluster along Route 6 around Loveland Pass. Day 1, was spent...
  20. dlague

    A Basin 4/2/2017

    Conditions: Powder/PP What a night and day difference between Friday and Sunday! After our last experience at Keystone (not that good) and hearing that A Basin was skiing great, we headed that way. With the recent upslope storm, places along the Continental Divide fared the best so we were...