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  1. Edd

    Jan 19/20, 2021, Bretton Woods

    Conditions are very good right now. I checked out their summit lodge for the first time recently and it’s very impressive (Jameson and ginger costs >$15 however). We stayed at the Mt Washington, where major expansion and improvements have happened. Guessing that with the new gondola and summit...
  2. Edd

    Schweitzer cancels MLK event

    COVID troubles. https://www.schweitzer.com/blog/schweitzer-life/twilight-skiing-cancelled-for-mlk-weekend/
  3. Edd

    Helmet strap technology

    Does your helmet strap look like this? Adjusting these things is way too much of a struggle, IMO. Are there helmets with a different setup? If so, which brand?
  4. Edd

    Masks that don’t fog your goggles

    There’s an old thread or two about goggles not fogging. But what about a mask that doesn’t cause the issue in the first place? This’ll be more of an issue this coming season. Anyone know a decent mask for this? Every one I’ve tried has sucked in the end.
  5. Edd

    Gunstock improvements

    https://www.laconiadailysun.com/news/covid-19/gunstock-considers-hotel-road-to-top/article_6630e412-d29a-11ea-8a29-07996ef1d6b5.html Not a lot here to chew on because no decisions have really been made. I don’t think this was posted on the forum but last year but Gunstock hired a new GM for the...
  6. Edd

    Bikes sold out during pandemic

    I’ve been too slow on everything lately. Was considering getting a couple of bikes for gravel roads and generally screwing around. Sold out everywhere it seems. Bikes, RVs, boats, houses. It’s a seller’s market all over.
  7. Edd

    The rise of cheap goggles

    Amazon has a tempting selection of ski goggles with decent features. I bought these. LEMEGO Ski Goggles - Frameless... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YBRGLZ1?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share For under $40, I got a pair with 2 lenses (sunny and cloudy) and they’re magnetic. There are arguments against...
  8. Edd

    Ski vid from northern Japan

    We’ve all watched similar vids but goddamn this one is extra good. This is my dream ski destination. https://youtu.be/SiN1fkWjW5k
  9. Edd

    Ski area bars and what’s on TV

    On any ski day I’m going to stop in the bar for beers. I’m of the opinion that the only thing on those TVs should be ski movies, TGR and the like. Mostly what I see is Weather Channel, cooking shows (seriously?), and sports talk (no thanks). I’d like to be more immersed in the ski vibe when...
  10. Edd

    The business of ski resorts

    Here’s a vid that breaks down the larger costs of ski areas. Virtually nothing that a typical AZ member doesn’t know but interesting nonetheless. https://youtu.be/vpcUVOjUrKk
  11. Edd

    Line Sakana skis

    Has anyone skied these? Appears to be a solid east coast pow ski. https://lineskis.com/en-us/p/sakana I’ve a pair of Soul 7s that are still riding beautifully 4-5 years in. There’s no excuse to buy the Lines but I’ll be damned if these aren’t the most gorgeous skis I’ve ever seen.
  12. Edd

    Steamboat Jan 12th - 14th (pics)

    Mostly will let the photos speak for themselves. I’m aware Steamboat is not everyone’s fave but, they’ve got some real snow here. It was an awesome 3 days.
  13. Edd

    Crystal open letter addressing heavy crowds

    https://www.crystalmountainresort.com/the-mountain/crystal-blog/an-open-letter Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  14. Edd

    “Dream Job” (ski film)

    I don’t suppose anyone here has seen this film somehow? Sounds different. https://apple.news/ACaKpIxUNTRCaqnQXkYHVqA
  15. Edd

    Ski vid shot by drone

    Quick stoke hit I saw on Twitter. A bit too much city skiing for my taste but gets better. I’ve yet to spot a drone at a ski area myself. https://youtu.be/WWbWzNJgq7I
  16. Edd

    Let’s talk about snoring!

    I’m a horrible snorer. I was also diagnosed with a mild case of sleep apnea a few years ago. Did a sleep study for a CPAP machine but it went poorly so sleep has generally been an issue for me and the wife for years. I’ll start snoring a couple of hours into sleep and she gets up and moves to...
  17. Edd

    Climbing films

    I’m thinking many of you have seen this stuff but I watched Free Solo recently and was blown away. That’s on Hulu right now if you subscribe. However, I recommend watching The Dawn Wall on Netflix before watching Free Solo. It gives useful context. Additionally, I recommend Meru, currently...
  18. Edd

    Article on Aspen private ski instruction

    So here’s a piece on being a private ski instructor in Aspen. Not sure how much of it I believe. https://apple.news/A786wDB7kSNesYt9fbkqkAA
  19. Edd

    Anyone buy lift tickets from skicentral.com?

    Never heard of these guys but a friend is suggesting we buy from this site. Anyone worked with them before?
  20. Edd

    Mont-Sainte-Anne and Le Massif Jan 14-16, 2019

    I’m going to do multiple posts here because of photo limitations with the app. If you want to get right to the skiing, skip this post. It’ll take me some time in between posts. Suffice to say, this was an excellent trip. Our group of 4 met in Portsmouth and headed north early Saturday evening...