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  1. ScottySkis

    2020 wacky year

    Tomorrow Saturday me and some friends going hiking at awesome Shawngunk mountain range Anyone from here going Tomorrow forecast for high elevation around Sams point is 50 degrees and 🌞 be awesome day for sure😃😀😃🏂🎿😃
  2. ScottySkis

    2020-21 Cheap pass and ski thread

    Can't believe some 1 did not start this few weeks ago. I think of Epic local pass Not sure Is good at all their hills? Website is hard to tell 🎿🏂😀
  3. ScottySkis

    Vote for Utah ski bus

    Speak now or forever sit in traffic! UDOT is seeking public comment regarding three draft transportation alternatives for improving safety, reliability and mobility in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The three alternatives are: • Enhanced bus service • Enhanced bus service with road widening •...
  4. ScottySkis

    Vail and aspen teaming up

    https://unofficialnetworks.com/2020/04/01/vail-resorts-and-alterra-mountain-co-announce-merger/?fbclid=IwAR1268Z8cZs3ccOc01iGvMRs38YQKOrz0hVJuGOiz5Bia2f9HXaDyrely0g Vail Resorts and Alterra Mountain Co. Announce Merger Less season passes staying separate now time
  5. ScottySkis

    What good on TV today( not news channel tired of that debate(

    Twight Zone Marathon on science fiction channel
  6. ScottySkis

    2020 hiking thread

    NY currently stopped charging at all parks so place like lake Minnewaska Among 100s of place to get out side Just practice safe and smart in these places
  7. ScottySkis

    Good news for Indy pass holder

    WELL DONE Indy Pass WELL DONE! Adding extra value to your pass here. If you were not able to redeem ANY tickets on your Indy Pass we will provide you with a 30% discount on next season’s pass. If you purchased a pass after February 17th at our late season price of $139, and were not able to...
  8. ScottySkis

    Rate the season( trying to ignore virus)

    I say it was 6 out 10. I had 2 lovely snowing days at bell half foot that made the winter for bell 14 days at bell. I had 3 days at Gore which is one of my favorite hills in North East. Wish it was closer to mid Hudson Valley. Then my last 2 day's of this season brought my ranking from before 5...
  9. ScottySkis

    Corona health virus

    I think it good for business or people with any previous illness IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - CORONAVIRUS Last evening dining out with friends, one of their uncles, who's graduated with a master's degree and who worked in Shenzhen Hospital (Guangdong Province, China) sent him the following notes on...
  10. ScottySkis

    2020 bike season

    With weather being what is been down here in Middletown NY ready to start biking I rode about 6 miles in February Maybe this thread bring back winter or spring conditions. I mostly likely done skiing if it does not snow or no spring conditions in Catskills I ok with that. As a winter person who...
  11. ScottySkis

    Mountain creek St. Valentines special for newbies

    Looking to give the best Valentines Day gift without breaking the bank? Join us for another Go Snow Days on February 14th ❄️ For $25, the package gets you access to a ski/snowboard rental, lift ticket, and access to our Terrain Based Learning skills area and dedicated instructors! Fall in love...
  12. ScottySkis

    Jet blue sale (20 year's anniversary going on now

    Flew By” Sale 20 year sale Jetblue like half prices now Seen good deal for Boston to SlC and Colorado https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200211005675/en/
  13. ScottySkis

    Gore NY thread

    Skiing Sat Feb 9 2020 Snow all over the place Most lifts where down to lunch because of electricity failure because of little ice a lot new snow Every thing was white Best day for so far out 3 at Gore this year Much warmer than predicted. Sun was awesome staying out to 1 of my favorite hills for...
  14. ScottySkis

    Facebook book Matt weather forecaster

    SATURDAY 2/8 MAJOR WIND HOLD RIS https://m.facebook.com/groups/252514958745258?view=info Northeast Skiology Group As the Friday storm has strengthened in the models, so Northeast Skiology Group the wind risk behind it unfortunately, but this won't be a widespread event, and it likely won't...
  15. ScottySkis

    RIP Kobe B

    Tragic Life is way to short I never liked ideas of helicopters flying Condolence to his family and friends Sad for newborn child. It’s sad enough this happened to him but when she was included,it’s more heart breaking.Shes so young and hadn’t lived her life yet
  16. ScottySkis

    Bellaire Catskills ski snowboard hill thread

    Anything about Bellaire should go here . Yesterday and today I saw them post on facecrap that they got packed powder. I would normally say in past they always seemed to be non liar of vs others who lie all time anyone opinions much appreciated " BellFlat becoming like Hunter lies on social...
  17. ScottySkis

    Rebecca very reliable Facebook weather forecasters

    A look at this coming week into the first part of February. https://www.facebook.com/groups/741305339318302/permalink/2750508975064585/ Rebeca North East Facebook page weather very good at her job I rate her predictions at above 80% most of the time...
  18. ScottySkis

    All fucken bullshit goes here

    Here u go all people on AZ please post here and not in only good ski thread on AZ
  19. ScottySkis

    Bumps question Catskills NY

    Just posted this stuff here Stop destroying a great thread about hill in Roxbury NY